Demonstration against FET Dean's demotion at IIUI

ISLAMABAD, July 29: Nearly 200 students of Faculty of Engineering Technology of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) protested here on Saturday against the demotion of the Dean of their department without any reason.

Dr Syed Afaq Hussain, Dean, Faculty of Engineering Technology (FET), has been serving the department for the last three years and made it one of the best departments among other engineering departments of the well-reputed universities. But now he has been demoted which will lead to his resignation ultimately, the students said.

The students held a peaceful demonstration at the new campus of the university where as they had to protest at old campus where president of the university, Dr Anwar Hussain Siddique, and administration sit but the university buses were not allowed to take them to the old campus.

The students also demanded the restoration of Dr Sikander Hayat, former Head of the Department of Computer Sciences, who has been fired by the president. He has also played his role on developing this department because then FET was a part of the Computer Sciences department.

They were carrying banners inscribed with slogans demanding the restoration of the "Father of the Faculty of Engineering Technology". Some of the students said that both of the HOD's have been victimised because they objected the increase in the fee of the students.

Fees of the students have been increased from 1200 per credit hours to 2500 per credit hours, which is a hundred per cent increase they informed. Administration says that department has been up graded so cost of the course has been increased which is unbearable for the university. "If they are short of funds why they are making a swimming pool at the women campus of the university" the students asked.

Dr Afaq came to the students and advised them to stay cool and their demands will be met. However the administration did not respond and took notice of the protesting students so that they could be punished quoted students. The nation

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"I think, Jamiat is right in their own decision bcz the HOD."
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