School denies 'fixing' results

Dubai, July 20: The principal of a school at the centre of an exam row yesterday denied that results were doctored before being announced to cover up poor performance.

However, Pakistan School principal Majid Hussain refused to elaborate on why so many pupils had failed at his school. Only 32 of 108 students passed the secondary school certificate (part two) annual examinations conducted by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Another 38 failed outright, while 37 others failed in two subjects and are required to sit supplementary exams, meaning the pass rate was just 29.63 per cent.

Mr Hussain blamed the poor showing on the fact that the Pakistan School was a "community school" and was obliged "to accept all sorts of students".

He also admitted that the school had suffered administrative problems and "discipline" issues over the past year, but refused to elaborate further. However, Mr Hussain insisted the school administration was not being dishonest when it announced a pass rate of 46pc - saying the 37 students who still had to sit supplementary exams were not accounted for in the final pass percentage.

Pakistan Embassy community welfare counsellor confirmed yesterday that it had met with an angry delegation of parents seeking action against the school. Mr Gilani called the situation "alarming". Gulf Daily News



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