Local PhDs vs foreign PhDs in Pakistan

Local PhDs in, foreign PhDs out
Islamabad, July 25: To solve the crises/shortage of faculty members in the educational institutions all over the country, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has placed 1041 Pakistani PhDs at public sector and private sector universities.

Faculty members, who have recently completed their PhDs, were appointed on contract of one year and they will get Rs104,000 per month.

Media coordinator of HEC, Murtaza Noor said that PhDs may be hired on permanent basis on completion of their tenure through the normal selection process of the host institution.

HEC also offers these scholars a startup research grant of Rs0.5 million, upon joining the host institutions. So far, the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) programme has processed around 1416 applications, while 233 applicants are at the different stages of placement, he said.

An officer of HEC requesting not to be named said that HEC has decided to shelve its Foreign Faculty Programme (FFP) because of financial crunch.

Local PhDs cannot be a replacement of foreign faculty members but still some thing is better than nothing.

"Foreign faculty members were getting around Rs300,000 per month but now in that money we have decided to hire three PhDs," he said.

The placed scholars belong to diversified fields like Water Resource Management, Biotechnology, Food Engineering, Animal Nutrition, Biochemistry, Nano-chemistry and Nano-catalysis and other disciplines. Dawn

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Civil Aviation School teachers protest alleged takeover
Karachi: Over a hundred teachers of the Civil Aviation School gathered outside the Karachi Press Club holding banners inscribed with the slogans "the future of 5,000 students is in danger" and "give us back our school".

The teachers alleged that during summer vacations, the institution's management made a secret deal with the Roots School System in Islamabad and kept the faculty in dark about this development. The teachers blocked the roads and seemed oblivious of the fact that their protest was causing a massive traffic jam.

"The school is built on a prime location and the management wants to sell it off," claimed one of the demonstrators. The Civil Aviation School is located by the Ramada Plaza Karachi Airport Hotel and has been operating from there for the last 30 years.

"They want to change the system to O-Levels," claimed another teacher.

When asked how the students would be affected by the change in management, a teacher screamed, "Nothing will happen to the students. They will go somewhere else or choose to stay. It is the teachers that will become jobless."

A bus full of teachers from the Civil Aviation School in Hyderabad also arrived in the city to join the protest. Vice-Principal Rubina Zubaid said that employees from the Hyderabad branch joined the demonstration because "the Roots School System team visited Hyderabad and 90% of the takeover deal has been completed. The management did not bother to inform the school principals."

The teachers plan to file a case against the Civil Aviation School for what they call a 'predatory takeover'.

When General Manager Civil Aviation Authority Human Resource Raja Latif was contacted, he called the whole issue "a made-up story".

"For the last eight years, education standards of the school have deteriorated gradually. During her visit, Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi asked the management to improve their standards and so we asked the Roots School System, which is at the top of the line in education, to help us."

The help includes studying the school system and identifying its strengths and weaknesses. "There is no takeover. The Roots School System will just tell us which areas need improvement."

Latif denied any plans of selling off the school to the Roots School System. "The school cannot be sold off to a private party. The land belongs to the government. We do not make decisions individually. We have a board of directors in our education committee. How can we sell off a venture which is teaching the children of our own employees at subsidized rates?" The news

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KU announces Diploma in Clinical Neurology results
Karachi: The University of Karachi (KU) announced results for Diploma in Clinical Neurology Annual Examination 2011, here on Tuesday. As per the result statistics, 17 candidates registered and appeared in the exams, out of which nine were declared pass. The pass percentage remained 52.94. Meanwhile, KU's director admissions has announced the final merit list for admissions in Masters' evening programme. According to a statement, the list has been displayed on the university's official website as well as Silver Jubilee Gate. Admission fees can be submitted from July 26 to August 6 between 02:00pm to 05:00pm in the Directorate of Evening Programme and concerned departments. Daily times

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