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KU and NED fight over 5 feet strip of deserted land
Karachi, June 19, 2008: A small disagreement has developed between the University of Karachi and NED University of Engineering and Technology over a strip of land that falls in KU's jurisdiction.

NED University needs a 30-foot wide road for its hostels towards Bhayani Heights but the problem is that KU is only ready to give 25 feet. Sources said that the NED administration is in a hurry to make the road.

"NED has its own path from its residential colony towards Abul Hassan Ispahani road but they don't use it," complained said KU engineer Adeel A Siddiqui while talking to us. "KU can't give [that much] as the hostel for IBA is planned and if KU need lands for a pipeline or something else in the future there will be no land for development work." He added, however, that he was not an official spokesman and the KU registrar would be better able to comment on the situation. However, despite repeated attempts, we were unable to immediately reach KU Registrar Rais Alvi and NED Registrar Javed Aziz Khan.

The assistant to the NED Register, Anees Ahmed, said that they were not asking for the land for the students at the hostels, but for the students who had to cross that deserted area to go to campus. "Many students have been robbed of mobile phones and other valuables," he said. "KU should not have any objection to it."

According to sources, on March 28, 2008 the governor wrote KU, saying that the matter should be settled for the students. The KU Registrar wrote NED offering the 30 feet strip in return for 0.79 acres. However, this has not been confirmed or denied. Daily Times

KU plans to file FIR against candidate caught cheating
Karachi: The administration of Karachi University has decided to disqualify for five years and file an FIR against a candidate who resorted to firing in the air when caught cheating in the MA exams and asked to surrender his answer script.

According to KU Campus Adviser Dr Khalid Iraqi, an external candidate Azeem Ali, son of Mohammad Ali, appeared in international relations paper of MA exams on June 13 at the centre set up at the Shaikh Zayed Islamic Research Centre.

"He was caught cheating and when the invigilator tried to take him to the administration the candidate fired in the air and ran away abandoning his documents," said the adviser.

When the university administration later probed into the matter to cancel the student's enrolment it was found that the photograph on the registration form was different from the one on the enrolment form, he said.

"The KU committee against unfair means then decided to disqualify the student for five years and file an FIR against him," said the adviser.

Nonetheless sources at the university pointed out that the presence of the invigilator at the time of filing an FIR was necessary whereas the invigilator was not really interested in doing so.

However, the sources said, "These are some of the delaying tactics by the administration."

KU MBBS results announced
Karachi: University of Karachi (KU) has announced the results of M.B.B.S. Final Professional, annual examination-2008. Sabeen Razzak, Fatma Abbasi and Muhammad Irfan Farooque secured first class first, second and third positions respectively. All the three position holders are from Karachi Medical and Dental College.

A total of 295 students were registered, 291 appeared and 194 passed the examination. The pass percentage was 66.67.

Meanwhile, the KU also announced results of Diploma in Child Health (DCH) and Diploma in Laryngitis and Otitis (DLO) annual examinations -2007.

In the DCH examination, 50 candidates were registered 45 appeared and 10 of them passed the examination. The pass percentage was 22.2. Also, 24 candidates were registered in the DLO examinations, all of them appeared and 14 0f them passed the examination. The pass percentage was 58.3.

BSc Home Economics & BS physiotherapy exams
Karachi: The university announced that the BSc Home Economics (first and second year) and BS physiotherapy (second and third year) annual examination-2008 would begin from June 23.

Candidates are directed to contact their college during office hours to collect their admit cards and examination programme from June 18.

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Dow University academic block opens
Karachi: The four-storey academic block, spread over an area of 42,548 square feet, at the Dow University of Health Sciences has been finally opened to medical teachers and students four months after it was inaugurated by Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad, add agencies.

The newly constructed block houses lecture halls equipped with audio-visual facilities, forensic medicine and community medicine departments, professional development centre, a cafeteria for faculty members and a basement for car parking.

Dow workshop on surgical approaches
Karachi: The Dow University of Health Sciences in collaboration with the Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons will hold a three-day workshop on surgical approaches to spine and spinal instruments from June 20 to 22.

Known neurosurgeons of the country will participate in the workshop.

Prof Junaid Ashraf, Head of Neurosurgery Department of DUHS is the organizer, while guest faculty includes Prof Ahmed Ali Shad and Dr Attar Enam of the Aga Khan University Hospital, Prof Zia Iqbal of DUHS, Dr Saad Bashir of ZUMC, Dr Salman Sharif and Dr Rafay Zafar of the Liaquat National Hospital.

Inauguration ceremony of the workshop will be held at the professional development department centre of the Dow varsity at 9am. Scientific session and training will be held at anatomy hall of the Dow Medical College. Dawn

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