FBISE SSC examination result 2011

FBISE's SSC result
Islamabad, July 08: Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) will announce the result of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part-II Annual Examination, 2011 on Friday. The SSC Part-II exams were held in April, said a news release issued here on Thursday. The result will also be available on the Board's website www.fbise.edu.pk and the candidates can also get information on telephone numbers 9250651, 9250666, 9250608. The candidates can get result through SMS unified code 5050 by sending SMS in the format FB[roll number].

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College girl brings laurels to the country
Rawalpindi: Saeeda Mir has won first prize in the International Book-writing Competition organised by the US. She has received a six-year educational scholarship from the Hawaii Institute, USA.

Around 1,900 students from all over the world participated in the competition in which Saeeda Mir, daughter of Mirbaz Khan, won the first prize. She belongs to Danyore Sultanabad, Gilgit-Baltistan and is a student of Bachelor of Arts (BA) at the Federal Government Margalla College for Women, Islamabad.

She has also participated in different competitions, including 2nd International Essay-writing Competition, and won Rs30,000 cash prize and a certificate. She also participated in the International Letter-writing Competition 2010.

After winning the scholarship, Saeeda Mir got a chance to study law at the People's College for Law, Los Angeles.

Saeeda Mir said: "It was a great honour for me to not only representing Pakistan but also winning laurels for the country."

According to her, she has already received more than 25 certificates from different academic institutions and organisations in the United Kingdom and United States of America, but not a single 'appreciation letter' from the Government of Pakistan, which really disheartens her.

She urged young people to come forward and participate in such competitions to promote the soft image of Pakistan abroad.

Saeeda Mir said: "I don't need any reward from the government, but it should at least give me an 'appreciation letter' to encourage me."

She said that she wanted to become a judge that's why she has decided to study law. "After getting a degree, I will come back to Pakistan to serve the country. I think a competent and independent judiciary can make Pakistan more strong," she concluded.

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108 Pak students get degrees from Xinjiang Medical University
Urumqi: Speaking as the chief guest at a graduation ceremony, Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khan has said here that Chinese universities imparting medical studies to an increasing number of overseas students are among the best in the region. The Graduation Ceremony of the Xinjiang Medical University was held in Urumqi on Wednesday. Currently, close to 600 overseas students from 21 countries are studying at the Xinjiang Medical University out of which more than 480 are from Pakistan. Out of the 118 students who graduated, 108 were from Pakistan. The ambassador said that a record number of Pakistani students have graduated from Xinjiang Medical University.

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Nust scientists develop material for blast protection
Islamabad: The young scientists of the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) have developed blast protection material having capacity to absorb shock and can be applied upon existing construction. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) sponsored the project.

The material when used on existing structures will be able to protect these and the people living in them from explosion, blast and seismic activity or earthquakes. During the research Intelligent viscoelastic composites based on segmented nano-polymer technology were developed and tested for seismic and blast protection.

The blast protection material protects the people from the aftermath of a nearby explosion. It can be gainfully used on all types of construction sites both civil and defence platforms, including sensitive installations and buildings.

It is a potent safeguard against any seismic activity, or earthquake. The material being tough, resilient and flexible, allows only minor deflection, thereby absorbing the shock effectively. The structure remains intact mitigating the possibility of injury, or death to the inmates.

The polymer system and the defining material properties such as impact strength, tensile modulus, elongation, dynamic mechanical properties (storage modulus, loss modulus and loss tangent), Tear Strength were evaluated in different phases.

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Students take part in acting classes
Islamabad: Students of various academic institutions of twin cities actively participated in the second day of an acting class for amateurs at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

Students were given different scenarios in which they had to perform, convey different expressions and move in a manner the situations demanded while Allen Nause from the Artists Repertory Theatre, USA, watched and gave them tips on acting.

The class was a part of the four-day workshop that examined the roles of the actor and director in theatre. The participants were expected to look at the tools, skills, elements and principles each discipline employed to achieve their goals. The sessions will employ discussion, group activities, visual examples and games as they explore various approaches.

Allen Nause had a great way of sparking interest in his students, who came from various colleges and universities of twin cities. The students who were a little shy at first worked their hardest because of the encouragement they received from their instructor. And it was their enthusiasm that turned the atmosphere enjoyable.

Wednesday's class focused on improving acting talents - character development, actions, concentration and relaxation, tools to unlock creativity and creating a life onstage.

Improvisation skills were vital to any actor and that's what Allen Nause helped students improve. He provided the ideas and they performed it letting students in the audience figure out the situation, place and storyline.

In one improvisation act, a student built up a situation where he sat in the driving seat while another got up from the audience gestured for a ride and played along. Two more followed improvising all the way to make the scene believable.

In another improvisation act, young actors pretended sitting in a theatre gesturing others to get out of the way, hushing another and friends meeting up.

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Kaleem Imam gets PhD degree
Islamabad: Syed Kaleem Imam, former inspector general of Islamabad Police and presently serving in the Intelligence Bureau

has been conferred with doctoral degree on his thesis: "Problems of Governance in Pakistan: a case study of Police Administration 2001 - 2008."

Imam defended his PhD thesis in the International Islamic University before a panel headed by Dr. Nazrul Islam, Chairman Politics and International Relations, IIU (supervisor), Dr. Husnul Amin, Assistant Professor, Department of P&IR, Faculty of Social Sciences, IIU (internal examiner), Dr. Adnan Sarwar Khan, Chairman Department of Political Sciences, University of Peshawar, Peshawar (external examiner), and Dr. Noman Omar Sattar, HOD, Nuclear Politics, National Defence University, Islamabad (external examiner).

Earlier, two international examiners namely Professor Dr. M. Shamsur Rahman, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, and Professor Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad Choudhry, Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Berkeley, California, USA, have scrutinised the thesis and had strongly recommended for its approval.

Imam took admission as a PhD scholar in IIU in 2006 and successfully completed all credit courses and annual examinations with distinction despite being heavily committed in his professional work. He has collected primary data from 32 districts and 278 police stations.

The study is expected to provide scholars, police department, state stakeholders and other concerned, a basis to ponder and further explore a theme to synthesise for a future vision; and also formulate policies which are likely to be beneficial for a properly governed police administration in Pakistan. The news

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