PM&DC NEB exam results 2012

PM&DC announces NEB exam results
Islamabad, July 04: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) has announced the National Examination Board (NEB) Examination results for foreign graduates for the year 2012 held in three steps in January, May and June 2012, says a press release.

The overall result is estimated to be 16.4% as 211 out of the 1,285 candidates passed the three-step examination.

As per details, 1,285 candidates applied for the first step of the examination held on January 8, 2012. In step-I, out of 1,285, 419 passed.

The Step-II of the examination held on May 13, 416 candidates appeared and only 254 candidates were declared successful with 61% result.

The Step-III of the examination held on June 17 in which 254 students applied. Out of the total 254 students who appeared in the examination, 211 students passed the examination with 83% result.

PM&DC Registrar Dr. Ahmed Nadeem Akbar has praised the staff of the NEB for conducting the examination, adding that the addition of foreign qualified medical graduates would add to the betterment of medical sector in Pakistan. The news

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Higher education in dire straits
Islamabad: Even on the last day of 2011-12 the Higher Education Commission (HEC) could not get over Rs9 billion, receivable under its Rs48 billion budget, landing it in financial straits.

The commission has already stopped payments to 10,000 students studying in the country and abroad on different scholarships and salaries to more than 2,000 contract employees.

Now the burden will be carried over to 2012-13 for which the allocation for the HEC has already been made 18 per cent less than what it had demanded (Rs58 billion), due to which the cash-starved HEC will not be able to complete 150 ongoing projects.

According to sources, Minister for Professional and Technical Training Sheikh Waqas Akram met Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday and informed him about the issues of the HEC. He also informed him that Rs11 billion (Rs6.5bn development and 4.5 billion recurring budget) was yet to be paid.

The prime minister instructed the finance ministry to pay Rs6 billion immediately but it released only Rs2 billion for recurring budget, the sources said.

An officer of the university, requesting not to be quoted, said non-release of funds had exacerbated problems of students and employees.

"The provincial governments have also refused to extend financial support to the universities till 2014, the year when the higher education sector will be devolved. On the other hand, the federal government seems uninterested in solving the issue," he said.

"The non-release of development budget will not only affect the higher studies of students, but development projects, salaries of project employees and payment to contractors," he said.

Another officer on condition of anonymity said the budget announced for 2012-13 is Rs48.5 billion (Rs15.8 billion development and Rs32.7 billion recurring) which is 0.5 per cent more that 2011-12 budget (Rs15.8 billion development and Rs31.5 billion recurring). However, demand for the year 2012-13 was (Rs58 billion) because of devaluation of money and dependence of far-flung universities on HEC, he said.

Vice President of All Pakistan Academic Staff Association Zahid Majeed said that Rs2 billion is sufficient for payment of two months salaries. The government should have released Rs11 billion.

"We have already announced that if issues are not be resolved, we will start protest in first phase and then go on complete strike," he said.

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FDE official suspended
Islamabad: Deputy Director of the Model Colleges of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), Rao Zulfiqar Ali, has been suspended for concealing teachers ACRs (annual confiden-tial reports), hampering their time scale promotions in a basic pay scale of 19, 20 and 21.

Up to 10 teachers' promotions were affected because of this error. The formal charge against the officer is being prepared; however, the inquiry officer could not be appointed on Monday, various sources indicated.

Last month over 1,000 teachers were promoted to different pay scales. However, some teachers, including the principal of Islamabad College for Girls, could not be promoted because Mr. Ali failed to send the annual confidential reports (ACRs), as well as service structure, leading to their disqualification from the promotion process.

It was also learned that the principal, Shaista Pirzada, who had obtained a court order regarding service duration in her favor was also disqualified from the promotion, as Mr Ali did not bother to submit her ACR, the sources said.

An officer of the FDE, who has requested not to be named, said, "It was not a mistake that Principal of ICG, Shaista Pirzada, was not promoted, and that Rao Zulfiqar Ali was suspended.

Shaista Pirzada has been DG FDE for a brief period, so the ministry of Capital Administration and Development (CAD) had to take notice."

Joint Secretary CADD (Admin) Noor Zaman sought an explanation from the Deputy Director Model Colleges but Ali replied that particulars were missing from the files of those persons.

"The joint secretary checked the personal files himself and found that particulars were present in the files. Thus, he immediately suspended Rao Zulfiqar," the officer said.

Another officer said: "There are a lot of complaints regarding the promotion list as so many senior teachers have been placed as juniors due to the blunders of officers at the FDE and CADD".

Joint Secretary Admin Noor Zaman confirmed that he had suspended Deputy Director Rao Zulfiqar Ali because he was found guilty of concealing the teachers particulars. "The charge sheet is being prepared, and an inquiry officer will be appointed on Tuesday. He has been immediately suspended in order to assure that he will not make changes to relevant files," he said.

Mr Ali said: "I have nothing to do with the files and record because all the data was shifted to CADD through the scrutinizing committee, and that influential female teacher put all the blame on me. It will be proved that I am innocent".

Joint Secretary CADD, Rafique Tahir said that he only just received the file on Monday, July 2, and therefore has no idea about the case. "I just know that the Deputy Director FDE has been suspended and I will look into it on Tuesday," he said.

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For students Education is important but training is crucial
Islamabad: Education and training go hand in hand i.e. through education one can learn whereas training guides one how to utilise that learning. Therefore, the educational institutions should realise and laud the importance of imparting training to the students.

This was said by Dr Masoom Yasinzai Rector International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) while speaking at a seminar titled: 'Managing Family Affairs' organised by Dawah Centre for Women at the new campus of the university.

Dr Masoom added that unfortunately training was being neglected in our education system which focused on adopting education in practical life and that posed our society with numerous challenges.

He urged that in today's era of media we should all work to train the youth in our society as well as family. Rector IIUI also appreciated the efforts of some religious groups to promote and spread the message of Islam in the country.

He considered that it was because of lack of training in the West that they sent their parents to the old houses despite modern education and high standard of living.

"In contrary to this, our society pays more attention and respect to the senior citizens as per the orders of our religion," said Dr Masoom.

The same was reinforced by the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who said that we should respect and serve our parents, Dr Masoom concluded.

IIUI President Dr Sahibzada Sajidur Rehman said on the occasion that this world and the life hereafter could become a heaven for a Muslim if he follows the family system portrayed by our religion, Islam.

He further said that women had a very important role in the Muslim society. Dr Sajid urged that the lives of Ummahat-ul-momineen (wives of the prophet) and Ashab (the companions of the prophet) are a role model for all of us. Dawn

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