2,520 female students were enrolled in Jamia Hafsa

ISLAMABAD, July 23: There were 2,520 students enrolled in Jamia Hafsa, according to data collected by the Ministry of Education during the National Education Census in 2006.

The data, which was recently provided to the Ministry of the Interior, also contained the break-up of students enrolled in different grades of the madrassa.

Sources in the Interior Ministry said that 205 female teachers taught the 2,520 students of the madrassa. These statistics, provided in the middle of 2006, appear to negate the clerics' claims that there were over 4,000 female students in the madrassa.

According to the census, there were no male teachers or students in Jamia Hafsa.

The grade-wise break-up of the students shows there were 139 students in Hifz, 421 in Aalmia, 420 in Allaia, 136 in Ibtidiya, 324 in Matwasat, 579 in Aama, 441 in Khasa and 60 in Takhsees.

The Education Ministry also gave the Interior Ministry a list of 826 madrassas that had refused to provide the relevant data. It states that the majority of them, 275, were in the NWFP, 159 were in Punjab, 119 were in Sindh, 99 were in Balochistan, 15 were in the Islamabad Capital Territory, 43 were in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), 39 were in Federally Administered Northern Areas (FANA) and 77 were in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

According to official statistics, there were 12,979 madrassas in the country during 2006, including 5,459 in Punjab, 1,935 in Sindh, 2,843 in NWFP, 769 in Balochistan, 135 in FATA, 1,193 in FANA and 568 in AJK. Over 1.6 million students are enrolled in these madrassas and they employ 58,391 teachers, statistics add. Daily times



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