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Colleges campaign to attract students
Lahore, July 25, 2008: With the admission season in the offing, most of the private colleges have launched massive advertisement campaign employing various tactics like offers of special scholarships in order to attract maximum number of students.

Nonetheless, academic circles are very critical of the escalating trend of offers urging the students and their parents to go for institutes offering quality education and be cautious of unregistered and non-affiliated colleges, saying such institutes lead to academic as well as financial loss.

It is important to mention here that results of matriculation and intermediate annual examinations 2008 are scheduled to be announced in August while admission campaign has already been started by the private colleges and universities to attract maximum number of students for admissions in their respective institutes.

A survey of the city revealed that a kind of competition has started among the private colleges, each doing its best to attract maximum number of students for the upcoming academic session. Special offers like fee concession, free books and scholarships are being offered to the students through massive advertisement campaign. Huge advertisement boards, banners and posters could be seen in different localities of the city in connection with admission while video ads through cable network could also been seen in the wake of upcoming admission season.

Some of the offers include upto fifty percent concession in the tuition fee while in some cases scholarships consist of concession in percentage with the marks obtained by a student.

One such offer by a private college, mentioned on a board installed near the Davis Road, goes "Get fee concession in percentage with marks obtained in matriculation exam".

However, social and academic circles have expressed concerns over the offers being made by private colleges and universities, saying it is unfortunate that instead of highlighting standard and quality of education and results, incentives are being offered to the students just to attract maximum numbers of them.

Aftab, a citizen, said the massive advertisement had confused the people adding it was really difficult to select a good and high quality institute offering education at affordable fee in the private sector.

He said parents should ensure that the institute they were selecting for their children was working legally, adding unregistered and non-affiliated institutes could put students' academic future at stake. "The only way to avoid any untoward situation in future is that students and their parents should make sure authenticity of the institute they are selecting", he added.

Another citizen, Tanvir, said in case of students seeking admissions in higher learning institutes they should ensure that the university they were selecting was a chartered one or having degree awarding status from the government. "The degree issued by a university which is not granted charter or degree awarding status is not acceptable", he said adding therefore "Instead of wasting time and money, legal status of a particular institute should be sought by the students before admission".

Academic circles also believe instead of falling prey to attractive offers by the private colleges, students and especially their parents should check legal status of a particular institute, its teaching staff, academic environment and standard of education etc.

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