Distribution of vacancies for CSS exams revised

ISLAMABAD, July 12: The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has announced revised distribution of 227 vacancies, including 25 carried over vacancies of 2005 examination, ie Sindh (rural) 07, Sindh (urban) 13 and AJK 05, to be filled on the basis of final results of the competitive examination 2006.

According to the government policy on provincial/regional quotas and 10 per cent reserved women quota, out of total 227 vacancies, 15 vacancies will be filled on merit, 194 vacancies on province/region-based merit, according to a press release issued here on Wednesday.

While remaining 18 seats will be assigned to female candidates against 10 per cent reserved quota for women, it added.

It has been decided that allocation against 10 per cent reserved quota for women candidates will be made to the services group against the share of their provinces/regions, except open merit quota.

Previously, it was announced that allocation against the quota for female candidates will be made from the leftover vacancies against the share of their province/region but now the decision has been revised.

In case qualified women candidates are not available, unfilled vacancies will be carried forward.

According to the revised distribution, 15 seats will be filled on merit (7.5 per cent) out of 50 per cent quota of Punjab, 90 seats will be filled on merit.

Sindh (rural) will have 27 seats on merit (11.4 per cent). Sindh (urban) 29 seats (7.6 per cent), NWFP, 21 seats (11.5 per cent), Balochistan, 12 seats (6 per cent), NA & Fata, 07 seats (4 per cent) and AJK 08 seats (2 per cent).

Women candidates allocation is: Punjab, 10 seats; Sindh (Rural) 3; Sindh (Urban) 1; NWFP 2; Balochistan 1 and NA & FATA 1.

The service/group-wise distribution of vacancies of competitive examination 2006, including carried over vacancies of competitive examination 2005 is as Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service (PAAS) 38; Commerce and Trade Group (CTG) 16; Customs and Excise Group (CEG) 20; District Management Group (DMG) 36.

Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP) 12; Income Tax Group (ITG) 54; Information Group (IG) 26; Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) 15; Postal Group (Post-G) 03; Railways (Commercial and Transportation) Group (RCTG) 07.

Allocation of candidates to the service/occupational group will be made keeping in view suitability of candidates as determined by the commission, their merit position, preference of candidates and the quota of provinces/regions concerned as set out in the rules for the competitive examination 2006.

The government, however, reserves the right to fill a smaller or a larger number of vacancies than those indicated, the press release added. The news



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