MBBS entrance test challenged in court

Entrance test result linked to court order
Lahore, July 23: A division bench of the Lahore High Court has linked the result of the entrance for admission in MBBS to the final outcome of writ petitions challenging the process of the test.

The court took the decision on Thursday after Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) informed it that the Punjab government was interfering in its affairs regarding the entrance test.

As proceedings started, PMDC registrar Dr Ahmad Nadeem told the bench that the council had issued unified rules and regulations for entrance test in medical colleges throughout Pakistan. The Punjab government and the University of Health Sciences were duty-bund to abide by the rules.

As per PMDC criteria, a student who had passed exams of FSc(Per medical) and obtained 60 per cent marks, was eligible to appear in the entrance test, but the Punjab government had overlooked these rules and held entry test before the announcement of FSc result. He pleaded that the result of the test should be stopped because it would not provide equal opportunities to all students through out Pakistan. He said that, under rules set by the Punjab government, students getting 60 or 65 per cent marks would not be able to sit in the test.

The bench comprising Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed and Justice Farrukh Irfan Khan adjourned the hearing of these petitions for August 19.

These petitions were filed before the holding of entry test but the LHC had declined to issue a stay order against it and the entry test was held by UHS s as per schedule on July 20.

The bench was hearing a petition filed by Nazifa Fatima, a student of F.Sc pre-medical, through her counsel Muhammad Azhar Siddique. The counsel pleaded that the entrance tests were being held prior to the announcement of the F.Sc result, baring the petitioner from participating in the test.

He said holding the test in such a manner was a violation of fundamental rights as envisaged in the constitution, adding it was also a violation of the mandatory instructions issued by the PMDC.

Counsel further said that all other provinces were having eligible criteria of 60 per cent marks in F.Sc. and passing mark of 50 per cent from in the entry test.

But the UHS and chairman admission board for medical/dental institutions of Punjab without any approval from the PMDC adopted a 60 per cent marks eligibility criteria in year 2009.

He also pointed out that in the same year, the respondents while going a step further and while negating the regulations of PMDC increased the passing marks from 40 to 60 per cent.

Advocate Azhar Siddique requested the court that the criteria for the entrance test given by the respondents should be declared as without lawful authority, as it was in conflict with article 9,25, 37 and 38 of the constitution besides violating the instructions of PMDC.

He said the respondents might be directed to act strictly according to law and follow the criteria for holding the entry test as laid down by the PMDC and directions be issued for holding entry test after the announcement of results of F.Sc.

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"it is unjustice with all students that uhs did . i am a student of pre-medical and my exam finished 30 july and i have only 20 days to prepare entry test and it is impossible to read 1-2 year full books. they also increase the passing marks 40 to 60 pertent . they did not declare this before the exams and last year students have almost 5 months for this if there is any law in the world to justice with us and their is no one who ask uhs about this unligle thing.please do some thing about this and i appeal all the students to know their rites. allah bless all of us"
Name: hina bahadar
Email: sumairasajjad2010@hotmail.com
City, Country: okara

"i truly agree with this writ against uhs. entrance test should be taken after the anouncement of fsc premedical result. and there should be the passing percentage of 40percent for the test."
Name: monaima
Email: monaimakhan@yahoo.com
City, Country: bahawalpur

"What ever policies has been implemented by the Government of Punjab can be revised/reviwed before the date of enterane test. Now its not fair to review and revise after the entery test, as a huge numer of students already spent their time and money to complete this lenghty process. If the court or goverment is welling to change any policy about the entry test then it should be implemented from the coming next year"
Name: zahid
Email: zahid_abiha@yahoo.com
City, Country: Gilgit Pakistam

"UHS is unfair and highly unloyal to students.We were told about entry test just 20 days befor the announced date.It was just impossible to preapre 6 bookseach containing 300 pages,in 20 days.MIAN SHAHBAZ SHAREEF,so called well wisher of students,should have think for a moment before taking such decision.Entry test should be repaeated again or passing percentage must be reduced frm 60percent to 40percent as it was before,"
Name: Adnan ali
Email: dani_mm2@live.com
City, Country:Lahore

"it is not fair with students,i think all students should disagree with uhs."
Name: khushbu
Email: khushbu_345@hotmail.com
City, Country:gujrat,pakistan

"i am strongly in favour of comments presented by the Dr ***** ***** registrar of PMDC about the entry test for the admition test for MBBS which is conducted against the rules and regulations framed by PMDC. This entry test did not provide the students sufficent time for the revision of syllabous as a result of which a number of genous stugents have not only obtained very less marks bout have failed. so this entry test shoule be cancelled and new should be conducted after providing appropriate time for study and violation of basic human rightes should be stopped. The honourable LHC should play its vital role in maintaing the superiority of law and the protection of Basic Human rights.Moreover i ask the students to present their openion on this delicate issue of carrier development thanks naveed iqbal"
Name: Naveed iqbal
Email: nov001@yahoo.com
City, Country:faisalabad

"To conduct ENTRY TEST by the UHS before the announcement of result and without giving the students reasonable time for study is openly the violation of basic human rights, due to which a number of good achivers of marks has failed due to non revision of 6 books within only 20 days given by the UHS. Honorable LHC should tanke notice on this delicate issue of students carries and should pass order for UHS to recoduct the entry test after giving the students proper time for study. Thanks Muhammad Asim Naveed"
Name: M.Asim Naveed
Email: asim92@yahoo.com
City, Country:faisalabad

"what is the w8tage of entry test in 2010 plz tell me about this to my email adress thanks"
Name: muhammad waqas
Email: awanawan50@yahoo.com
City, Country:joharabad,pakistan

"I am totally agreed with writ against UHS.They have no right to decide our future by a three hour test.and if the test is necessary to tke place.It should be after FSc result.and passing marks should be 40% instead of 60percent.thanks"
Name: Ahmad Mujtaba
Email: ahmadmujtaba388@yahoo.com
City, Country:Okara,Pakistan

"I thnk if anythng hd to be done then it should had been before all this!!What is the condition of justice in our country?All the students hav prepared for MCAT and hav wasted thier tym & aloooooot of money!!We are the students of FBISE.What if all the students whether deserving or not,from Lahore Board will become eligible for applying in MBBS??The only fair solution is that there should be a low merit for MBBS this year.So all tha deserving candidates who fulfill it would be able to apply for MBBS.Plz students try to make our govt. adopt this criteria."
Name: Maryam
Email: deeep.sea@live.com
City, Country:Lahore,Pakistan

"i thnk the test should b held again....the students were not even given enough time to go through all the syllabus...the test was supposed to b held in october and the date was suddenly announced when we were least xpecting it...i would call it injustice...and the proof is the result of the entry test...for the students who hv just appeared in FSc it was a shock...therefore i think the test should b held again...according to all the rules."
Name: Maryam Hanif
Email: maryam.hanif72@yahoo.com
City, Country:Rawalindi,Pakistan

Name: aftab sharif
Email: aftab_sundhu@hotmail.com
City, Country:multan pakistan

"it is completely unjust to take the entry test in very short time after exams. and eligibility should be 40 or 50 percent"
Name: amna
Email: amnash@live.com
City, Country:lahore

"this test was a total violation of PMDCs rules regarding the medical entrance exam i am not saying that the time for preparation was insufficient but the thing is that student must have been told about this before the 2nd year exams so that they might prepare themselves properly for the situation but the stupids and idiots informed them less than a month before the test and if anybody says that how come some of the students managed to get 1000 plus marks then the answer is that the paper might be according to their minds or the questions were from the portions they had prepared better andthere is a 100percent chance of them being lucky and one more thing that the passing marks should be those that are standard in our country that is 40percent to 50percent.Thats it .Thank you."
Name: Muhammad Qousain Ali
Email: qousainali@yahoo.com
City, Country:Okara,Pakistan

"UHS wanted to discourage the academies for the preparation of entry test but every such academy has earned more than ever this year instead of going to loss and this shows that it was a plan reduce the students of medical field this is a very negative approach and I PRAY EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS DECISION WILL INSHALAH BE BURNT IN THE WORST RANKS OF HELL FOR RUINING SO MANY LIVES"
Name: Zeerak
Email: zeerakakhtar@rocketmail.com
City, Country: okara,pakistan

"i think entry test should not be held again. students have already put up all their potential by doing harsh studies if it will held again then it is totally unjustice for the students who have already passed it."
Name: mohsin
Email: mohsin.sarwar@hotmail.com
City, Country: gujranwala

"Asslam-o-Alikum !!! i am also agree with the writ against the UHS....so please i with my friends request you to decrease the pass percentage from 60 to 40 pleasssse thank you"
Name: Rabeea Javed
Email: rabeeajaved@rocketmail.com
City, Country: Pattoki Pakistan

"i agree with the appeal of the student who challenged entry test 2010 in court..the merit should be decreAsd from 60 to 40 percent..we should have right to study in our own country seeking justice."
Email: saratariq25@yahoo.com
City, Country:jhang sadar punjab

"i agree with the writ against UHS as they gave very short time to us for the preparation of M CAT.....!!! Entry test should be taken after the announcement of Fs.c Result.........!!!!!"
Name: Muhammad Usama khalid
Email: amasu_khalid91@live.com
City, Country:Lahore, Pakistan

"Entry test is held now. Students have wasted their energies n resources for its preparation. So if anything had to be done, it would have been done before the test....."
Name: Ibtesam
Email: ibtesam_zafar@yahoo.com
City, Country: Multan

"uhs failed or less marks no problem get guranteed admision in mbbs. In top universities n coleges of pakistan. Min marks 60%. No test required. contact now... Dr. Qureshi. **************** ************* "
Name: Dr. Qureshi
Email: dr.rizeee@yahoo.com
City, Country:karachi, pakistan

"What happened on 19 August hearing? Does any body know the proceedings of that day?"
Name: Khalid Farooq
Email: kfarooq909@yahoo.com
City, Country:Lahore, Pakistan

"i think test should be held again so that we may get sufficient time to prove ourself plz all the students must take steps in favour of this writ plz it is metter of our future plz do something so that test must be held again!thank u!"
Name: qurat ul ane
Email: hassanraza@yahoo.com
City, Country:burewala pakistan

"it was really injustice. but what is done is done..Now if the court decides the test to be conducted again.well again have 20 days 4 preparation... now only decrease in % can save our future! good luck for your future n pray for the decrease in percent regardz !!!"
Name: rabia
Email: rabi_sweetgirl19@yahoo.com
City, Country:lahore

"i think uhs done very bad with us nobody even reads its complete syllabus,i think it is not fine do something for us ours hopes were deing due to them (uhs)"
Name: farrukh
Email: ranafarrukhirshad@gmail.com
City, Country:Gojra

"yah i m also participating in this entrance exams but i missed..now i dont now what is going on in board university...it is turely unfair with us.."
Name: sania
Email: kaina.chand@yahoo.com
City, Country:lahore

"asalam-o-alaikum, its saqlain(last year student of electrical engg. uet lahore) it is really injustice with the innocent medical students that punjab government had held the mbbs entrance test before the fsc result announcement. and also students have to avail a very short period for test preparation. government must think that it is the matter of students future and must also think upon to held again mbbs entrance test. best wishes for medical students."
Name: salqain tahir
Email: m.saqlaintahir@gmail.com
City, Country:jhang, pakistan

"i know entry test has held again plz tell me when will be this test and what is elligibility criteria for this test plz plz plz plz tell me the exact date of the test plz!....."
Name: bisma
Email: bisma.1992@yahoo.com
City, Country:lahore pakistan

"the student who got 1058 have also the same time for preparation. And there are so many examples. so UHS does not do any UNJUSTICE."
Name: junaid nawaz
Email: junaidnawaz1@gmail.com
City, Country:rawalpindi

"600 students scored 900+ .. They Also had the same time for preparation."
Name: mubashir
Email: mubashir888@ymal.com
City, Country: Gujranwala,Pakistab

"Soo depressing, for me it was my life becaming a doctor, so much dreams. During the test I lost my senses k I must clear otherwise I wont be a doctor. Mr shabz sharife we voted ur family but there is no well being of us. If ur daughter wanted to be doctor. U could make her private. wat bot us? think n take a step. Its a strong urge to full dreames of my parents n my owns and to serve humanity truly."
Name: Mehwish
Email: mehwishhayatd@yahoo.com
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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