Four- and 16-month Chinese language courses to start Tuesday

KARACHI, July 30: Two Chinese language courses will start July 31 at the recently established Chinese Language Tutorial Center (CLTC). A four-month crash course and a 16-month regular course are being offered to citizens with the promise of a better chance in education and occupation.

China, a close friend, has a history of cooperation with Pakistan. Language barriers have proven to be the biggest hurdle for this relationship, said a member of the visiting Chinese trade mission to Pakistan. "The CLTC is a timely development and is likely to have a significant impact on the language barriers," said officials from the Chinese Counsel General Karachi.

The CLTC is the only Chinese language tutorial organization in the city. It is sponsored and managed by the Chinese Guangxi Corporation, which is a Chinese state-owned company. The month-old center is located in KDA Scheme Block 5, Clifton and a short introductory course has already been completed. A total of 25 Pakistani students from different groups participated and have completed the course successfully.

"I am an employee of a trading firm that is in frequent contact with our Chinese counterparts. Language was a major barrier in communicating with them. This center has given me a unique opportunity to learn the language in the shortest period of time," said Khalid Hussain. There was no place to learn Chinese before except for a few private tutors, who you never know if you can trust or not, he added.

"This center has a well defined teaching system and syllabus which uses multimedia for communication. I felt that the learning process was very easy," Khalid Hussain said. Inspired by his success in the short course, Khalid is looking forward for the long-term course starting July 31. "And I am also expecting a promotion after completing this course," he added.

"Our upcoming courses are designed to enable our students to speak and write in Chinese," said Huang Junqiang, director general of the CLTC, Pakistan. According to him, the teaching method has already proven itself in different countries. "Our Chinese language center in Dhaka has been a very successful experiment. The same set-up has been shifted to Pakistan and we are expecting similar success in Karachi as well," Junqiang added.

On the two courses, Junqiang said that the short-term course will take four months in total and is divided into two sessions. "During the sessions, we will teach at least 400 Chinese vocabularies and how to make easy sentences. One will easily be able to speak and understand easy Chinese conversations used in daily life," he explained. The course will cost Rs 4,800 per session.

The regular (long-term) course has been designed for those who wish to go to China for study, permanent business or career search. It will enable a person to speak, understand and write in Chinese. "The course comprises eight levels [sessions] lasting for two months each. So far, 22 students have registered for the course and our maximum capacity is 100," said Junqiang. The fee structure is the same as for the short course.

"If one wants to learn Chinese in China, it will cost at least Rs 50,000 for a regular course, excluding transportation and accommodation. We are offering the same course at much lower costs," Junqiang explained.

Four Chinese language experts will be teaching in state-of-the-art classrooms. "Each class room is well equipped with modern multimedia teaching systems and audio-visual communication systems. Each teacher is also an expert in English and will deliver class lectures in English," officials of the center said. Besides that, the text books are the culmination of long-term teaching research written in both English and Chinese, they added.

The center is expected to build a new bridge of communication and mutual understanding between the two friendly states which are divided by language barriers. Daily times

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"How can I contact CLTC for details and admission???."
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