Imamdheri Islamic University: English, Arabic mediums

Imamdheri Islamic University: English, Arabic mediums to be used to educate students
Peshawar, June 23, 2008: English and Islamic education would be imparted to students at the Islamic University to be established at Imamdheri, the former headquarters of rebel cleric Maulana Fazlullah.

Vice Chancellor-designate and Project Director of Imamdheri Islamic University Dr Mohammad Farooq said this in an interview.

Dr Farooq, a noted scholar from Mardan, said that according to the university's ordinance admissions would be open to both male and female students and there would be no gender discrimination in this regard.

"I have proposed to the provincial government that the university should impart both modern and Islamic education to the students," Farooq said, adding that students would be imparted education in both English and Arabic languages.

In the modern education, he said, the students would be grounded in subjects of English, political science and computer besides Islamic education.

He further said that he had proposed the start of spoken English and Arabic courses with a view to enabling the students of this region to take the future challenges in their stride.

Talking about the admission policy, he said, "In the first phase, male students from NWFP, PATA and FATA would be offered admissions. And if we had resources we would enrol female students from these area in the second phase."

He said besides Imamdheri Complex the government would acquire more land for establishment of university. He said the provincial government would take all stakeholders, including Swat Taliban, on board before going ahead with the project.

The basic aim of the varsity, he said, was to produce scholars and students of LLB and LLM to enable them to compete and make room for them in a challenging world.

"Today, most Islamic education is translated into English but the ground reality is that religious students could not benefit from it because they don't have command of English to learn and teach others."

Female education: Sources in the provincial government said that it would not be easy for the provincial government to start female education, as the militants had already made it clear that girls schools in Swat and Dir districts of the province would not be allowed despite signing peace agreements with the provincial government. However, Dr Farooq said that he would recommend that admissions should also be open to female students.

The government has earmarked only Rs 5 million in the financial year 2008-09 for establishment of the proposed university.

The government and Swat Taliban had inked a deal on May 21 in which both agreed to turn Imamdheri seminary into an Islamic university. Daily Times

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"as it is fact that swat has 35 hundered years back history of education and even ttoday it has population of 17 lakhs and great potential for international stsndard university to be made here but unfortunately sinc the emergense of swat into pakistan no government has given imortance to swat on any aspect.being switerzeland of pakistan govt must dovelepe it on every aspect because it deserves.swat university must include not only islamic education but also modern.i think that historic college should also be upgraded to university because it fulfils the requirments of a university."
Name: muhammad ilyas
City, Country: mingora swat



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