FBISE SSC Part-I result for exam 2011

FBISE SSC Part-I result
Islamabad, July 15: The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) will announce the result of Secondary School Certificate Part-I Annual Examination, 2011 on July 15 (Friday). The result will also be available on federal board' website www.fbise.edu.pk and telephone numbers 9250651, 9250666, 9250608, said a news release issued here on Wednesday. The result will also be available on SMS unified code 5050 and the candidates will be required to send SMS in the format FB[roll number].

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Plagiarism allegations UoP VC challenges HEC letter in PHC
Peshawar: University of Peshawar Vice-Chancellor Dr Azmat Hayat Khan Wednesday challenged in the Peshawar High Court (PHC) the letter of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor to probe his alleged involvement in plagiarism.

He filed the writ petition through Abdus Samad advocate, claiming that the HEC had unlawfully issued a letter to the governor to check his alleged involvement in plagiarism.

The petition said that under the HEC prescribed rules concerning plagiarism, the respective universities were authorized to verify such cases. It said the HEC had an independent body of Qualitative Enhancement cell in each university and verified such complaints through 'Turnitine Software.'

It argued that the HEC body had verified the plagiarism complaint against the vice chancellor and cleared him of the allegations. It said that after verification, the HEC had no power or authority to issue a second letter to the governor to check the matter. The petitioner requested the high court to declare the HEC letter void and against the law.

Under the plagiarism policy 2007, the petition said, the HEC had even no power to take up plagiarism cases that occurred before 2007 until the author raised an objection before the authorities concerned. In the petitioner's case, there was no complaint from the author, it added.

About two weeks ago, the governor's office asked the HEC to constitute a committee under its supervision to probe the alleged involvement of the vice-chancellor in plagiarism. The HEC has received a letter (SO (HE.I)/6(1) 6/010/1832-33) from the Governor's Secretariat, stating: that "keeping in view the gravity of the situation, the governor-chancellor is pleased to desire that the HEC may constitute a committee under its own supervision and furnish findings-recommendations for the perusal of the honourable KP governor."

After receiving the letter, the HEC in reply issued its letter to the KP governor in which it requested the governor/chancellor to probe the matter of alleged involvement of the vice-chancellor in plagiarism.

Muhammad Zubair, an assistant professor in the Law College, had accused Dr Azmat Hayat Khan of plagiarism. The vice-chancellor reportedly said that he took action as vice-chancellor against the teacher for taking part in a demonstration and that this could be the main reason for the complaint against him.

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HEC asks universities to submit data for ranking by 15th
Islamabad: July 15 is the last date announced by Higher Education Commission (HEC) for all the public and private universities across the country to submit their data for carrying out ranking but very few universities have submitted their data yet.

An official of HEC told APP that all public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) were asked to submit their data by July 15 for carrying out ranking process but around 10 out of 132 universities have submitted their data. HEC is taking the initiative of ranking the universities to help strengthen their indigenous quality culture and improve international visibility. The HEC has already directed the universities to meet the deadline for providing authentic data and those which failed to provide data will be ranked zero by placing them at the bottom in the ranking list to be published through print media.

HEC' initiative to carry out quality based ranking of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is aimed at international compatibility, primarily based on the QS Ranking System acceptable widely across countries. The commission has taken various initiatives to bring HEIs of Pakistan at par with international standards and ranking is one of the measures to scale the success of efforts to achieve international competitiveness in education, research and innovation.

Since QS World Ranking is considered as one of the effective quality based ranking of HEIs at international level so HEC has desired to build the capacity of Pakistani universities to get more international visibility through reflection in international rankings including QS Ranking.

The rankings of universities are very important for students, parents, employers, government organizations, policy makers and other stakeholders and the results will change the context in which universities are functioning currently, the official said. The ranking is self-learning and self-improving exercise which is meant for benefiting the academic and research communities programmes of the country.

HEC is also increasing number of its Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC) to ensure quality education in private and sector universities across the country.

The initiative is launched with 10 Quality Enhancement Cells (QEC) established in 2005 and now its number are growing gradually rising to 84. HEC has put in place the model of quality assurance nationally in 740 programmes so far which will encompass all the programmes of institutes of higher learning in the country, thereby helping to improve the programme quality and enhance student learning. HEC is also facilitating the universities by providing guidelines, training, awareness seminars and workshops along with introducing the Quality Assurance Model in the country. A number of steps taken in this regard include the integration of the concept of quality assurance in higher learning to achieve enhanced levels of international compatibility.

For this purpose, the internationally accepted best practices relating to both internal and external quality assurance have been introduced in the higher learning sector of the country and these involve extensive input related to the development of quality criteria, processes and capacity building.

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VC challenges HEC's jurisdiction, authority in PHC
Islamabad: Challenging jurisdiction and authority of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in dealing with plagiarism cases, University of Peshawar Vice Chancellor Dr. Azmat Hayat Khan has filed a writ petition in the Peshawar High Court (PHC) in which he asked the court to refrain the HEC from taking any action on the grounds of alleged plagiarism against him.

According to the copy of the petition available with this scribe, the petitioner claimed that the HEC cannot entertain and adjudicate upon any alleged act of plagiarism hence the very initiation of proceedings to this effect would have no backing from the law laid down on the subject hence liable to interference in the exercise of constitutional jurisdiction of the court.

"There exists nothing in the ordinance itself on basis whereof functionaries of the HEC can take cognisance of the matter so as to resolve the matter in controversy, as such, correspondence and ultimate proposed action cannot be legitimately maintained, therefore, interest of justice demands that stillborn incompetent acts and/or correspondence suggesting action shall be laid at rest at their inception thereby saving petitioner from agony of uncalled for and unwarranted penal consequences," said the petition.

It is further stated in the petition that even if the matter is assumed (without conceding it) to be within domain of the HEC, even then as per HEC plagiarism policy, cases prior to 2007 i.e. the year of framing policy cannot be opened, as such, degree of the petitioner being of 1990 is prior to the coming into force of the policy hence cannot become subject matter of proceedings on the alleged ground of plagiarism.

The petitioner claimed that there is no semblance of reality in allegations qua plagiarism on the part of petitioner and no fruitful results would ensue even if the case proceeds further but the fact remains that in HEC Ordinance, no penalty is prescribed even if plagiarism is proved on the face of the record so much so that a single word is not forthcoming in entire ordinance where from one can infer that anyone indulging in plagiarism can be visited with penalties. Viewing the matter in this perspective, authorities under HEC are not at all competent to penalise anyone on such ground.

That the respondent (HEC) has stepped its efforts to get the petitioner vexed in spite of having no authority but is bent upon to get frivolous case initiated against the petitioner hence he is constrained to approach this august court with a ray of hope in the glory of justice to deny him no what this court can and to which he legally entitled.

The petitioner claimed that the impugned acts of the respondents (HEC) smack of malafide on its part besides the fact that it has got not jurisdiction rather is supposed to lay its hands off but every attempt on the part of the petitioner to pursue the respondent because of being an exercise in futility but has failed hence the instant petition.

HEC Chairman Dr. Javaid Laghari said that the HEC makes the educational policies while it is its responsibility to ensure quality education. "When it comes to quality, it is about the discouragement of plagiarism. The HEC has a clear policy against plagiarism and has zero tolerance for it," he said.

He said that all universities' follow the policies of the HEC, including the plagiarism policy, hence the University of Peshawar should also follow it. 'The chancellor of the university that is the KP governor, has also authorised the HEC to take appropriate action against the alleged plagiarism committed by the VC of the University of Peshawar," he said. The news

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