Male CSS candidates protest against women's quota

LAHORE, July 6(Daily Times): Successful candidates of the Central Superior Services (CSS) examination 2006 staged a demonstration at the Quaid-e-Azam Library on Thursday to protest the implementation of 10 percent quota for women. They vowed to go to court.

The new quota rules will deprive male candidates of their desired groups and candidates at 160th and 170th positions from Punjab will be deprived of their due right, they said.

Rana Rashid Javed (Civil Judge Lahore), who passed the examination this year, said, "It is well settled principal of law that a new public policy does not have any retrospective effect. If the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) had to implement the new quota system, it should have announced it before conducting the examination in 2006."

Muhammad Ali Khan said that women should be allocated on leftover seats of other provinces.

"It is good that the government wants to give jobs to women. But quota system is affecting male candidates in Punjab and NWFP. The new rules should be implemented two years later and this information must be given to candidates before the examination," said Husnain Ahmad Hali, another CSS position holder.

Sajid Ahmed said that quota system should be abolished. "If female candidates are given quota, then Punjab should also be divided into urban and rural areas like Sindh," he said.

Athar Abbas, an expected affectee, said that the new rules were violation of Article 27 of the constitution. He said according to the constitution, there should not be any discrimination on the basis of religion, race caste, sex, residence or place. He said that women quota was sex-based discrimination.

Tahir Naeem Sipra said that the Punjab candidates were being deprived of their basic right. He demanded the Punjab chief minister contact the federal government on the issue and resolve the matter.

He suggested that instead of quota system, the government should establish modern universities. Shahzad Akram Wahla said that quota system should be abolished. He said that quota system was a form of undue relaxation to women.

Waqar Aziz Bhutta urged that women quota was not mentioned in 2006 exam; therefore it should not be implemented.

A potential affectee of the CSS exam 2006, Sanaullah, said that due to women quota system, he would be deprived of the police group.

Tayaba Bukhari at 68th position raised her voice in favour of male candidates. She said that although the federal government had allocated 10 percent extra quota for women, it was yet to be rectified by Senate. The president' assent also needed, thus, it has no legal validity, she said. If it becomes law, it should be implemented from 2007 not retrospectively from 2006. Four affected candidates have decided to move the Lahore High Court against implementation of women quota in CSS examination 2006.

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"It doesnt make sense that on one side u want the female gender walking along the males and on the other side u are giving them extra rights or extra opportunities..y??If u want to overcome this sex discrimination u must give equal chances and equal opportunities to both genders nd then make sure that the eligible candidates coming up.....irrespective of the gender."
Name: Drshahid malik
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"It seems to be irrational to allot 10% quota for women. This would have been fair if and only if they were deprived of the rest of 90%. Girls have no intentions to join Police group (PSP). But almost 80% of male candidates dream for it and its the top most priority. So with this quota system it would become more difficult for male candidates to get their desired group i.e.PSP. With Punjab domicile one needs to be in top 20 to 30 in order to get Police group. So Punjabi males are the biggest effectees of this system."
Name: Muhammad Ali Zamir
City, Country: Bahawalpur, Pakistan



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