Chaotic situation prevails in Sindh Education Department

Karachi, July 9: The sudden bifurcation of Education Ministry by the Sindh chief minister has created an uncertain situation in the Education Department that directly deals with the prospects of future generation. The then full fledged Minister for Education and Literacy Hamida Khuro was not in the city, while the department officials are unconcerned of the projects that had to be completed by the end of summer vacation.

The chief minister has not yet issued any orders for the projects that should be completed by the end of this month. These projects include the publishing of books and its distribution to school children free of cost. The Sindh Textbook Board has already delayed its process of publishing books owing to a number of reasons, while the curtailment of education minister's powers has become another lame excuse for delaying the printing of books.

About 3.5 million books were to be printed and distributed to the government school students from class I to X free of cost under Education for All Programme.

Besides this, the decision to open academic session was yet to be finalised, as most of the private school managements have already announced that schools will be re-opened from August 1, while the Education Department was strictly complying with August 16 date. This tug of war between the private school managements and the Education Department was yet not over.

The provincial Education Department, however, has announced imposing penalty for the schools which start their session from August 1. The penalty includes sealing of schools and suspension of their registration. These issues were not taken up and discussed by any quarters concerned, as the chief minister was busy touring interior Sindh and inquiring flood affectees, which many describe as an election campaign.

Furthermore, tests for school teachers at all levels were postponed and the new dates were not yet announced, which too had worsened the situation, while it was said that appointments had been made internally.

This alarming situation has worried teachers who paid

Rs100 for entry test which was non-refundable and the department had received millions of rupees. The question as to who would bear the responsibility for this episode still looms large.

The most important issues confronting the Education Department with regard to school managements remain pending, as the chief minister with added Education portfolio had not had enough time to cope with the situation.

Only three weeks are left in this month, while the books are not available in the market to enable the students prepare for the new academic session, as the shopkeepers at Urdu Bazar are awaiting the supply of these books.

Even the secretary education is not aware of the chaotic situation, while the officials of Hamida Khuro, her private secretary, PA and PRO are tight lipped about the on-going affairs at the Education Department as well as about who is running the department. the news



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