More 'yes boss', more money at UAF

FAISALABAD, July 4(Dawn): The University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) administration has approved honorarium worth Rs4 million for its 'select' employees for their 'extra duties' in the last financial year.

Sources say the administration has been awarding extra salaries to its "favourite" employees for years citing that a provision of the UAF Act, 1973, empowers the vice-chancellor (VC) to give the prized honorarium to those who work "in the best interest of the university".

But section 15 (4-II) and (4-III) of the University Act contradicts the stance, saying the VC can spend Rs5,000 for an unforeseen item not provided for in the budget and report it to the syndicate at its next meeting.

Granting extra salaries to favourite employees is not new to the UAF as a few former VCs often used this method to 'reward' their subordinates with honorarium, a professor wished not to be identified said.

Sources said a list of "favourite" officers had been prepared by department heads with the consent of the treasurer and approved by VC Dr Bashir Ahmed.

The administration has no clearly stated criteria to assess the performance of employees to select them for extra salaries.

But a UAF employee knows the secret of eligibility for remuneration. The more obedient one is to his or her boss, the more remuneration he or she will get.

Those who benefited from this award policy included: the registrar, the treasurer, deans and directors of several faculties.

Sources said acting treasurer Shahid Afzal Gill won the race of honorarium by bagging six additional salaries. The administration justified the act on the basis that he had been handling three posts - treasure, deputy treasure and deputy registrar of the students record branch.

The officers who were entitled to get four extra remunerations included: account officer Raza Khalid, Umer Saeed Qadri, research director Dr Abdul Ghafoor, librarian Nisar Jameel, admin officer Rana Muhammad Bashir, coordination officer Chaudhry Zafarullah, project director Muzaffar Ahmed and assistant registrar (establishment) Tariq Gill.

Registrar Chaudhry Mohammad Husain won three additional salaries.

Those nominated for two additional salaries are: admin officers Altaf Husain, Nazar Husain, Abdul Ghafoor and Riaz Qadeer; assistant executive engineer Muhammad Saleem; sub-engineers Rai Yousaf and Saeed Awan; assistant registrar Abdul Hafiz and secretary to the VC Ali Ahmed.

Many employees with the budget section and Principal Officer of the Pubic Relations and Publications Department Ishfaq Ahmed Mann were given two extra salaries.

Sources said most of the employees of the treasure office, registrar office, controller office, research director, estate care department and director advance studies were facilitated with one additional salary.

Sources said most of the "beneficiaries" were given cheques last week but owing to legal loopholes, they were asked not to withdraw payments.

Lists of all employees and officers were prepared keeping in view the policy of preferential treatment and the VC was apprised that all lists were forwarded by the heads of departments and faculties.

UAF Treasurer Gill denied that he had got six additional salaries.

He said the syndicate authorised the VC to approve remuneration for the employees who did best for the institution.

He remained tight-lipped when asked how the employees' performance was evaluated for the honorarium. He refused to provide details of such people selected for extra salaries. He said the UAF paid fewer amounts as honorarium as compared to other public universities.

The VC said he had granted honorarium to employees on account of their services. He said it was a legal way being adopted in the institution for years.



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