CDGK's education dept faces inquiry

KARACHI, July 29: The Anti-corruption Police has initiated an inquiry into the affairs of the education department of the city government regarding cases of promotions during 2000-05 allegedly on fake grounds.

EDO Education Fakhar Karim said that a team of anti-corruption police visited her office at Civic Centre on Friday and asked her to produce promotion record of the teaching and non-teaching employees pertaining to the period from 2000 to 2005.

"I informed them that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was also conducting a similar investigation but they requested me to give them the record as they were also investigating the matter but on different complaints," she added.

According to rules, EDO education can promote primary school teacher (PST) to junior school teacher (JST) and from JST to high school teacher (HST). Prior to the introduction of August 2001 devolution of power plan, the director education was responsible for the promotions of teaching and non-teaching employees below BPS-16.

She said that the team was also given promotion record of the year 2000. However, she dispelled an impression that the anti-corruption conducted a raid at the offices of the education department. Dawn



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