DUHS students protest against rise in exam fee

Karachi, July 18: Reproving the increase in the examination fee, scores of students staged a protest demonstration at the Dow University of Health and Sciences (DUHS), on Tuesday.

Students of the First and Second Year took part in the peaceful protest demonstration during which a delegation of students visited the Vice Chancellor, Dr Prof. Masood Hameed Khan, and submitted an application complaining about the rise in examination fee. They said that most students were from modest family backgrounds and they could not afford to pay such a high fee.

Students said that this unjust rise in the fee started when the DUHS shifted its examination centre from Karachi University to a local hotel and for that reason the fee, which used to be Rs1,500 was increased to Rs2,000. "Now, the centre has been shifted to DUHS itself," said a student, "yet the fee has again been increased to Rs2,500 from the earlier Rs2,000. This is outrageous."

He said that when the delegation went to see the VC, he invited the head of the Finance Department, who explained that the problem of finances had started after the funds granted by the AG Sindh, proved to be too little. However, the students were perplexed that why the funds granted by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, (HEC) to the DUHS, were not being utilised. The news



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