PU teachers oppose retired general as VC

LAHORE, July 7(Daily Times): President of the Federation of All Pakistan Universities' Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) Mumtaz Salik demanded the government to replace the Punjab University's (PU) vice chancellor (VC), who was a retired army general, said a press release on Thursday.

He said the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had also recommended that the VCs of universities should be PhD degree holders, but the government was not complying with the criterion. He said some senior professor of the university should be appointed as the VC. He said retired army officers and bureaucrats were controlling most of the universities in Pakistan. The quality of education was being badly affected by the involvement of army officers and bureaucrats, he added.

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"I totally agree with this , VCs of the universities must be PhD and senior faculty members not the Generals."
Name: Ali Asghar
Email: ali_ft@hotmail.com
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"well i dont really agree to this, as i find this v.c more able to fight with any internal or external circustances...if yew talk about the education, he add many departments in his era of control, and about administration,yew know it that army journals are best in administration part of any institution. In his era, the teachers of Punjab university are the most paid since this university was actually came into being! he provided with us many facilities! and most of all the teacherz who were V.C b4 werent even able to control jamiat and all the stuff, jamiat was involved in every decision making, and they can easily get admission in any department for just to fight and fright the students with no reason! they beat the students sitting with galz...i can name many of jamatiaaz who have gfs in real! so who is who! it is clear!"
Name: ahmad usman
Email: tobaccomaster@hotmail.com
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan



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