BSEK declares SSC Part-II results: Mama Parsi girl tops secondary exams

KARACHI, July 13 - The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) on Thursday announced the results of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Part-II for General Group (Regular and Private candidates) Annual Examination 2007.

A total of 72.04 percent regular candidates were declared passed in the examination while about 71.77 percent private candidates were also declared pass.

The result was officially announced at the BSEK where the BSEK Chairman Brig Rtd Salahuddin Qureshi and Controller of Examination Bizat Ullah Khan announced the name of four candidates who secured top three positions in the examination. Anum Khan bearing Roll No 733642 from Mama Parsi Girls School has secured 1st position with 90.35 percent marks. Securing 90.24 percent marks, Muhammad Safi (Roll No-662840) from BVS Parsi High School and Nida Zamir (Roll No-725682) obtained 2nd position in the examination, while third position was secured by Alamdar Raza (Roll No-662833) from BVS Parsi High School, acquiring 89.41 percent marks.

According to the statistics, a total of 27102 regular candidates registered for this exam out of which 2665 candidates appeared.

Among total 19210 passing candidates, 250 passed in A-1 Grade, 1374 in A Grade, 3129 in B Grade, 6793 in C Grade, 6502 in D Grade and 1162 in E Grade.

On the other hand in the Private group, total 35662 candidates were registered in the examination out which about 34811 candidates appeared. While a total of 24984 candidates declared to be passed, out of which 270 passed in A-1 Grade, 1753 in A Grade, 4356 in B Grade, 8595 in C Grade, 8164 in D Grade and 1454 in E Grade in the examination.

During the announcement session, Chairman BSEK Salahudin Qureshi bailed out any such possibility that the private schools gradually have overtaken the Private schools as all the position holders are from the Private group.

"The difference between the Private and Public schools candidates is very low. It's a competitive examination and both the school tries to overtake the top position," he added.

He appreciated the Sindh Government over the decision of 2 percent graze marks to all students as well as the combined examination for IX and X classes.

"We all know what happened during the Examination. Electricity has become such an essential aspect in our life that every other aspect badly affects in its breakdown. So the decision of graze marks was absolutely fruitful and timely," added Salahuddin Qureshi.

Moreover he claimed that the announced results were prepared on 100 percent merit basis.

The Controller of Examination Bizatullh Khan rejected any case of paper out in black market before due time.

"The complaints of Urdu and Pak Studies paper outs was nothing but a rumours as none can prove that," he added. However he claimed not to have any impact over the results. Answering another question over the effectively of the Examination vigilance team, he admitted to add some reforms in the process.

"Total 75 vigilance team was formed during the exam. But complaints of resistance in performing their duties were reported. However a report is under process in this matter. Action will be taken on this matter on the basis of the report. It would be a reform for the system," Bizat Ullah Khan elaborated.

Talking to Journalists, 2nd position holder Nida Zamir expressed her happiness and dedicated her success to her parents and school. Answering a question over any difficulties in examination preparation due to the electricity breakdown, she responded as little. "I have prepared for the examination long before the examination. It was only a time for revision. So electricity could not effect her preparation that much," she added. However, commenting over the matriculation system of education she showed her optimistic approach. "System gives you nothing. You need to improve your own skills.

But the system is little unpredictable as I scored 55 out of 75 marks in my IX class Pakistan Studies paper that was much below my expectation," she said.

The 2nd position holder Muhammad Saif termed his entire success to his mother who had done more hard work than he did.

"My mother is the key of my success who did all my work. She prepared my notes, guided and corrected me in my every part of education. It was impossible without her," he added.

His mother Shamim Akhter, who is a housewife but LLB graduate emphasised over the importance of parental supervision in order to make their children successful. "My son was always a good student. I have just given him what schools and tuition centres could not provide. That is the constant attentions and supervision of their educational activities. Its very important," she added. The nation



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