Selection of KMU's senate resented

PESHAWAR, July 12: Senior faculty members of the Khyber Medical College (KMC) have expressed resentment over the nomination of the senate members of the newly established Khyber Medical University (KMU).

"We have campaigned for the upgradation of the KMC to the university level for two decades. Now, our demand has been accepted but the teachers of the KMC, Khyber College of Dentistry (KCD) and Ayub Medical College (AMC) whose struggle was instrumental in achieving this objective have been ignored," said senior teachers of the KMC.

"A few days ago, the government announced the names of 11 members of the senate without consulting us," said a senior member of the KMC teachers association. According to him, there were some people in the newly appointed senate who did not have anything to do with medical education.

"The selection of a TV artiste and an MPA of the ruling MMA as the senate members has really disappointed us," he said.

Some doctors who have been made members of the senate had strictly opposed the upgradation of the college. "These doctors have held several meetings with the former NWFP governor Iftikhar Hussain to block the upgradation of the KMC to university," claimed a senior member of the academic council of the KMC.

"They had argued before the governor that the government would lose control of the KMC if it was upgraded to the university level," he pointed out.

A senior teacher suggested that the university's affairs should be handed over to the KMC, KCD and AMC for the initial three years. Dawn



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