Pak-UK collaboration in higher education

Karachi, July 31: In order to facilitate research and development in the higher education learning system, a partnership has been established between the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the British Council under the HEC-BC Joint Higher Education Links Program (JHELP).

Initially, the British Council will be responsible for the implementation of the project established three years ago to encourage higher education links between Pakistani and UK universities/education institutions, activated in 2004 for a period of three years ending June 2007. Subsequently, phase II of the project was launched in December 2006.

Under phase II of the project, 35 links have been developed. Though these links have been created between the departments of universities/research facilities rather than individuals or institutions, they may involve more than one partner on each end. The links are to be supported for three years, provided there is significant progress or achievement of output during the first year. Research proposals submitted by the link coordinators are approved only if they meet the specified criteria delineated under the project.

Focus subject areas include Engineering Science, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Social Sciences/ Management Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Health Sciences. The news



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