PMC Ahmedi students expulsion withdrawn

Faisalabad, June 11, 2008: The Punjab Medical College administration has withdrawn its decision of rusticating 23 Ahmedi students on charges of preaching their faith on the campus and converted their 'sentence' into a two-week suspension.

Official sources said the expulsion order, issued on June 5, had been withdrawn following a meeting reportedly chaired by provincial health secretary Anwar Ahmed and attended by PMC principal Dr Asghar Ali Randhawa, city police chief DIG Mohammad Aslam Tareen and others.

Sources said members of the academic council were also called by the secretary, who told him that the expulsion decision was taken on a large number of students' plaints. Quoting students, they said four Ahmadi students had removed posters announcing a religious gathering from the campus walls on the June 4 night.

Following the incident, hundreds of students boycotted classes on June 5 and staged a demonstration.

Regarding the withdrawal of the earlier decision, the PMC principal issued a statement to the media in which he said that "students have been suspended on the basis of Rule 3 (iv) of the college prospectus."

The rule reads: "A student may be suspended form the university/college rolls for a period not exceeding two weeks . by the vice chancellor/principal of the university/college, pending enquiry into the misconduct of the student."

The order issued earlier by the administration on June 5 said: "Due to the religious dispute, hate material distribution and on the recommendation of the college disciplinary committee, following students are rusticated from the college as well as hostel rolls under Rule-III clause-V of the college prospectus with immediate effect to maintain the law and order situation in the college and hostel premises. "

Sources said a high-level committee had been constituted to conduct a fresh probe into the matter. Dawn

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"The decision should be made against the Islami Jamiat Talba, the ********* organization. The can do what the heck they want, even **** other students like they did in Agriculture University, but no one asks them?"
Name: Abuabdullah
City, Country: USA

"It's really shameful and actually disgusting that there is no religious freedom in the country which was created with a slogan of religious freedom and tolerance. Western Nations are far better then this nation (Pakistan) which has been held hostage by illiterate evil minded ****** and his ignorant followers. People flourish in western countries not only materially but spiritually without any fear of anybody. Pakistanis have truly forgotten the true spirit of Islam."
Name: Virk
City, Country: USA



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