MBA degree from prestigious Peking University

First Pakistani student obtains MBA degree from prestigious Peking University
Beijing, July 10, 2008: Hamza Salman, is the first Pakistani student who got distinction of obtaining MBA degree from Guanghua School of Management of China's prestigious Peking University. The degree was awarded to him at an impressive 2008 Convocation held at the premises world renowned Peking University.

The Pakistani student Hamza has also the honour of being declared as the Student Ambassador for the year 2008-09 of the Guanghua School of Management of the Peking University.

He was also declared as the best foreign student of the Peking University.

Hamza is the younger son of Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir who, along with his wife and other family members, was also present on the occasion.

A Chinese scholar and Professor of the university, popularly known with his Urdu name as Intikhab Alam said that in past Pakistani students came to China for study, but most of them preferred to get admission in Literature and other non-technical subjects in different universities. But Hamza is the first student who has successfully obtained his MBA degree from Peking University.

Prof Alam himself has written several books on Pakistan as well as on Urdu poetry.

>Alam said Peking University which was established in 1898 was recognized as one of the best higher learning institutions in the world. The late Chairman Mao Zedong also used to visit the University for research and for study of various books at its library.

There were 4000 students studying in various subjects including science and technology, Physics and Chemistry, etc., he said.

He pointed out that as many as 946 PhD students have passed out from the University, while 4000 student successfully did their Masters.

Professor Alam said there were eighty different departments at the Peking University for study.

He said there is big scope for Pakistani students for studying at this well reputed university with highly qualified teachers. The degree holders of this university have immense career prospects, he said.

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NICS starts short courses of videography, ceramics
Islamabad: The National Institute of Cultural Studies (NICS) has started 1-month courses for the students of twin cities to provide them basic techniques of Photography, Videography and Ceramics.

Offering the contemporary needs and the market value, the main objective of the courses is to invoke the talent of the students through providing them an appropriate channel to use their creative ideas, an official of NICS said here Wednesday.

Zamir Mirza is conducting the training of Still Photography and Videography that includes basics of videography, anatomy of camera, understanding video and other techniques.

While Aftab Ahmed from Institute of Ceramics Technology, Gujrat, is conducting the course of Ceramics to introduce the techniques and methods of "Terracota Pottery" making.

These techniques include basic methods of pottery making, pinching, slab, coil, glazing, firing and others.

The NICS is envisioned as an institution of higher learning, meeting the international contemporary standards of instruction and accomplishment.

Meanwhile, the institution has also started a series of summer workshops for the children of 8-14 years age group featuring the courses of paper making, pottery, drawing and cartoon sketching.

These workshops would continue till August 15 at the Hall of Changing Exhibitions, Lok Virsa. App

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