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PU IJT workers threaten to kill student
Lahore, June 25, 2008: The Punjab University (PU) Vice-Chancellor's office on Tuesday, received an application from PU Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS) student Muhammad Ahsan, alleging that Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) workers Sabir Shah, Muhammad Usman and a few others who live in the university hostels illegally, entered his room in hostel number 15 and threatened to kill him.

Ahsan said that he was a worker of the University Students Federation (USF). He said that Sabir Shah, who belonged to the Tribal Areas, was living in the university illegally. He said Shah had threatened to kill him if he participated in any political activity. Ahsan asked the PU administration to protect him in this regard, especially since the USF workers had planned a protest against the IJT in the PU hostel.

He added that Shah was living illegally in room number 50 of hostel 15, but no action had been taken against him. He quoted Shah as saying that he was here to take revenge in response to the university administration's action against IJT workers.

According to a PU official, two cases had been registered against Shah. PU official spokesman Dr Mujahid Ali Mansoori said that when he found out about the incident, he asked students to submit an application for a disciplinary action.

IJT Nazim Rana Zahid said that the administration was using the USF against the IJT. He said that cases against Shah did not matter as there were cases registered against the administration too. PU Hall Council Chairman Dr Saeed Ahmed Nagra said that he did not know of any such incident.

Protest by IJT: A number of IJT workers on Tuesday protested against PU Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran in front of the Lahore Press Club for expelling their workers from PU.

Zahid said that the PU administration was victimising their workers and they would raise their voices against the administration at every platform. He said that the administration was taking revenge from them for trying to hold a book fair in the varsity. He said that the administration had expelled 11 IJT workers who were final year students.

Dr Mansoori said that allegations had been proven against the expelled IJT workers in the disciplinary committee and if the victims thought they were innocent they could use their right to appeal.

A number of IJT workers from various departments gathered in front of the Lahore Press Club and shouted slogans against the administration and the VC. Students held posters and demanded their workers be re-admitted in the university. Daily Times

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Virtual University student Distinction
Naeemul Hassan Kazmi, a resident of Chakwal, has attained an MBA degree from the Virtual University at the age of 64, said a press release issued from the university on Tuesday. Kazmi was the most senior student of the institute.

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PU student prepares cancer, hepatitis C medicine
Lahore: A PhD scholar at the Punjab University (PU) has made history by successfully preparing Interferon Alpha 2B a medicine used in the treatment of cancer and hepatitis C patients. Pakistan spends large amounts to import the drug from Belgium, China and several other European countries every year. The drug controls the hepatitis C virus and growth-affected cells. According to a press release issued by the PU on Tuesday, Nasir Mehmood, a PhD scholar at the university's School of Biological Sciences (SBS) prepared the medicine under the supervision of SBS Director General Prof Muhammad Akhtar. The medicine was then sent to the British National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) for testing. The NIBSC has certified its effectiveness. "This antiviral recombinant protein drug is active biologically," states the NIBSC report. Nasir Mehmood said that according to an estimate, one out of every 10 Pakistanis was infected with hepatitis, which is alarming. He said that he had prepared the drug in a laboratory at the university and if sufficient funds were provided to the PU, it could produce the medicine at an industrial level in the next three to four years. "It took me about five years to prepare the medicine. It was difficult, but interesting." A single dose of Interferon Alpha 2B costs at least Rs 750 and the complete treatment of a patient requires the drug in large quantities, which costs millions of rupees. SBS Director Prof Javed Iqbal said PhD scholars at his school were working on the production of medicine to combat various diseases. He said many of the drugs they were working on were of 'immense importance'. Daily Times

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