Education-specific PCs by Intel

July 19: Intel Pakistan Corporation has introduced the Intel-Powered Classmate PC that will be used in classrooms by the students of classes VI to VIII under the supervision of teachers and with the added option of parental guidance.

Naila Kassim, Intel Business Development Manager gave a presentation of the Classmate PC and explained its different features to the press and government officials in a local hotel, on Wednesday. The Classmate PC is a small, mobile-learning assistant that Intel specially designed for students.

This learning device is designed to provide affordable, collaborative learning environments for students and their teachers to equip them with technology that will help them with forward learning and development. Naila informed the audience that Pakistan's 70 per cent population was concentrated in the rural areas that had practically no access to the Internet.

"We will target the government schools for this programme and initially we have selected two schools in Islamabad and one each in Lahore and Karachi." The Classmate PC has two versions. The first one is only 7-inch long with a price of US$ 230-240. It will be limited to the school segment only and will not be sold in the market. The other version is a 9-inch PC priced at US$ 375-400 and meant to be sold in the markets.

The teachers will be trained to operate these small, lightweight PCs in the classrooms so that the students use it for the educational purpose only. The news



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