Air War College convocation ceremony 2012

Convocation ceremony of 25th Air War Course held
Karachi, July 11: The convocation ceremony of 25th Air War Course was held at the Air War College, PAF Base, Faisal, Karachi, on Tuesday, which was presided over by Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force.

The Air Chief Marshal congratulated the recipients of certificates on successful completion of an important milestone in their careers.

He expressed confidence that through the knowledge, skills, and attitude acquired at the Air War College, the graduating officers would make a profound impact on the combat preparedness of their respective services.

The air chief urged them to further build on this experience through continued quest for knowledge.

Commenting on the strategic environment, he said, "New threats have transformed the security environment and warrant changed operational concepts, different sets of skills, and level of preparedness. I am confident that Air War College has adequately prepared you for that". Earlier, Air-Vice-Marshal Azher Hasan, Air Officer

Commanding, Air War College, presented the course report, highlighting the focus on imparting quality professional military education to cater for the ever-changing threat

scenarios, both internal and external. The convocation ceremony was attended by many high ranking civil and military officials.

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At MAJU, classrooms serve an even nobler purpose
Karachi: Garbed in shimmering costumes, students gathered outside the auditorium at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) on Tuesday. They were there to perform skits, sing songs and deliver speeches, as the position-holders of the annual examinations 2012 were handed over their certificates in front of a huge crowd of parents and teachers.

As part of its social responsibility, the university organises classes for underprivileged students at its campus in the afternoon. The students, 500 in number so far, are not only given free education, but also free stationery, books and uniforms.

"See how fluent my son is in English," said a mother pointing at a boy on the stage dressed up as a king. The parents and teachers were elated; the seed of education they had sown in their community was finally ripe.

Of the many skits performed, one was particularly well-presented. A king at his throne ignores the pleas of the public, caring only for the nobility until one fine day, the public revolts and pledges allegiance to an invading king. The new king remarked, "I am here to serve you, and that is why I am not your king, but your servant."

The guest of honour at the event was Shahrukh Hasan of the Jang Group. "Only those countries which produce and consume knowledge are the ones that prosper," he said.

"In the 57 Muslim countries in the world, there are 600 universities. The United States of America alone has 6,000 universities. Muslims, who make up 22 percent of the world population, contribute only five percent to the world GDP. The Muslim world has only had 8 Nobel laureates, whereas Jews have had 167 to their name." The news

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Attack on SU teachers condemned
Hyderabad: Representatives of the Women's Action Forum (WAF) and other NGOs have condemned Sunday night's armed attack on Prof Amar Sindhu and Dr Arfana Mallah of Sindh University.

They linked the attempt on the two teachers' lives to their role in the campaign for removal of Dr Nazir Mughal, vice chancellor of the Sindh University.

Speaking at a news conference at the press club on Tuesday, WAF activists Haseen Musarrat Shah and Naseem Jalbani alleged the attack was premeditated. They termed it a bid to weaken the teachers' struggle, adding that this was not the first incident of its kind. They recalled that Prof Bashir Channar, director of student affairs at the university, was shot dead on the campus in January, prompting teachers to launch a campaign for removal of the vice chancellor.

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Fresh medical graduates told to study more
Karachi: Discussing career opportunities for fresh medical graduates, senior doctors and surgeons on Tuesday urged the young doctors to go for a postgraduate degree in their respective fields as in future there would be a lot of job opportunities abroad.

They were speaking at a career counselling session organised by the Pakistan Medical Association, Karachi chapter, at the PMA House.

Noted gynaecologist Dr Shershah Syed said that no postgraduate degree from any medical university of Pakistan was recognised in the world. "Any doctor who stays in Pakistan should do FCPS prior to getting any other postgraduate degree," he said, adding that all doctors should work hard for their examination in Pakistan and abroad.

He further said that the postgraduate training in the United Kingdom was good if doctors got into it.

He said that in future there would be more opportunities for doctors in the US.

Surgeon Asif Qureshi said that all doctors should go for highest degree in their profession. They should work hard and get best possible education and training, he said, adding that junior doctors should not stop themselves at the MBBS level and mind that medical education and training continued throughout the life.

Dr Ibrahim said that the US only took best doctors from the world and Pakistani doctors too needed to be the best in their profession if they wanted to be trained in the US.

Dr Sirajuddulla said that any doctor who wanted to get a postgraduate degree should be excellent in basic medical sciences.
He said that Pakistani students were not working hard for the FCPS examination.

Dr Khalil Mukkadam said that those doctors who did not want to work with patients could work in pharmaceutical industry, which had a lot of opportunities.

He said that in the pharmaceutical sector the working condition was very good but the training was very hard, while on the other hand one had to be very social.

Dr Tariq Rafi said that radiology was a field which needed a lot of new blood as it offered great opportunity for those who wanted to work hard.

Dr Qazi Wasiq said that there were a lot of opportunities in the field of ophthalmology and there were better opportunities for female ophthalmologist as well.

Dr Arshad Majeed said that all doctors were originally family physicians and a proper family physician could get a lot of respect from the community as well. Dawn

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Principal kidnapped from Quetta
Quetta: Unknown armed men abducted the principal of Jamia Salfiya near the Airport Road area of the metropolis on Tuesday.

According to police, principal Habibullah was on way to Jamia Salfiya from his house when unidentified gunmen intercepted him and took him away to some unidentified location on gunpoint. Police registered a case and started efforts for his recovery. The news

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