Education woes in Pakistan

June 2008: I, a student of Dow Medical College, did my O-Levels and then did Inter from St Joseph's College. My experience with the two systems has brought my attention towards differences between the two educational systems. I have some propositions to make to bring our education system up to international standards. Firstly, I request the concerned authorities to replace the derivation of formulas by its wide application as we find in the Cambridge system.

Derivations are a simple cramming of text, being entirely futile. The students of Pakistan need to be sharp and polished, geared up to solve any problem any time. This is only possible if they are made to apply text rather than its histories. Another dilemma is the trend of coaching systems, which have played havoc with the country.

They have become merely a businesses selling literature in the name of education. They are not only a great burden on parents, but have also obscured the values of our government institutions.

The way out of this is to encourage students to give answers in their own words rather than promote the trend of rote learning that has set in. Why should our examinations be diagnostic centres for memory ailments? Students should also be free to opt for subjects of their choice in Matric and Inter, so they can better analyse their professional lives.

Undoubtedly; Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, English and Urdu should be compulsory; but students should have their own choice in the rest. Lastly, our struggle should be to bring our education system in conformation with Islamic injunctions.

We have lost our values because we have shunned Quranic teachings. Our country was made in the name of Islam but, sadly, our education system does not show that.

DR NASIM AMIN DHEDHI, Karachi, via e-mail (The Nation)

Your Comments

"I completely agree with you sir.I have recently got done with my Olevels and am now in a BIG BIG sort of confusion whether to continue my studies via Alevels or to opt for Inter;and im sure its gonna be quite a difficult decision.Well,other than this,i have the similar feeling for our matriculation,and inter board and its concerned,yet "not-so-concerned" authorities. My cousin,these days,is having her days and nights spent studying for her final year in Matric,and i swear it makes me go wild about the stuff she has to study. I barely believe that so much of theoretical knowledge is equally applicable,when it comes to being practical. For instance,although its better to know how many branches of physics do we have,or which scientist did what work,but does it make enough sense to make the students LEARN the whole thing,and that too,WORD TO WORD. I very strongly feel that such sort of educational systems are not polishing the minds of the students,infact,they are rusting them."
Name: shaheera
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"i agree with you sir.i am student of B.A(honours)english literature, its my second year(fourth semester) but i am not satisfied with it because still we are not provided with proper Schedule or time table.even we dont know about our subjects and credit hours of subjects.i think frist of all students should be properly guided with full study program which he or she is going to study because it removes confusion in students mind.secondly i also want to know about its scope as well because i think we are the very frist beach all over pakistan doing our B.A(honours)in english thats why we are suffering from lack of teachers and books.coures which we have to study are not avilable in pakistan we are downloding texts and getting it in a printed form not in the form of proper book.sir i think this is the reason due to which pakistan is lacking behind in education all over the world probably.thanks for reading my comments."
Name: mehwish
City, Country: quetta, Pakistan



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