Students happy to leave Lal Masjid

ISLAMABAD, July 5(The News): Many male and female students of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa were happy on getting rid of the title of 'Taliban' after being released from the premises.

Many students released from the custody of local Taliban of Lal Masjid commented that they are leaving the Lal Masjid either at their own will or on the desire of their parents but they are satisfied on exiting from this horrible situation.

Irsa, a seven-year-old female child from Fateh Jang, was leaving Lal Masjid with her mother. When she was asked that whether she was happy to go her home or want to live in Jamia Hafsa, Irsa said: "I want to go home and I am happy to leave the madrassa." When asked that in which class she was studying in the seminary, she keep quiet and was unable to speak. When her mother was asked did she think it sensible to get admit a seven-year-old female child in a madrassa like Jamia Hafsa, she said that she admitted her daughter in the madrassa on the recommendation of some relative but she will never get her daughter back here.

Maria from Haripur said that she had left Jamia Hafsa earlier when the tension was increased, however, she joined again just to complete her studies. She said that she is happy as she is going to her home and leaving this tense environment.

Aysha Niaz, whose cousin Muhammad Saeed came to Lal Masjid to take her home, said: "I want to complete my studies but now it is not possible. I am sad for not completing my studies, however, I am glad on leaving this place.

Another girl Bano was also happy on leaving Jamia Hafsa but she defended her madrassa activities to overcome social evils. When this correspondent asked her that how will she justify the kidnapping of Chinese girls from F-8/3, she said that they were running a brothel and it is the responsibility of every citizen to try to eradicate such evils from the society. When asked that did she or her madrassa administration informed the government about this brothel or took action directly, clearly challenging writ of the government, she replied that government officials already knew about these brothels and there was no need to inform the government on this issue.

A girl from Murree, who didn't tell her name, said that she was leaving for never coming back.

Fouzia Shamroz from Attock was very happy on leaving her militant school and said that now she will complete her studies in Jamia Muhammadia Hassan Abdal in a peaceful environment.

Iftikhar, father of a female student from Haripur, said that he had taken her daughter back to home for several times but he had to get her back to Jamia Hafsa on normalisation of situation. However, he said that he and her daughter are happy that they are going back to home safely and now they will never come back. Um-e-Hamna, a female teacher of Jamia Hafsa, who was leaving for her home with her mother, was very emotional on leaving the premises. She said that she is leaving just because of her mother who insisted her to do so. Um-e-Hamna said that she could inflict suicide attack in future. When this correspondent asked her, "we all are Muslims and Pakistanis, why would she inflict suicide attack on our own people," she replied: "From yesterday (Tuesday) we are no more one and same, you are all against us."

Many of the male students were not speaking to media. Few, who spoke said that they are happy to escape from this crucial situation. However, they said, "we side with our administration on this crisis and oppose the present government for not implementing Shariah in the country. They said that they would come back to Lal Masjid if the situation normalised.

APP adds: Qari Liaquat Ali, who arrived from Battagram for her daughter Raheela, said he had earlier tried to take her back but the administration was adamant and refused.

He termed government action 'right and prompt' and said government deserves credit as it exercised a lot of restraint.

Najma Bibi, mother of a 17-year-old daughter from Khana Pul, said that her daughter has been studying in the seminary for the last two years.

She sent her daughter for getting education only and never imagined that such tense situation would emerge.

Mohammad Ajab from Murree, who was waiting for her daughter, said, "we are against extremist policies of the Lal Masjid administration".

He said Jihad is the greatest degree of Islamic teachings and only well-learned religious scholars can define it.

17-year old Raheela Bibi from Swat said the female students were forced to stay inside and were used as shields.

"I have come here for religious education but the brand of Islam propagated by the administration was horrendous," she added.



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