PU IJT closes 2 shops for overcharging

LAHORE, July 31: The Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) on Monday forcefully closed two shops in the Punjab University (PU) shopping centre, it was learnt. The IJT has already banned the sale of beverages of several multinational companies on the campus. In the recent incident the IJT workers have banned the shops claiming that they were overcharging.

PU IJT nazim Muhammad Ayub said that they had received complaints against shopkeepers who were overcharging. He said, "The closure of shops is nothing new for us as we close shops for overcharging or selling poor food items. He said further the university authorities were not taking steps for this purpose so the IJT closed shops for the welfare of students. PU Hall Council chairman Prof Azhar Akram said he was not aware of the incident. He said it was the responsibility of the university authorities to take action against such incidents.

PU resident officer Zahid Karim Khan said the PU authorities had the right to give its shops on rent. He said if there would be problems like overcharging or poor quality items then the authorities would take action. He said the students who had forcefully closed the shops had taken the law in their own hands. He said the PU administration would take action against those responsible after a thorough investigation. He said he had not received any complaints from any shopkeeper about the closure of their shops by the IJT workers. Daily times



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