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PMDC amends rules: 60pc in FSc must for doctors

PMDC amends rules: 60pc in FSc must for doctors to start practicing
Islamabad, June 23, 2008: In a big move towards creating a better qualified medical/dental workforce at home, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) is currently amending rules to set minimum standards for practicing medicine, surgery or dentistry in Pakistan.

Under the new rules, a MBBS or BDS degree holder with less than 60 percent marks in FSc (pre-medical) will be denied practicing in Pakistan, PMDC officials have said.

Currently, anyone with less than 60 percent marks in FSc can get admission in a local or foreign private medical or dental college after paying heavy fees. Students of registered Pakistani institutes get themselves enrolled with the PMDC before starting practicing, while graduates from foreign medical or dental colleges have to pass a National Education Board (NEB) examination for this purpose.

To improve quality, the PMDC had decided to make it binding on all Pakistani students to score at least 60 percent marks in FSc for starting practicing as doctors at home, they said.

This condition would be applied on those FSc students who would pass out in 2008 and afterwards, they said.

"The students, admitted to foreign or local medical/dental colleges after 2007 with less than 60 percent marks in the FSc (pre-medical) or equivalent qualification, will not be allowed to appear in the NEB examination," said a senior PMDC official.

He said some students could not qualify for local medical colleges and obtained medical/dental degrees from abroad. This practice, he said, was gap in the merit system and it should be plugged.

Students from those medical colleges where medium of teaching was not English would have to pass IELTS or TOEFL examinations with minimum 6.0 band, he said.

The students, he said, would have to pass registration/equivalence examination to get entitlement to a provisional registration by the PMDC.

The registration examination would be conducted twice a year, he said. Under the rules, the candidates, who had acquired standard post graduation qualification such as MRCP, FRCS diplomas or fellowship from American Board would be eligible for registration in Pakistan without NEB examination.

The PMDC had planned to offer Rs 25,000 per examination to chief coordinator of the programme, Rs 20,000 to the co-ordinator and Rs 15,000 to controller of examination while professors would get Rs 2,500 per day, associate professors Rs 2,000, assistant professor Rs 1,700, postgraduate trainees Rs 1,000 and PMDC staff would get 50 percent of their basic pay.

Your Comments
"sir please dont do this to medical students a person whose marks are less than 60% in FSc must be eligible for test if he have passed MBBS in first division because main thing is MBBS.i m one of them please dont destroy our future."
Name: haseeb arshad
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"sir if i got less than 60% marks in FSc and do MBBS from china and than FRCS or MRCP or fellowship from american board am i eligible to do practice in Pakistan."
Name: haseeb arshad
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"what to say about 60% marks, initially there were quakes, now every chemist in country is prescribing and injecting medicines. pl. do something."
Name: mursalin
City, Country: karachi, Pakistan

"i have cleared my 1st year of MD from kyrgyzstan in the june 2008 while in Fsc i have got 59 percent marks please tell me that will PMDC accept me or not?. thank you ."
Name: habib
City, Country: Pakistan

"to Mr.habib, well! the rule about marks in fsc is that after july 2007 evry student who want to take admn in MBBS , BDS must have atleast 60% marks in fsc.there will be no effect to the students who took admn befor jul look at your date of admn and confirm yourself."
Name: Dr.Alam
City, Country: peshawar, Pakistan

"Dear sir, i,m studing in osh city ,i want to take admission in specilaization here and the duration is 3 year ,so please tell me that it will be accepted by pmdc or not.thanks."
Name: Dr awal khan
City, Country: kyrgystan osh

"Hi, dear sir,i got degree from osh this year, i have listen that to enter the pmdc exam IELETS is must for forign students .so please tell me what will be the rule,s for me,i must give the IELETS first or not although i have study in english medium here.thank,s."
Name: Dr iqbal
City, Country: kyrgystan osh

"To Dr.Awal khan & Dr.iqbal,,,, regarding foreign medical education, pmdc made some new rules which you can find on the pmdc web by the name of (pmdc regulation 2007).it is stated that after 2007,every student should ask pmdc for the fermition to go abroad for MBBS or master degree. so if u wanna do master,need pmdc fermition.about IELETS, there is no such regulation for FMG, up to now."
Name: Dr.Alam
City, Country: pesh, Pakistan

"HI,dear sir,please tell me that IELTS is compulsurry for forign students this year appearing in pmdc ?or it is not necessary for the student,s studied in english medium or this rules is for all .or there is no such rules."
Name: Dr awalkhan
City, Country: swat, Pakistan

"this pmdc rule is not good for less than 60% students.if v got good marks in mbbs they have to give degree of pmdc."
Name: ammad
City, Country: Pakistan

"Aslam o alikum Dr Alam ,, i am student of mbbs studing in china , i passed fsc pre-medical exam in june 2007 with 59.5% marks as in 652 marks , and took admission here in china in september 2007 , plzz can u tel me what should i expect when i come to pakistan will pmdc allow me to appear in examination or not ?"
City, Country: jilin city,china

"Dear Sir, Please help me. I have completed my DHMS 2 yrs ago and now i want to do MD from kyrgyzstan. What will be the criteria to register with PMDC. I am DHMS with SSC in arts and FA. Will PDMS allow me to register for practise on the bases of my MD and DHMS ?"
Name: Kashif
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"Dear BURAQ MIR! the rule about 60%marks in fsc published on pmdc web , in july 2007. so there is alittlebit confusion about the time of implementaion of this rule. as i know the rule is from july onward. my suggetion will be that its better to improve your fsc marks rather than any other option. you have the apportunity if you still have the chance of improvment in fsc. you can also contact pmdc or call to know about the exact matter."
Name: Dr. alam
City, Country: peshawer, Pakistan

"PLZ HELP ME.. i just got admission in 2008 in MBBS (CHINA) my marks are less than 60%.if i shall do specialization also from china will PMDC register me or not. as they said in above rules that there is exemption of test after specialization."
Name: Sania Khan
City, Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

"PLZ HELP ME.. i just got admission in 2008 in MBBS (KRGYZSTAN) my marks are less than 60%.if i shall do specialization also from KRYZSTAN will PMDC register me or not. as they said in above rules that there is exemption of test after specialization."
Name: Muhammad adnan
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"i want to know every student who have clear out from some foreigner medical college after and their marks are more or less then 60% in both conditons the student have to give Neb before practice."
Name: Hassan
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"I did my Fsc from LHR Board securing 56% Marks in 2003 and Later I did B.Sc MLT From Sheikh zayed Medical Complex securing 64 % marks in 2007. Now I want to do MD from foreign country. Wld I be eligible to practice here in pakistan after doing MD???? Plz help me as i have great interest in medical practice."
Name: Rehan Khalid
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"I get the marks in F.SC is 50% Now I want to do MBBS Kazakhstan Will PMDC register me or not."
Name: Muhammad Khalid
City, Country: Kamalia, Pakistan

"could anyone plz guide me about the liscense exm for pakistan,,i am studying in china and i came here with 70% marks in i am in final year so i want to know the formalities to do internship in pakistan..thanks looking for ur reply."
Name: amna
City, Country: LAHORE, Pakistan

"Sir,i got 59% no. in fsc 2008.i want to get admission in russia for mbbs.after it can i registered by pmdc.plz inform me. "
Name: Majid Sharif
City, Country: Mian Channu, Pakistan

"ihave passed fsc exams with 74% iwant to be adoctor but can not afford private colleges fee what should i do imwaiting for your reply ."
City, Country: rwp, Pakistan

"respected sir i m the student of medicine in china(jiangsu university) i was admitted in march2008 and also we are studying in chinese . sir u mentioned about new rules for 2008 students e.g toefl etc are also applied on our batch or not please give reply soon we will be thankful to you ALLAH HAFIZ."
Name: afsar khan
City, Country: zhenjiang, china

Name: shafi ullah khan

"Respected Dr.. i need to know that i am a final yr medical student in ukarine and my university is recognised by WHO..i have equailent Fsc certificate..may i know that am i eligible for PMDC exam .do i have to give NEB exam aswell? Regards."
Name: Nadia
City, Country: Lahore,PAKISTAN

"please see (regulation 2008 for registration) on pmdc web site hope it clears all of ur doubts. thanks! "
Name: Dr alam
City, Country: pesh,PAKISTAN

"SALAM RESPICTABLE Docters i have a question that those students who have pass Fsc in 2008 in less than 60% he is allowed to NEB and those who have pass in 2007 less than 60% he is not allowed i think its not good because they are spending a lot of mony and time and if you didnt allowed them what will be there feeling may be because of some problem he tack less than 60% and he got good position in MBBS and if he can pass NEB exam then whats the problem if you didnt allowed them there future will be very dark so please please please save there future they all will be very thankful to you for this kindness please do some thing for this problem thank you "
Name: amjad anwar
City, Country: pesh,PAKISTAN

"i wanna ask about dat NEB test.actually m doing mbbs from china i scored 74%marks in m in 2nd year of mbbs,sir i have heard dat along vid dat NEB v have to give an oral exam it right.please inform me.thanks "
Name: iram
City, Country: rawalpindi, PAKISTAN

" this compulsary for those students who take degree of mbbs from abroad to take 60pc marks in fsc?can u registered that guy who has less than 60pc marks?please tell me.thanks."
Name: danish
City, Country: islamabad, PAKISTAN

"salam... i am very thank ful to you if you guide about me my recent problems as above mention that it is necessory to get 60% marks in FSC after 2007 as this rule is also applied on those students who got admission in medical college before 2007 plz sir kindly help me thanks "
Name: asghar
City, Country: sialkot, PAKISTAN

"Hi, students the rule of less than 60% marks is a ******* rule. And the pmdc is not a council it is just a market u can get the registration with money. The officials of the pmdc dont have mind like thing. They think with their foots. ******. "
Name: Ali
City, Country: PAKISTAN

"salam.. i have cleared my FSC in 2007 but marks is less 60 pc and i am studying in china from 2008 .plz tell me that am i elligible for PMDC or not "
Name: ezhar
City, Country: quetta, PAKISTAN

"i m da student of DUHS sir i wana ask dat those students of our uni who r fail in their supply exams of any semester vil dey repeat their whole year our VC said dis sir dis is nt da way bcoz in semester system v hav only half syllabus of subject mean few chapters 4 dis v vil waste our whole year kindly sir do sum thing 4 us 2 save our whole year pls make sum new rule coz annual system is an old rule pls promote us 2 new classes nd vil take our fail sbjects exams wid junior batches sir pls do sumthyng coz its da matter of our future take action soon "
Name: eiza
City, Country: karachi, PAKISTAN

"Plz let me know the procedure for doing internship in Pakistani teaching hospitals ,after completing 4 years of MBBS study in China. And also tell me that if it is true to get through NEB exam after paying some money. Thats what the rumours around us say.Thanx...........with regards "
Name: Aslam Shahid
City, Country: China

"Please tell me that i have less than 60% marks in FSC and i m now studying in china doing MBBS and my uni is not illegible to teach in english medium and i will get the degree in chinese medium .. so tell me , i m illegible for PMDC exam ? or after specialition? and is ILETS is compulsury for me? plzz sir answer me. thanks "
Name: HAssan
City, Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"i have goted 58%marks in fsc in 2009 i goted admission in china for mbbs.plz tell me can pmdc accept me or am i eligable for neb test.if not then what is the right way for us(like me kind of students).plz ans me "
Name: shafi
City, Country: peshawar, Pakistan

"the rule of pmdc is good. i request the officers of pmdc pzl change this rule because due to this rule the future of many students will be destroy. big country has no rule like pakistan plz change yhis rule. EVERY STUDENT WHICH PASS THE FC ALLOW TO MBBS PLZ "
Name: usman
City, Country: lahore, Pakistan

"why you must ask about the english medium the main thing is knowledge if the person know the this is main thing this is the new bussiness TOEFL and IELTS if i know english why i must have the diploma of TOEFL and IELTS its not good dicession get tourn off ok .this is not game this is a life "
Name: KHAN
City, Country: kyrgizsatn

"if i got less than 60% marks in FSc and do MBBS from china and than FRCS or MRCP or fellowship from american board am i eligible to do practice in Pakistan "
Name: azim gilani
City, Country: d.g.khan, Pakistan

Name: ammar
City, Country: m.b.din, Pakistan

"kindly guide me about P.M.D.C. Test, its total procedure AND other things. im 4th year student in SHENYANG MEDICAL COLLEGE, CHINA. THANKS ALOT. WAITING 4 UR FAVOUR. 80% in FSC."
Name: Arslan Babar

"Sir, when is NEB exam in fall 2009.I m unable to find it on the website. Thanks"
Name: Arslan Babarayesha butt
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"i want to know that i pass fsc in the 57 percent my first year study in china can i give pmdc exam or also tell me another way how i appear in pmdc exam"
City, Country:chinsa

"Aslam o alikum, i am student of mbbs studing in china,i passed fsc pre-medical exam in 2006 with 57% marks,and took admission here in china in september 2006,plzz can u tel me what should i expect when i come to pakistan will pmdc allow me to appear in examination or not ?"
Name: shah
City, Country: suzhou,china

"i am a russion citezn .i finshed the medical course in 2008 .can i have prectiec in pakisatn i aslo know bad urdu languege .and whats the rule of pmdc.i wait your answer.thanx "
Name: Ashyrbaev Chynarbek
City, Country: RUSSIA

"please i am study in kyrgyzstan now i am in 3rd year but my marks are 55percent i passed FSC 2007 and admission in 2007 please inform me CAN I APPEAR TO EXAM OR NOT THANKS"
Name: ahmed ali khan
City, Country: nwfp

"i want to know that about the exam of pmdc and i wnat to know the procedure of exam and what should we study from bigning i am studing 4 semister and i want to know the rule from bigning is that possible we should focuse on which subject which is so importan i will be so thanks full to you"
Name: naseebullah achakzai
City, Country: pakistan quetta chaman

City, Country:LAHORE

"Aslam u alikum dear i got 56 percent marks in fsc. now i m becoming a docter in china. your decision about pmdc to get 60 percent marks in fsc is absolutely right but if a person with less then 60% marks may be more good docter then above the 60% marks.So please give one chance of pmdc exam to all of those students who got less then 60% marks.please please please."
Name: saba
City, Country:LAHORE

"dear i have got 75% in can i take admission in china or any other country. n will pmdc accept it?"
Name: ----
Email: --
City, Country:lahore

"respected ! im the student of mbbs i have less then 60percent marks an i have got the addmission before the july 2007 but my session was satrt in september 2007 i requested to u the students have less then 60percent an taken the addmission before ur announcement plz get them a chance in pmdc . an dont spoile their future plz"
Name: sara
City, Country: islambad,pakisatn

Name: muhammad farooq
City, Country: pakistan

"i did not get 60 percent marks in fsc but if i do mbbs from abroad and get american fellowship can i do practiz in pk?kindly inform me."
Name: rabia
City, Country: pakistan

"i got 57 percent marks in fsc and i want to to do my post graduation from china can i practise in pakistan?please inform me respected .anxiously waiting for ur reply as i have to join mbbs in August."
Name: pagal
City, Country:Karachi

"please give me information that i got 55%in fsc in 2007. but i came in china for mbbs in 2008 sir hat about me??pmdc recognize me or not for test.? please tell me what i do now?"
Name: mehwish
City, Country:sialkot

i got 59percent marks in fsc in 2002 and now i have finished MD from ukraine so can i gave test for pmdc in session november?reply must sir...bcz i m going to take forms for registration in pmdc"
Name: syed fawad ahmad
City, Country:peshawar ,pakistan

According to my point of view the students who cant get 60% marks in Fsc how can they get good percentage in Medicine as we all know that medicine is far more difficult as compared to Fsc.So keeping in view the respect of this Holy profession i suggest PMDC to increase this percentage to 70% in order to increase the standard of this profession."
Name: Zohaib
City, Country:Gojra,Pakistan

AOA i want to know about PMDC test pattern is it oral too?i want to know the procedure of exam?"
Name: Sarita
City, Country:Lahore,Pakistan

"its not fair student who got less than 60 percent marks may be able to clear mbbs with first divisions please sir im one of them and i want to take admission in any medical college of pakistan... please sir suggest me"
Name: anam
City, Country:faisalabad

"respected students who pass fsc exam before 2007 and having less then 60 percent marks but get add in 2008 r 2009 can give pmdc exam r not"
Name: khalid
City, Country:ryk

"a.a aslamo alaikum sir if some one have 59.9 percent in fsc then he will be elligible or not for pmdc?? plaese reply me"
Name: junaid shah
City, Country:pakistan

"anyone who got who got marks less than 60percent are not able to sit in pmdc don,t destroy ur future.if you have problem contact me"
Name: saleem
City, Country:pakistan

"Hi,marks r not a criteria to judge an individual.I got 80 percent in F.Sc by cramming.PM&DC is a ******* ********* ********* org to pass these ass ***** *****.If a sudent passes the PM&DC,whats the problem.we need doctors to work in our villages and suburbs give them liscence **** u PM&DC"
City, Country: Pakistan

"kindly guide me that can i get admission in mbbs in china or russia plz reply?"
Name: khaqan
City, Country:bhakkar

"aos i have heard about some new rules of pmdc that foreign students have to give some oral exam along with objective and short subjective exams in order to get pmdc registration... i checked on pmdc site also but i dint find any info about this can u please tell me about this new rule..can u please tell me about this rule "
Name: iram
City, Country:rawalpindi pakistan

"will pmdc allow a student to sit in his test when a student have less than 60percent marks and done his mbbs from foreign college registered from pmdc?"
Name: adil abbas
City, Country:sargodha,pakistan

"HY i got 55 percentage in fsc(pre medical. i want to take admission in mbbs in china so, plz can u tell me what should i expect when i come to pakistan will pmdc allow me to appear in examination test or not? i really thank ful to u...."
City, Country: gujranwala,pakistan

"plz inform us when next NEB exam will be held?thanks"
Name: Dr Munawar Hussain Ayyaz
City, Country: hfd pakistan

"Aslam-o-alaykum My daughter is MBBS student in china.She in 2nd year.Her marks in Fsc are 59%.If she gets FRCS diplomacan she register with PMDC."
Name: zafar ghummun
City, Country:sialkot

"i have diploma in dhms then plz tell me that i take admition in mbbs"
Name: shoaib
City, Country:pakistan jhang

"aoa hi sar i have got 75percent in fsc nw i am in china 2009 batch tell sar about ielts is also held at us n if i got FRCS DIploma thn can i job in pak"
Name: amar rai
City, Country:multan

"Aslam!!alaikum i am student of 2nd year md in kyrgyzstan my marks of fsc 60% below plz tell me what i do now can i got a diplome of A level frm here in parallel to md plz tell me"
Name: drzeeshan noor
City, Country:muzzafargarh pakistan

"My dear doctors,if u get admission abord after july 2007 than plz note that candidate who has acquired admission after 2007 into a foreign medical school with less than 60% marks in F.Sc premedical or equivalent qualification shall not be entertained for NEB Examination under any circumstances. (Refrences from If you have anymore question plz contact at my e.mail address. Talib dua"
Name: Dr. Zakriya Balouch
City, Country:Bhakkar

"please tell me if some one has passed fsc before 2007 and didnt get 60percent marks ,but further he has done bsc 4years degree with 60 prcnt marks .so can this fellow eligible for mbbs in china or abroad on the basis of bsc marks.what did pmdc say about that."
Name: asif
City, Country: islamabad

"respected, a.o.a i am going china for mbbs this spring,can i do job in pakistan after mbbs from china?"
Name: ali
City, Country:bahawalpur,pakistan

"please you people guide me about getting admission in M D after d v m degree"
Name: dr.tayyab
City, Country:rawalpindi

"With due respect, my wife reside with me in Pakistan since 1999 and qualified Dr currently having Pakistan origen card.what is the current rule for registration as we apply so many time but with no positive respons."
Name: Dr Hamid Gul
City, Country:Peshawar

"hi...i am studying in china .i have got 80pecent marks in fsc but some financial prblm i not take admisiion in what abut pmdc i am very worried abut it plzzzz guide me.."
Name: tayyaba
City, Country:lahore pakistan

"i have done fsc. i had get 50% marks in fsc.plz infrom me abt requirments. thanku .."
Name: fareed
City, Country:sialkot pakistan

"please do inform me as early as possible........ my life will be destroy i have less than 60%marks in f.s.c, and now i am in 2nd year o m.b.b.s, would i be able for any private or government job in Pakistan? would i be able for p.m.d.c exam ?"
Name: anam
City, Country:islamabad, pakistan

"will you please inform me, abut p.m.d.c registration. i am doing m.b.b.s from china, and now i am in second year, i have less than 60% marks in f.s.c, now i want to ask you, will Pakistan government will accept me as a doctor?? will i be able for p.m.d.c exam??? can i do any private or government job in Pakistan?"
Name: anam
City, Country:islamabad, pakistan

"i want to know the latest criteria about pmdc exam for students who have done mbbs from china...plz let me know about pmdc exam.thankyou"
Name: memoona
City, Country:islamabad

"I am doing mbbs in china.But my marks in fsc are less than 60percent.So what should I do to get job as a doctor in Pakistan. what should I do?"
Name: Mudasir Ramzan
City, Country:lodhran,pakistan

"salam kom. with most respect i want to know about (PMDC)oral exam.if its involve plz replay me on my yahoo.if any other person know about this information just tell me i will be very thankfull.DRs replay other students"
Name: khan
City, Country:swat pakistan

"salaam, with respect i need to know about doing internship in pakistan govt teaching institute,.. and is DHQ dera ghazi khan hosp recognise from pmdc to internship there,.. plz some info as quickly as possible,.. lots of dua"
Name: dr.yaqoob
City, Country: lahore pakistan

"please dont worry yu all students i can give yu all good information so if any one get information then contact with me"
Name: doctor raiammar
City, Country: china hunan

"Help Please: I m student of 1st year PM. I have passed my Matric Exam with 82% marks. I have just taken the exam of HSSC 1 and im not satisfied with my papers... Now i want to repeat the 1st year , but i want to know that that will it effect my my marks later in the entry test some people say that 10 marks are deducted if u have 1 year gap between SSC and HSSC.... KINDLY GUIDE ME PLZ.."
Name: Waseem Ahmed Khan
City, Country:Peshawar , Pakistan

"Hi Good Evening : I Raja Ali Hassan a Student in Semey state medical university kazakhstan. I completed 5th course M.D(M.B.B.S). I want to migrate to the University of china which are recognized by PMDC(pakistan medical & dental council). If you can migrate me from semey state medical University kazakhstan to the any medical university of China which is recognized by PMDC please Open my case . In any case please email me back My Email: My Mobile"
Name: Raja Ali Hassan
City, Country:Sahiwal Pakistan

"i have done my fsc with 58% marks in 2005.Now i am doing BHMS five year degree . after it i want to go to china for mbbs.Would registered me as docter."
Name: Waheed
City, Country:Bahawalpur, pakistan

"dear salam..sir if someone complete mbbs from chinese uni which is nt register frm pmdc.nd he wanna do his internship n sir can pmdc allow him n pak for internship...sir can u give some information...i will be very thankful..."
Name: hassan
City, Country:swabi

"Assalam/W sir i have got 52% marks in fsc and i got admission in 2008 MD what i will do now plzzzzzzzzz sir give chance for those students who hive got less then 60% marks plzzzzzzzzzzz this our future"
Name: sajid
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"Salam.Dear Sir I finished my M.D from Kyrgyzstan but did not participate in PMDC exam.May i have private practice under a Registered doctor plz guide me."
Name: Asim
City, Country: Faisalabad,pakistan

"sir! i have done my fsc with 49.9% in june 2007.then i got addmission in russia december 2007. plz can u tell me what should i expect when i come to pakistan will pmdc allow me to appear in examination test or not? i really thank ful to u...."sir plz reply me ("
Name: huma malik
City, Country: sahiwal,pakistan

"dears student the rule is rule"
Name: adnan
City, Country: pakistan

"dear sir, i am studing in kyrgyzstan i took admission in kyrgyzstan medical academy in 01/11/ marks are less than60%.can i give the exam of pmdc when i take the degree?"
Name: ihsan
City, Country:kpk.pakistan

"PLZ HELP ME.. i just got admission in ukraine my marks are less than 60%.if i shall do specialization also from ukraine will PMDC register me or not. as they said in above rules that there is exemption of test after specialization." or tell me an other way?"
Name: aakash
City, Country:lahore

"hi dear freinds can any one help me? i have been graduated from afghanistan and my mother is form pakistan and we live here. i want to live in my moms mother land and get pmdc, can i get that?"
Name: dr.shakib
City, Country:afghanistan

"Is there any way a student can give the PMDC test after post graduation from foreign country .. what we will do if our own country is not willing to accept us , where we can go .. PMDC should do something for those students with less 60% already studying MBBS in foreign countries ..they (pmdc) should do something form current students with less than 60% .. please dont ruin our carriers"
Name: mohsinali
City, Country: lahore , Pakistan

"slam .. sir, i have passed from premedical in 2005. in 2007 i came here in georgia. i didnt knw the rules . m gona finish in june 2014 . i have gt 56 % in fsc .. vil i have any problum ?"
Name: zeeshan ashad
City, Country: tbilisi georgia

"sir please change the rules of pmdc and i will want to that,pleaze coprate that studant presently 60% marks less than we want to mbbs plz any one resons create u for lesthan 60% m in fsc from ali khan kamrannn"
Name: kamrankhan
City, Country: kpk swabi pakistan

"Dear docters !!! Guys just chill .. Pakistan ma widout dgree log practice aur clinic chala ray hn tu tum log tu phr dgree lu gy y u giys so much take tnsn?? Specially students from china!! Chill doston . Yahn koe scne nhi tensn ka sakoon sa dgree kru specialization kru . U should cnfidnt . Khud oa bhrosa rkhu . Dyny wali khuda ki zaat hai .its reali hurting sm guys sayn their lifes goin to destroy..dts reali nt good trust in god Em also doin bds from china ..anybudy wana help em there"
Name: Talha
City, Country: Lahore,Pakistan

"Assalam walekom dear sir, I hve got 53% marks n FSC n 2007 & i got admisn n 2008.PMDC wil allow me for exam? plz sir reply me must.your obediently Pakistani Anisa khan."
Name: Anisa khan
City, Country:peshawar

"sir i took the admission on 01.10.2007 in midical universty kyrgyzstan my marks is less than 60% can i appear the pmdc examination.i am waiting for ur answer"
Name: ihs
City, Country:pakistan swat

"Salam Sir l see u Comments on M B B S 60 % Mark My Mark is 58 % in F.SC if l get Admission in Chain or any other country medical colleges at last when l pass 4 yeasr when l come pakistan can PMDC allowed to open private Hospital Please help me I Want to Be Doctor Please tell me Have any sloution of this Problem In Those Days u are open hospital or finsih as soon as plz reply l am wait for u reply Thax"
Name: Junaid
City, Country:Haripur Pakistan

"i took admission in october 2007 in foreign country.Fsc i have got 59 percent marks please tell me that will PMDC accept me or not?. thank you ."
Name: khanadan
City, Country:pakistan swat

"hello i am mbbs student and i want to know about NOC for 2008 batch.becoz i heard that we must had NOC to ap[ply for pmdc test. and also want to know about the criteria that less than 60% marks are qualified for eximination .please help me out i need this information."
Name: madiha
City, Country: shanghai;china


"sir tell me i got admission in china in mbbs my marks in and with study of frcs frcp or mrcp.when i shall come to pakistan.that i eligible of pmdc exams plzzzzzzz reply"
Name: rizwan
City, Country: nankana sahib,pakistan

"Dear sir, tell me the rules of internship in pakistan for those foreign students who got admission in september 2012"
Name: Abdul wahid
City, Country: Faisalabad, pakistan

"sir i am patient of p r bleding.during exam i was admit in that is why my fsc marks is below then 60 percent.i want to take admission in mbbs can i take please help me"
Name: m nohman
City, Country:abbottabad pak

"please give me information that i got 57%in fsc in 2013. but now me going to russia for MBBS sir can pmdc recognize me or not for test.? please tell me what i do now?"
Name: Furqan
City, Country:Azad Kashmir

""sir if i got less than 60% marks in FSc and do MBBS from china.can i eligible to do practice in Pakistan, and i want to know about NOC for 2008 batch.becoz i heard that we must had NOC to ap[ply for pmdc test. and also want to know about the criteria that less than 60% marks are qualified for eximination .please help me out i need this information."
Name: nazish
City, Country:pakistan

""salam sir. i am student of final year plz sir send me information about medicle in china and is it must i mean pmdc test plz send me complete information about pmdc test."
Name: Dr shahsaud khan
City, Country:peshawar pakistan

"assalam o alikum sir i m doing mbbs from kyrgyzstan and my marks in fsc are 59% can u guide me what should i do for getting eligibility for pmdc test"
Name: amina alvi
City, Country:kyrgyzstan

"respected Sir or Dear fellows plz answer me, i got 656 marks in FSc in 2008 that is 59.63%, i want to know am i eligible to sit in PMDC?"
Name: abbas
City, Country:narowal, pakistan

"I heard that in Afghanistan students who study arts subjects in 11 and 12 grade , they can take admission in MBBS, is it true?"
Name: hamna
City, Country: Pakistan

"sir mery second davision ha aur ma china sy mbbs kr raha hn kia ma pakistan ma intership kr skta hn ya nh ap ke jwb ka intzar ho ga plz raply me ager kise dost ko malomat ha to wo bta de thank you allah hafiz"
Name: saifullah
City, Country: layyah pakistan

"sir, i have passed D.h.m.s and also have bsc homeopathy equivalency, i wnat to do mbbs is that possible to do it in pak?"
Name: dr usman ali
City, Country: multan

"salam sir, i have done fsc medical lab technology from federal board. am i eligible for BDS.i am intreasting to study BDS. I have not studied fsc subjects i.e biology ,chemistry,physics instead of these subject i have studied anatomy physioloy biochemistry microbiology serology clinical pathology.what should i do. plz give me the directions. thanks"
Name: ibrar younas
City, Country: peshawar,pakistan

"Dear sir If i have failed my etea test in my own city and when i get admission in Private medical college eg PEshawar medical college or Rmi so after graduation will i must Pass the PMdc exam to start practicing here ?"
Name: Khan
City, Country: Lahore,pakistan

"Sir, I have done my FSc in 2009 with 57% marks. Now I have listen about rule of 60%marks rule about PMDC examination . Now I am worried about my future sir please guide me what I do?Now I have mbbs degree sir what can I do"
Name: adnan
City, Country:lodhran

"can I get admission in any of the best medical universities in china for B.D.S with 50% marks in F.SC pre medical.Please tell me."
Name: Sayeda Farah
City, Country:rawalpindi pakistan

"sir, i did my MBBS from china and now i am doing postgraduation, after my post graduation wht is criteria of pmdc for me and wht i need to gv exam , plz reply me."
Name: iftikhar
City, Country:bhakkar ,pakistan

"Assalam sir i did my fSc wid 58% marks can i sit in NEB exam or not tell me the procedure what i will do next plz guide me..."
Name: Arsalan
City, Country:Peshawar Pakistan

"this rule should change in fsc you are only 17 or 18. someone who qualifies the test should be allowed to practice."
Name: narjis malik
City, Country:lahore, pakistan

"I did fsc in 1992 and got 59 percent marks bur got admission in mbbs in china in 2011-2012, am I eligible to appear in the pmdc exam because the rule was made in 2007???"
Name: Tariq
City, Country: pakistan

"hello sir, i go admission in china in 2010 but i do not have first division, can you tell me the procedure for appaer in NEB EXAM, plz sir i am waiting for your reply"
Name: MAlik
City, Country: Hubei china

"sir if some one who passed 1st year exam of mbbs in china and wants to migrate to private colleges in pakistan ,its possible or not...if its possible then what rules should be obye by him...please guaide..."
Name: M saeed
City, Country: ganzhou,china.

"sir if i got above 60% in can i apply for pmdc test, what percentage is require for PMDC test, sir plz guide me"
Name: farhan fazal
City, Country: lahore pakistan

"Sir i passed below then 60 pc in 2008 now i am the student of md at afganistan i am elegible for pm & dc and NEB exam or not pleas inform me"
Name: Hazrat siddiq
City, Country: mardan, pakistan

"Sir i got 58% in fsc exam from balochistan board can i apply for mbbs in pakisatn ?"
Name: Azrahanif
City, Country: quetta, balochistan

"I want to know what if I get 80% marks in Fs.c and go to abroad for mbbs will this be harmful for me after the completion of mbbs Thank u?"
Name: Muhammad Ahmed
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"I want to know that i pass fsc in the 57 percent marks. Now my first year study in china can i give pmdc exam or also tell me another way how i appear in pmdc exam" Name: habib rahman?"
Name: Habib rahman
City, Country: Quetta, Baluchistan

"I have got 70 % marks in FSc. Can i take part in PMDC exam?"
Name: Ahmad hashmi
City, Country: jingzhou , hubei , china

"Sir if i got less than 60% marks in FSc and do MBBS from china am i eligible to do practice in Pakistan. Tell me another way how i appear in pmdc exam."
"Sir i have done fsc but my age is 55.9 if i take admission in bsc after completion bsc can i take admission in mbbs in pakistan?"
Name: Hussain Ali
City, Country: karachi, pakistan

"Hello sir, i complete my fsc with 54% in 2009 and now i am final year MBBS student in china, what is the procedure for giving NEB exam or open Private hospital with out NEB EXAM? Please kindly help me sir, i am worry about it, plz sir i am waiting for your reply?"
Name: Dr MAlik
City, Country: jingzhou hubei, China

"Hello sir, i have completed my MBBS from china but i have 54% mark in fsc, can i give NEB exam? bc i heard that PMDC had gived relief those student who done fsc in 2010 or in 2009? Plz sir answer me?"
Name: Dr javed
City, Country: China

"Sir my brother as taken in fsc exam 649 marks can he is egligible for pmdc?"
Name: Nisar ahmed
Email: sahibzadanisarkakar88@YAHOO.COM
City, Country: Quetta, Pakistan

"AoA dear sir i am MD student in kyrgyzstan. Now i am in 2nd year. I have below 60% marks in FSC. BUT i am also have admission in A LEVEL. My A LEVEL complete in june 2015. After having degree of MD i egligibe for PMDC or not. Plz sir tell me i am very confused and having stress about my future. Plz sir tell me what i do.?"
Name: Hamza mahmood
City, Country: Kyrgyzstan

"ASalam o alikum. I have get 59% marks in fsc in 2013 and now i get admission in Mbbs in 2014 in russian plz guide me what i am eligible for pmdc exam plz guide me kindly and help me. Thanks?"
Name: Waseem haider
City, Country: Hafizabad, Pakistan

"Assalam O alaikum Sir, Sir I want to say that i secured 78% marks in Fsc, I want too ask you that is there is necessary to apper in test if I do mbbs in other country except Pakistan, and what if I also do Fcps there??? plz help me & tell me about the test of PMDC after mbbs and Fcps... Plzzz?"
Name: Umer Khalid
City, Country: Rahim yar khan

"Dear sir, i have done matriculation with 1st division, currently doing medical fsc study in superior college of sialkoti have passed 1st part of but i want study in foreign country is it possible for me that i can continue my 2nd part of fsc in foreign institute?"
Name: Muhammad irfan
City, Country: Sialkot, Pakistan

"The rule of getting 60% marks in FSc is unfair and unjust. One should not be judged by the marks he/she scores in FSc as we all are aware of the Pakistani system of education. Every student has a hidden talent which can be brought forward when they are in the professional studies. Scoring 70% or 80% marks from foreign medical institutes is no joke and students just like any student studying MBBS in Pakistan take them seriously. Marking are strict therefore when these students return to make their nation proud we have red tapes and bureaucratic bottlenecks that seriously harm the future of those students by placing conditions. What is strange that the ones who have come up with this policy either have no knowledge of the practices worldwide where talent is brought forward and built upon encouraging students to do what they want instead of placing conditions. PMDC board should review these unnecessary conditions and allow students that have qualified abroad to fulfill their goals. This rule is discriminatory to all those poor students that have worked for five years staying away from their homes to make a bright future. I urge the Chairman of the PMDC to involve himself personally in formulating rules rather than signing documents over a nice hot cup of tea and biscuits.?"
Name: Muhammad Musa
City, Country: Karachi, Pakistan

"Asslam o alaikum! plz guide me i want to be a doctor. I am a student of 2 year. If i want to take admission in MBBS in PMDC then what should i do? Mujhe MCAT ki tyari karni ho gi agr?"
Name: Humna Abid
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

"A.O.A I am writing a letter to PMDC. My brother had got less than 60 in before 2012. Now 2015, he want to get MBBS from malaysia. Is he eligible for MBBS and pakistani licence.?"
Name: Murad ali
City, Country: Sowari [Bunaer], Pakistan

"Asalam o alaikum sir i doing my house job in teaching hospitaland sir i take 40% marks in Fsc in 2004 and my admition date is January 2007 in Afghanistan university. Now i PMDC accept me or not for EXAM. Plz ans me sir?"
Name: Anjum khan
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"Maray fsc ma less than 60% marks ma china admission k leay apply kr skta hoo Salman From pakistan?"
Name: Salman
City, Country: Wazirabad, Pakistan

"I did my FSc in 2006, i came in Russia 03/04/2007 i did my Russian language corse here and i took admition in sep 2008 in 1st year of MD and complete my education in 2014 in FSc. I have 58% marks can i eligible for PMDC? ?"
Name: Faheem ahsan
City, Country: Kazan, Russia

"I have above than 60 percent no. in fsc but the contractors called me very late. They said me that there will be no problem in pmdc about 6 month less duration. I am doing MD dor 6 years. Please explain will pmdcc will check my date of entry??"
Name: Hakim khan
City, Country: Kant kyrgyzstan

"Sir I am from kpk. I wanna study inter in Lahore so after inter can I apply to MCAT?"
Name: Muhammad ilyas
City, Country: Dir lower

"Sir i want to do mbbs from russia. Plz tell me about procedure. Thanks?"
Name: Rashid gul
City, Country: Btkhela, Pakistan

"I'm student of dentistry. I have only matric from pakistan. Can i appeared in pmdc or not?"
Name: Usman
City, Country: Kyrgizstan

"A.O.S sir i want to ask that who student fsc passed from aiou can apply for mbbs. Please tell i want to do this.?"
Name: Misbah
City, Country: Lahore, pakistan

"A.o.a! I m BEMS graduated from Hamdard university 2011 and did 1 year house job registered with NCT, now I want to get pmdc registration. What is the criteria for pmdc registration? Kindly reply me I want to become a Gynaecologist?"
Name: Dr.kiran akbar
Email: kiran_akbar60@hotmail. com
City, Country: Karachi, pakistan

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No discrimination against doctors from Cuba
Islamabad: Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) officials said on Saturday Cuban medical education was accepted worldwide and the PMDC also acknowledged it. He said any change in medical curriculum was an internal matter of Cuba. The Pakistani students who had gone to Cuba on scholarship would be treated as normal foreign degree holders without any discrimination. These students, he said, would sit in the NEB examination and then would be recognised for registration. Daily Times

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