Fatwa against co-education

LUCKNOW, July 9: One of South Asia's most influential Sunni Muslim madrassas, the Darul Uloom in northern India, has issued a fatwa against coeducation in schools and colleges, claiming it is against Islamic law, an official said on Sunday. "Coeducation is against Islam and therefore Muslims should refrain from sending their children, especially girls, to coeducational schools," Mohammed Asumin Qazmi, an office bearer of the Darul Uloom madrassa, told the Associated Press.

The fatwa, however, said boys and girls can study together until they are 10-years-old. "Islam forbids women to meet men who are not their fathers or close relatives. Therefore, how can one expect that Islam allows coeducation," Qazmi added. The fatwa was issued last week in response to e-mail from a follower that asked whether Islam permits a female to attend coeducational institutions after reaching puberty. The madrassa routinely receives e-mail queries, especially those pertaining to the Islamic way of life. It did not disclose the name of the e-mail's sender. While a fatwa is only a religious guideline that cannot be legally enforced, it's likely to pressure some conservative Muslim parents into removing their daughters from coeducational schools. ap

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"Its a matter of fact and all Muslims should try to either enforce their govts to make separate institutions or make own pvt women colleges n universities. unfortunately our Islamic people had also established institutions having coeducation espacially in Pakistan one of them is so famous that is UMT whose rector is Hasan Suhaib Murad an office bearer of Jamat e Islami."
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"i think same is the case for working women too."
Name: saqib
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