Madrassa students ordered not to protest today

KARACHI, July 13: Madrassas have been instructed not to allow their students to participate in the protests to be held Friday (today) against the government.

Furthermore, madrassa sources said that the police have started collecting data on licensed weapons given to madrassas for security reasons and have also started collecting student records.

Police officials are in contact with the administrations of the madrassas in their areas and have instructed them not to let students participate. The protests were called for by the Wafaq-ul-Madaris Al-Arabia Pakistan (WMAP) and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal.

Gulshan Town Police Officer Noman Siddique said, "We are in contact with madrassa administrations and we told them not to let their students participate."

Capital Chief Police Officer Azhar Ali Farooqui said that they are also in contact with intelligence and other security forces. Farooqui said that patrolling and deployment has been enhanced as much as possible in Sindh, especially Karachi.

When Farooqui was asked about the data collection on licensed weapons and not allowing madrassa students to participate in the protests, he said he didn't know anything about such actions.

The TPO said that they will use madrassa, mosque and imambargah volunteers to check the people coming to offer Friday prayers for security reasons.

It may be mentioned that the provincial government has divided madrassas into a 'sensitive' and not sensitive category.

The following fall into the 'sensitive' category: Jamia Banoria and Jamia Usmania in Site Town, Jamia Banoria in Jamshed Town, Ahsan Uloom in North Karachi Town, Jamia Islamia in Clifton Town, Darul-Uloom Karachi in Landhi Town, Jamia Rashidia in Gadap Town, Jamia Farooqia in Shah Faisal Colony Town and Ashraf-ul-Madaris in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town. Most of these madrassas belong to the WMAP.

Around 25 madrassas, including Jamia Gulshan-e-Umer in Sohrab Goth, Jamia Islamia in Gulberg, Madarssa-e-Rahmania in Korangi Town, Arabia-e-Islamia in Malir Town, Taleem-ul-Quran in North Karachi Town, Taleem-ul-Quran in Jamshed Town and others, fall in the second category.

The provincial government has also put the police and the rangers on high alert in view of any possible reaction to the Lal Masjid operation.

Surveillance has started on all intra-city routes, bus terminals and railway stations and security has been beefed up in all the business centres, consulates and foreign diplomat residences. Daily times

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