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PU's Rs1.2bn budget approved
Lahore, July 04: The Punjab University Syndicate has approved a hefty Rs1.199 billion deficit budget for the financial year 2011-12 blaming that the federal government did not grant to meet the payment of enhanced salaries and pension.

The university administration says the impact of enhanced salaries and pension during the current financial year will be Rs533.623 million.

Overall, the Syndicate meeting presided over by Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has approved a budget of Rs5.024 billion, while expecting an income of Rs3.826 billion.

Of total expected income, the PU administration has calculated that it will generate some Rs2.543 billion (66 per cent) from its own resources and get a Rs1.283 billion (34 per cent) grant from the Higher Education Commission, including Rs29.016 million for the Tenure Track System.

The break-up of Rs5.024 billion expenditure shows that the university expects to spend Rs2.281 billion on payment of pay and regular allowances, Rs634.102 million on other allowances and benefits, Rs406.027 million on pension, Rs305.951 million on utility charges, Rs396.750 million on conduct and remuneration of examination, Rs654.976 million on other current expenditure, Rs255.245 million on development expenditure. It will also spend Rs29.016 million on tenure track system and offer scholarships to students to the tune of Rs61.360 million.

This year, the PU Syndicate approved establishment of three endowment funds " Pension Endowment Fund, Research Endowment Fund and Employees Welfare Fund.

It may be mentioned that the Research Endowment Fund was established in 1998 with an initial grant of Rs50 million by the then prime minister. The Syndicate decided that the Research Endowment Fund would be strengthened by contribution from the university, contribution from federal and provincial governments, donations and contributions from other sources at home and abroad.

The PU Employees Welfare Fund will be utilised for the welfare of university's regular employees of BPS-1 to 16 and their families. The university will initially contribute and invest an amount of Rs20 million and thereafter will contribute Rs3 million on an annual basis. It will use the income of the fund for welfare of employees by providing them interest-free loans, giving financial assistance, offering performance-based awards, making special grants to its employees in exceptional cases, providing marriage grants as well as granting educational scholarships to the children of regular in-service university employees. Dawn

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10,000 to be trained under ICT scholarship programme
Islamabad: As many as 10,000 students will be trained under national Information Communication Technology (ICT), scholarship programme, in the current fiscal year 2011-12, who will get scholarships for four years bachelor's degree programme in various national universities.

Besides this, basic Information Technology(IT) training initiated by Pakistan Computer Bureau for providing adequate basic computer skills will benefit approximately 5,000 government employees during the next year.

According to official data available, the budget earmarked for 2011-12 will further enhance the human resource development, IT industry development, e-government, infrastructure development and will create employment opportunities in the IT sector. During the current year, focus on human resource development related projects will continue for providing IT training to government employees and the public.

Official sources in IT Ministry told APP that emphasis on improving the IT infrastructure will continue so that more international IT companies are attached to undertake business in the country alongside the domestic IT companies.

Furthermore, Centre of Excellence in Advanced Software Technologies and Open Source will be established to increase the use of open source software technologies within the country.

According to official data available, automation of Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) project is underway and in the next year it is envisaged to be completed.

The sources pointed out that National response centre for cyber crimes (NR3C), plans to establish new forensic facilities at Peshawar and Quetta and disseminate information to make public aware about cyber crimes and how it can help them. The news

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IIUI has no proper link, service roads
Islamabad: Every day the students of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) have to cover several extra kilometers to reach their classes because their university has no proper link and service roads.

"Even the H-11 Graveyard in the neighbourhood has dual service lanes," said an official in the administration of the IIUI explaining how the university even had to build its own road from its budget to connect the front campus gates with the double road passing in front of the graveyard and the police lines.

Ali Ahmed said he had to leave home for the bus stand 15 to 20 minutes earlier. "Leaving home and reaching the gates of the university means going around the entire H-10 sector," the BBA student at IIUI said.

The official explained how the IIUI had no proper access from the Kashmir Highway unlike the military run National University Science and Technology (NUST) roughly a kilometer farther up the road, which had two entrances from the Kashmir Highway and a fancy round about.

The official gave the example of FAST University that also had link roads.

"The Capital Development Authority recently gave access to the Nescom hospital in the neighbourhood through the railway tracks that opened up towards sector I-10 but denied a similar access that opened up into the I sector to connect with IIUI," the official explained adding how the university spent exorbitant amounts on fuel for the busses just because of missing link and service roads.

The university spent nearly Rs3 million every month on fuel for the 60 buses of them nearly two dozen pick and drop students in the I sector.

Ch Nazir who is president of the IIUI Staff Welfare Association has to cover 70 kilometers on his car every day. "I have to make four to five trips to pick up my children from school, drop them home and return to work besides commuting on official business," he said.

He pointed out that the matter of link road should have been taken up with the civic authority at the time when the university was being established.

The present alternative route further delayed students not just because of traffic congestions during office hours every morning but also because of the broken roads, complained another student.

"The CDA is responsible for providing all basic necessities. If there is a provision for link and service roads in the site plan, the university could pursue their case," said an official with the CDA.

But then another official said that the government had already provided land to the university on amenity rates. "CDA is not responsible to provide link roads. The university is supposed to have them constructed out of their own budgets," the official said. Dawn

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