RHCT, RHCE students await results

Karachi, July 28: Thirty students of Red Hat Certified Technicians (RHCT) and Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE) are yet to receive their results form Red Hat Professional Certification, a US-based firm which has a branch in India that conducts examinations for the courses.

A total of 30 students sat in the examinations arranged by Techno-Ed, Karachi- agent in Pakistan for the Rat Hat- on June 22, 2007 and each student deposited Rs 10,675 for the said examination with the Techno-Ed.

The Indian officials of the Red Hat conducted the examination and returned to India. The result was to be announced within ten days but it was delayed and the worried students contacted Red Hat to enquire about the results. Red Hat officials informed them through an email that the required fee was not remitted to them by Techno-Ed so the results were withheld.

The affected students met Muhammad Ali Shah, General Manager, Techno-Ed, on July 16 and asked him to resolve the matter as they had already deposited the required fee. Shah promised that the problem will be solved by July 17 or 18 but the promise never materialised even after 10 days. Now Shah is not receiving calls from the aggrieved students and there is no satisfactory reply from his office as well. The calls made on Shah's cell number went answered. The news



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