Medical colleges self-finance scheme abolished

Lahore, June 12, 2008: Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that government has abolished self-finance scheme in medical colleges so that admission and educational facilities could be provided only to intelligent and deserving students.

He was talking to senior journalists of print and electronic media at the Chief Minister's Secretariat here on Wednesday. The Chief Minister said that provision of healthcare, education and a peaceful atmosphere was the prime responsibility of a govt and the present leadership has tried to fulfil this obligation by devising an effective plan for upholding merit in admission and education in professional colleges.

He said that professional institutions were destroyed by introducing self-finance scheme in violation of merit. He said that rejecting an eligible candidate simply on the basis of his poor credential, giving preference to an undeserving person with money was a grave social injustice. He said that the government would refrain from adopting a lavish style. He said that the setting up of coalition governments at the centre and the provincial level was a unique event in national history which had been necessitated by the result of the mandate of the people against dictatorship in the general elections of Feb 18.

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"This is a very good initiative... especially considering the fact that the majority of self-finance students still dont study well enough during MBBS and BDS sessions and hence become inexperienced doctors, which obviously leads to casualties and mishaps among the patients. Well done Mr. Shahbaz Sharif! "
Name: Zaki Khalid
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"It is No-doubt a very good step but its notification is still not been processed. Until it is not processed it is just a wada or promise."
Name: M Farrukh
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"well its good that mr shahbaz sharif has abolished da self finance scheme..but what is the mistake of students who got admission in mbbs 1 yr example will be enuff 2 let u ppl know abt my point of view...i got 1817 merit order but got on self finance in sims..and i totally disagree with mr zaki khalid that students on self becum inexperience docs and they dont study well...well we all have to clear the exams of uhs...i myself got 407 marks in first yr mbbs ...there is a position overwhole of sims in 2nd yr mbbs,... my point of view is that , we r also capable of becoming good doc..but for us , self scheme shud also b abolished..for the yr 2007-12..dats all! "
Name: maryam
City, Country: Pakistan

"Wazir-e-ala Shahbaz Sharif sahib ney Engineering Key 529 Regular Students ki Hosla Afzay key liye Self Fanance Non Subsidized Schem Key 580 Students ka Mustaqbil cheen Liya.70 Aeker Arazi Par Mushtamil Gct College Sahiwal 71 Asatza ka zer-e-talim idara tamam dakhley sey Mehroom Talab ilmoon key liye Nihayat Basey Tashvish ho gia hai.Nihayat umda Khubsorat Amarat tamir Karney Ka maqsad sirf har sall 529 Talbilmoon ka istafada karna nahayat zulm hai.Jis main Bey Shumar Asatza Muqarar Kiey gaey hain Lakin Self fanance ko Kyon Khatam kar dia gia hai?Agarchey Achi Position ley kar Engineering ki Salhiat rakhney waley talbilam Ab private Adara main zabardast Fees Ada dar Key Dhakey Khaen gey Ya Phir Showrooms par Mechenical ki Training Hasal Karain gey.Agar is idara main sirf regular classess ka dakhla ho ga to Asatza ki tadad Adhi kar di jaey ya phir self fanance par pabandi foran utha di jaey Aur Self Fanace dobara jari kar diya jaey.Takey is Idara Main dakhley Key Umeedwar Apney Achey Mustaqbil Ki Umeed Rakh sakain Aur un key liye yeh idara tashvish ka baes na ban sakey ya Phir Non subsidized seatoon ko Regular main convert kar dia jaey aur is par fori amal kia jaey.Yeh Hamari Wazir-e-ala Sey request hai key Self fanance ka admission dobara Jari Kar Diya Jaey.Aur Meri is Email Ko Programme main Zaroor Shamil kia Jaey.... "
Name: Imran
City, Country: Sahiwal, Pakistan

PU moot on mental health
Lahore: Punjab University Centre for Clinical Psychology (PUCCP) will organise a 2-day International Conference on 'Impact of Global Violence on Mental Health, a Challenge for Mental Health Professionals' from June 27 - 28.

The inaugural ceremony will be held on June 27 at 9:30 am at Dr Pervaiz Hassan Environmental Law Centre's auditorium while the closing ceremony will be held at Al-Hamrah Hall No 2 on June 28.

The delegates from UK, USA, Canada, India and Malaysia besides all over Pakistan, including teachers, students and Mental Health Professionals will attend the conference. A panel discussion of professionals from related fields will discuss the said issue from the perspective of each profession including clinical psychology, psychiatry, social work, police, sociology, law, religion, representatives from electronic and print media and various NGO's will also be arranged during the conference. The Nation

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