Punjab Provincial Management Service (PMS) exam

Punjabi (optional) to be introduced in PMS exam this year
Lahore, June 13, 2008: The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is likely to add Punjabi, as an optional subject of 200 marks, in the Provincial Management Service (PMS) syllabus this month.

A PPSC official said on Thursday that the commission had made the decision following the demand of candidates and intellectuals, but had denied their demand to change subject combination groups.

The PPSC had revised the syllabus six months ago by re-introducing 29 optional subjects for its combined competitive examination for recruitment to the posts of the PMS. According to PPSC rules (available on the PPSC website), the candidates are compelled to take all six compulsory subjects, and three out of 29 of the optional subjects carrying 200 marks each. The optional subjects have been placed in seven groups, and candidates are not allowed to select more than one optional subject from each group. Thus, the total marks for the PMS Examination 2008 are 1200.

The official said that candidates sitting in the PMS Examination 2008 were confused over the selection of their optional subjects. "Some students have approached the commission saying that they were having problems selecting their third optional subject, and that they could not meet the lengthy syllabus of the PMS in a short period," he added.

He said that the candidates had also written to the commission, suggesting the authorities change the subject combination in various groups. He said that the candidates' suggestions had been ruled out by the PPSC, but had induced Punjabi in the syllabus.

Sources within the commission said that candidates Waqar Aziz, Ibrarul Hassan and Nayyer Sangla had written frequently to the PPSC to change the subject combination in various groups, and to reduce the lengthy syllabus of each subject. They said that although Punjabi was a scoring subject, it was not the genuine issue of the candidates.

This year's posts: According to government sources, the government had approved the requisition of 130 PMS posts for this year, and that the posts had been advertised this month. They said that the commission was not expecting extraordinary results this year because of the lengthy optional subjects introduced in various groups.

They said that 37 out of 46 candidates passing the written examination had qualified the first PMS batch of 2005, but that there were 82 posts. They said that 77 out of 122 candidates passing their written examination in 2006 had qualified the second batch of PMS in 2006, but the posts for that batch were 231. They said that the Punjab government had not approved any requisition for PMS posts in 2007.

Committee formed: PPSC Secretary Javed Iqbal Chaudhry said that a committee had been formed on the issue of inducting Punjabi in the PMS Examination 2008. He said that his function was to manage the PPSC and conduct examinations, and the commission's chairman or designated members set the syllabus and pattern of any examination.

PPSC member Dr Imtiaz Cheema, entrusted with the responsibility of introducing the new syllabus of the PMS, said on the phone that experts from various universities in Punjab had made the PMS syllabus. He said that Punjabi would be inducted in the PMS Examination 2008. Daily Times

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"i feel much difficultuy while selecting 3rd optional subject. and still cant understand catagories.i request you to provide guideline for the candidates in terms of selecting optional subjects.i have selected two subjects from 2 groups but the 3rd subject of my interest relates to the same group from which i have already been selected.please help me to solve this problem."
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