20,000 take National Aptitude Test

LAHORE, July 16: About 20,000 students from Lahore took the National Aptitude Test (NAT) at 13 centres across the city on Sunday, National Testing Service (NTS) Director Dr Haroon Rasheed said.

Most students were satisfied with the arrangements and the test, but some arts students complained that the mathematics test was difficult.

The NTS is a private organisation which is providing testing services to universities. The NTS director said 52,000 students from across Pakistan had enrolled this year and that 81 centers had been set up in 35 cities for 22 universities. He said the department had received around 44,000 applications for the examination for admission in undergraduate classes and about 8,000 for admission in postgraduate classes.

It was observed that some science students were satisfied with the test while the few arts students who had difficulties asked for a review on the testing policy. The 60 percent of the test was compulsory, 30 percent had choice for arts and science students and 10 percent for general knowledge.

Rasheed said that the government had directed to formulate a uniformed test for all students. He said the NTS had received such complains from arts students but professors from various public universities had prepared the paper keeping in view the level of science and arts students. He said the NTS examination style was an effort to improve education standards in the country as this type of testing was becoming popular in the world.

PU Registrar Dr Naeem Khan said that arts students should not be disheartened as the NAT result would not be criteria for admission in the university, though it was necessary that student attach NTS result card along with the admissions forms. He said a candidate who had scores 20 or 30 marks in the test but met eligibility criteria would be given consideration. Daily times



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