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PMC Ahmadi expelled students may return if..

23 Ahmadi students 'expelled' for preaching religion: 'Students currently suspended, may return if proved innocent'
Lahore, June 09, 2008: The Punjab Medical College (PMC), Faisalabad, through a notification issued on June 6, rusticated twenty-three medical students belonging to the Ahmadi sect for distributing hate material in the college. The rustication was reported in various sections of newspapers on Friday, but a formal notice was issued later that day.

PMC Principal Asghar Ali Randhawa said that he had rusticated the students on the report of the disciplinary committee. He said that he had formed another committee to probe into the issue, and would accommodate the Ahmadi students if the committee found them innocent. Asked if the rustication was a clear message to Ahmadi students were no longer welcome in the college, he said that the students had been suspended, and the word rustication had been used to cool down the students who did not want Ahmadis in the college.

He said that the issue of Ahmadis was one of the most provocative in the world, and his first preference would be to save the lives of Ahmadi students. He said that people found guilty would be punished. He said that the administration would negotiate with both the groups to find a solution to the problem. He was hopeful that rusticated students would be allowed in the college after college vacations. According to the notification, the students, 15 girls and eight boys, were in their different years of MBBS. Five of the students were in their first year (4 girls, 1 boy), six in second year (4 girls, 2 boys), seven in third year (3 girls, 4 boys), one boy in fourth year and four girls in final year.

No entry for clerics: Health Additional Secretary Saeed Nawaz said that a meeting would be held with the PMC principal on the issue. He said that the department was sympathetic to Ahmadi students. He said that local cleric should not address students in college mosques. He said that the department would soon set up an inquiry committee to probe the entire incident. He said that the department would direct all the medical colleges across the province – through a letter – not to invite any cleric at any medical college mosque.

Preaching against Ahmadis: Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan Rabwah spokesman Saleemuddin alleged that the PMC hostel boarders and wardens launched a campaign against female Ahmadi students last month.

He alleged that some of the boarders brought four of the Ahmadi students out of their rooms in the midnight of June 4, and locked them in another room, where they were beaten up. He alleged that local cleric Allama Junaid, invited to the college mosque to give a sermon on the same night, instigated students against Ahmadis.

He alleged that the boarders, with the consent of hostel wardens, forced 15 students – 11 girls and five boys –to leave the hostels at 4am on June 4. He alleged that on June 5, a mob of 300 college students had barged into Ahmadi students' rooms, beat them and threw their luggage out of their rooms. He alleged that the boarders also stole valuables of Ahmadi students. He said that the PMC principal had also ordered the Ahmadi students to return home till the matter cooled down.

He said that the principal had also formed a disciplinary committee to probe into the matter, which, the spokesman alleged, gave its verdict to boot out 23 students without investigating the case. "The committee claimed to have rusticated the student under Rule iii, Clause-V, of the college prospectus," he said.

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"My fellow Countryman!!! It is not only sad but extremely unfortunate that a so called civilized society would do this kind of shameful act to expel students because of their religious back ground. If you cannot stand their arguments get some help from scholars rather than acting like coward people. No wonder Pakistani professional colleges have principals like Dr. Randhawa. As a matter of fact they deserve much bigger bigots and intellectually disgusting teachers and executives. Good luck, feel free to show your face to the rest of the world that how high are your moral, religious and ethical values. Could you imagine for one second that either Prophet Mohammad SAW or Allah subhana-wa-tala would be proud of your actions? Can you imagine if India, Europe, America or other non-Muslim countries use same logic and take same action toward Muslims? Wake up my fellow countrymen, unjust society could never prevail as a commendable society but a rough state. The wrath of Almighty Allah had taken cared many Frowns, Nimroods and other bullies of their time, don't try your luck please. It is sad, and sad. May Allah safeguard our country and our peaceful and just religion from the mischievous, ignorant people, either political or religious. "
Name: Rahman
City, Country: USA

"very good. i appriate this act from PMC. Naeem Bukhari (General Sect. ATi) PMC."
Name: Naeem Bukhari
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"Highly unjust decision. Ahmadi Studend faced the harrassment of the Jamiat students, beaten up and at the end expelled. NO justice."
Name: nasir
City, Country: Pakistan

"23 Medical Student expelled... I can not see any justice at any level of society in Pakistan..I think worse to come. My smpathies and prayers are with evictee students."
Name: Dr Karim Khan
City, Country: Australia

"this is disgraceful. to think that doctors...and mbbs students would be so prejudiced and inflict injury and harm in direct opposition to what is the expected medical ethical code of a physician! where are your brains? why listen to bigotted and illiterate *******....get over it."
Name: A. Hasan
City, Country: bay area, california

"You are absolutely right, the argument of Dr Randhawa being a professional Doctor that he has taken action to save Ahmadi Muslim Students from Jamiat *****, has incited and encourged the action of violence of 300 ***** against innocent Ahmadi female and male students who were draged from their hostels at 04:00am and subjected to assault and torture. instead he handover them to police he took shortcut to expell innocents because Ahmadis are taken as escape goat because of their nonpolitical and peaceful nature. It is shameful of the Principal he must resign and appologise for his biased and senseless decision making. he has tried to hide his failure behind the expulsion of innocents. I as a Co-Chairperson of HRRIF strongly condemn the cruel,inhuman and callous act. more shameful is for the Governor and Chief Minister of Punjab who made no statement in this regard because they share similar hate sentiments with Jamiat *****. how can you advocte for independence of judiciary and restoration of judges when you are dishonest in your deeds and intention. May God help save Pakistan and its people from such evil doers. HRRIF ."
Name: muzaffar mansoor
City, Country: London UK

"Before saying anything else there is onething i want to tell everyone reading my comment that i m my self an Ahmadi.... Niw the main issue of comments is not that its a religious war or anything else like that....... the main point is that those 23 ahmadis were gonna become dostors in future.... if those who r non-ahmadis are treating their collegues like that then how the hell can we expect that they will save lives of people...... This is totally insane and my personal thinking is that if we the Ahmadis want to gain knowledge, then no one can take this right from us.... and my last point is that everyone in this country has got a freedom of telling his religion to others... Allah Hafiz ."
Name: Hamid
City, Country: islamabad, Pakistan

"very very shamefull and unjustice... well we cant expect any thing good from our society... nobody have rights to do this with any religion... once again very very bad and shamefull..."
Name: Ayesha
City, Country: lahore pakistan

"What a shame! All this is done in the name of great religion, Islam which means peace and in a country which claims to be fighting war against injustice. A society which is so insensitive towards minority groups cannot survive for long. Its not me but a verdict given by all known sages of human history. I havent seen any known leader in Pakistan condeming this extreme injustice despite the fact that most of them are busy bringng justice to Pakistan. What a country!"
Name: Munawar
City, Country: Mississauga, Canada

"Students expelled in Pakistan because of their religion,' I am writing to protest the expulsion last week of 23 medical students from Pakistan's Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, only because they belonged to a minority religious group the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In a letter issued from the College Principal naming the 15 girls and 8 boys, a vague reason cited for expulsion was 'religious dispute' and distribution of 'hate material.' Nothing could be farther from the facts. Firstly, Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and worldwide are outstanding, peaceful, law-abiding citizens, who adhere to their motto "Love for All, Hatred for None." Secondly, religious outcry and hate propaganda were in point of fact waged against the Ahmadi students by a mob of extremist ******* called the '****** ****** * ******.' Ironically, in executing the expulsion, the Principal and Government-run medical college complied with demands from the clerics. I remind the honorable Principal that his college is a steward of the future of Pakistani medicine. This duty requires that he should rise above the cackle of the cleric and prevent religious bigotry from overrunning decisions made by the College. By denying innocent medical students the right to completing their education, solely based on their religious affiliation, Pakistan will continue to fall not only in the eyes of the global medical and scientific community but more importantly in the estimation of God. Thus for the sake of God, country, and the universal codes of medical practice that the college claims to uphold, I humbly request that Punjab Medical College rescind its decision to expel the Ahmadi students. its realy painful for every responsible citizen and this incidence is totally against islam and quran. EVERY RESPONSIBLE MAN SHOULD PROTEST AGAINST IT. i am just wandering how could such incident happen in medical college. ."
Name: usman
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"unfortunately Pakistan has lost their 23 doctors. this is """""NOT""""" a good idea to rusticate the ahhmadiyya students. their is no relegios independence in pakistan . i think this is a big loss of Pakistani nation that they have lost their 23 M BBS Doctors. it is shameful 4 principal of PMC. "
Name: maham
City, Country: sargodha, Pakistan

"There is no doubt that Non-Ahmadis can be better Muslims than us but those who conducted this shameful act should assess themselves first. Secondly, The religion we belong to teaches us peace love and forgiveness...We have long beards as Holy prophet PBUH had but having beards does not make us a good muslim...We follow Holy Prophet PBUH because he is the Best Example. similarly he is the best example in peace...forgiveness...tolerance. And most of us are not following those things...and we think that we are good muslims...the last thing i want to say is that ISLAM CANNOT BE PREACHED BY FORCE...IT HAS TO BE A PEACEFUL PROCESS!"
Name: Rafay Adeel
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"i was amongst the four tortured that night.they even brought a filthy tongued ****** to have a discussion that night when my mind literally was shutting down.10 days have passed and we havenot been reinstated fully. "
Name: syed hasan ahmad
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"I would like personally thank to managment of PMA for Recall the Ahmadies Students. we will never loos Dr. Abdul Salam and other great Scholars."
Name: Athar Latif
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

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A press release issued on Sunday stated that the PU team also won the team trophy in the Inter-Collegiate Mushaira Competition organised by Fatima Jinnah Medical College.

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PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran congratulated the position holders and their teachers. He said that there was a lot of talent in PU students and the only need was to polish them. He said the varsity administration had adopted a policy to select students on merit to prepare them for various contests. He asked the students to participate in intra-university co-curricular activities starting from today (Monday) so that talented students would be selected for competitions at the national and international level. Daily Times

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