AJK University fake degrees issue

AJK varsity denies issuing fake degrees with political motives
Muzaffarabad, July 01: The AJK University spokesman has vehemently denied the allegation appeared in the media that university administration has issued/issuing fake degrees with political motives.

Zafar Iqbal, the AJK University spokesman, explained that most of the cases related to allegedly fake degrees belong to the period from 2001-2006 when the BA degree was imposed as an eligibility condition for contesting in election. He further said that these allegedly fake degree cases were brought to the notice of the university administration when the opponents of the some of the candidates contesting election reported to election commission and the university.

It is important to note that these are not cases of issuance of fake degrees by the university but cases where possibly unfair means during the examinations have been used for which investigation is underway. In most cases, the candidates appeared in the BA examination on production of fake certificates issued by various boards of examinations. The AJK University has already constituted a committee to scrutinise the record of those whose degrees/result cards have been challenged.

As regards not presenting the record in the Supreme Court, the spokesman clarified that an assistant controller of examination was recently deputed to present the record in the Lahore Election Tribunal of the Lahore High Court. He was asked to come back on 2nd July 2010. He stressed that the AJK University is fully cooperating with legal authorities.

In addition, the university's committee is also undertaking investigations and has already in this context called four of the candidates to appear before the committee to record their evidence.

The committee's findings are likely to come out shortly. In the end, the spokesman emphasised that the allegation that the AJK University is involved in issuing fake degrees is absolutely baseless and unfounded. The university is under no pressure whatsoever from any quarter and is functioning under rules.

The university enjoys confidence and trust of public as well as academic community, including Higher Education Commission. The spokesman reiterated that the alleged cases belong to 2001-06 period and the university has taken measures to prevent such cases in the future. The news

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PMDC victimises students to settle 'old scores'
Islamabad: As a consequence of longstanding grudges against students, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) found 'ample' opportunity to victimise hundreds of students only to settle some 'old scores'.

Of the 507 students who appeared in the Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) exams, only 18 were declared successful. This happens to be one of the lowest passing percentages of candidates in the history of the aforesaid examination.

The aggrieved students are protesting against the unreasonable attitude of the PMDC administration, on the grounds that they are being deliberately failed as a result of victimisation.

The exam was held on June 20, 2010 and the result was declared right after five days, in unusual haste, which also makes the entire affair quite suspicious.

According to details, hundreds of students who acquired medical degrees this year from different countries, including China, Russia, Iran, Krygystan, Ukraine and other adjoining countries, were due to appear in the RMP exam this year. The PMDC made it obligatory for the students to produce eligibility certificates for taking the RMP exam. These certificates were to be issued by the Council to students after verification of their degrees. However, the verification process was so irksome that the students who submitted applications for verification, in first week of January, were not issued the eligibility certificates till the first week of June. Given that the same exam was to be held on June 20, the helpless students were forced to waste their time visiting PMDC instead of preparing for the examination.

The students moved the Lahore High Court, and the LHC decided in the students' favour as the students were allowed to appear in the RMP exams without eligibility restriction, while their degrees were to be verified later.

The 'angry' PMDC reportedly found it convenient to unjustifiably victimise the students. While all the students of the medical colleges from the aforementioned countries are required to appear in the particular examination, the students of seven blue-eyed Chinese medical universities are exempted from taking the trouble to appear in any test. Moreover, of the 18 lucky students who escaped PMDC's wrath, 6 were those who graduated from Chinese universities and out of them, 5 from Shihezi University School of Medicine. However, this university is not included in these 'lucky seven' universities that enjoy distinguished favour from PMDC.

One of the aggrieved students confirmed that students are being victimised, on account of consulting the Lahore High Court against the PMDC administration, for delay in issuance of eligibility letters.

"It was due to PMDC's negligence that students could not get eligibility letters timely, we knew that PMDC officials were infuriated with students moving LHC but PMDC had to comply with the court decision" he continued.

When the Registrar PMDC, Dr Ahmad Nadeem Akbar, was contacted, he said PMDC was not victimising students, and that it had no personal grudges against the students. "It is only that we can not compromise on standard," he added.

While replying to a question on untimely issuing of eligibility letters to the students, he said, "It is not PMDC which is responsible for this, as verification take times."

He also said that the PMDC has received verification of only 25 per cent students, so far, and confirmation of the remaining is yet to be received. On the other hand, students accuse the PMDC for being directly responsible for the prolonged delay in the verification process, as it did not send the students' degrees to their respective universities till the start of June.

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"yar acha he hua waisay jo in china ka mall 10 10 ropay walay dr s ko register nai kia PMDC nay, warna logo ko martay phirtay. no offence,but these r the people who cudnt get admission in to any medical college in Pakistan,thats y they went to china ka mall 10 10 rpoy countries. THANK U PMDC FOR SAVING OUR LIVES.GOD BLESS U!!!"
Name: waqar zafar
Email: waqarzafer40@gmail.com
City, Country: Abbottabad

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Atta for VCs team to verify degrees
Islamabad: Former Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Dr Atta-ur Rehman said on Wednesday that HEC might face pressure in the wake of verification of educational credentials of the parliamentarians. He also suggested formation of a team to accelerate the process.

Talking to newsmen, he said firstly the status of universities would have to be ascertained that whether they were recognized or not. "The respective universities will have to verify the signatures bearing the degrees. Examining the previous educational certificates, it will also be seen whether there is any gap in two degrees," said Atta-ur Rehman. He clarified that every university had its own verification system and the university vice chancellors and the administration may face pressure in this regard.

"I suggest a team of vice chancellors should be formed. They should go to the universities to examine the process as well as get the degrees verified," he added.

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HEC pressurized over fake degrees issue: Dr. Ata Ur-Rehman
Islamabad: Dr. Ata Ur-Rehman said that HEC is under enormous pressure regarding fake degree case of Parliamentarians. Talking to private TV channel here on Wednesday Dr Ata Ur-Rehman said that the Commission is pressurized regarding fake degrees and the Vice Chancellors of the universities would also be under pressure in this regard. He further said that degrees that are unverified from HEC deemed fake. The nation

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QAU produces first PhD in quantum theories
Islamabad: Dr Muhammad Ramzan has become Quaid-i-Azam University's (QAU) first PhD in the field of Quantum Game Theory and Quantum Information Theory.

He completed PhD under the guidance of Dr M Khalid Khan, Department of Physics Associate Professor. Title of his thesis was 'Application of Game-Theoretic Techniques to Quantum Information Theory'.

Ramzan has to his credit research articles published in international research journals.

Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations, QAU Islamabad has awarded PhD Degree to Nemat-e-Uzma.

Title of her research was 'Basic Democracies during the time of Ayub Khan in the background of Local Governments in South Asia'. Daily times

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