AIOU offering poor student services

ISLAMABAD, July 19: The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) offers poor services to students admitted in various programmes, a survey has found.

Students visiting the university are unable to get information about their assignments or about their admissions in the next semester. It has been witnessed that most officials were not present on the information desks set up for students.

The AIOU is the only university offering distant education with branches also functioning in Arab states. People working at offices prefer this university because they cannot afford to attend regular classes.

Unfortunately, students at the AIOU main campus in Sector H-8 find no proper staff who can provided them with information.

"Examination record, fee collection and semester information is not handled properly. A student has to go from one office to the other to seek information," Imran Manzoor, a student from Abbotabad said. Manzoor said he wanted his Bachelor's degree but there was no one at the university campus to guide him how to get it.

Visitors criticised the administration, especially the staff at the degree branch. "The officials keep gossiping, despite the fact that long lines are drawn on the information window. They are so lethargic to even stamp a paper," said a student Asma Ilyas.

"The administrators do not care for students and their problems. This is the height of mismanagement," said Arif Mumtaz, another student. Students said the university staff humiliated them and did not give proper information. They keep us waiting and waiting, they said.

A student, Ali Ashar, said students had to squash their documents through narrow openings in the windows and sometime the original documents were damaged in the process. Students complained that the university did not arrange for water coolers for them at the campus. The university PRO said attempts were being made to improve the working of the administration. Daily times

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"that problem is true i am here karachi so no campus for AIOU so how can i recognise to resolve the our issues. i will rather suggest that campus will here at karachi and some problem of student must be resolved."
Name: Muhammad Aamir
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"i am totally agree with above statemtn.I dont wana write long comment. i have also faced all these thing when i went to islamabad to get my transcript. One thing i would like to share with yu. During my study career i got one subject result without any marks. Management said to me you are fail in this subject. But i was not convinced coz i did that paper very well. When i personally visited to islamabad and used my reff i personally saw that paper in examination departmnet un checked.That really made me surprised after one and half year i got correct restult of that paper. so you may imagine their management and system well Regards faisal saeed."
Name: Faysal Saeed
City, Country: Multan, Pakistan

"I tend to agree. The campus at Karachi is a huge building..but I doubt if it functions to facilitiate students or even the teaching staff. I taught a course almost 2 years back, as an unregistered teacher because they needed people. After i ahd delivered, I was asked to register in order to get my payment. Usual pay order and formalities completed, I waited that I would now get my payment. But after 1 and a half year of going ther on my off days as I work, I still was not on the registerd list. Some of the senior staff did assist in getting my payment, but apparently the clerical staff lost track of my registeration document and till dat I reamin un paid. i have stopped even visiting the campus as its no use running after them."
Name: Jawaid Islam
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"AIOU performance is poor but can you believe it that Allama Iqbal Open University is the world's largest university. Read it by yourself."
Name: Khan
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan



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