Former PU VC Muniruddin Chughtai remembered

LAHORE, July 31: A condolence reference was held for former Punjab University (PU) vice chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Muniruddin Chughtai, who had died on July 22, said a press release on Monday. Speaking at the ceremony, PU acting VC Dr Arif Butt said the late Chughtai was a polite and social man and was held in high esteem in the teaching community. He had a friendly behavior with teachers and had love for students during his tenure as VC of the university, Butt said, adding that he was a religious man and had a kind heart.

Dr Rafique Ahmed said the late Chugtai was an intelligent man. He said Mr Chughtai preferred public service and did his PhD from Oxford University. Chughtai had a great love for Pakistan and had enthusiastically participated in the freedom movement, Dr Ahmed added. The late Chughtai founded the Muslim Students Federation (MSF) at Dayal Singh College and kept serving students even after his retirement, Dr Ahmed said. Dr Khairat Ibn-e-Rasa said Chughtai was a trustworthy man and an able scholar who had a great deal of devotion towards his duty. Prof Dr Munawar Mirza said Mr Chughtai was a great researcher and a man of principle. Daily times



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