Plagiarism issue: PU plagiarist launches website

Lahore, June 14, 2008: A plagiarist, who was 'forcibly' retired from the Punjab University (PU) by the former governor, has launched a website to press his 'fellow plagiarists' still working at the PU.

The plagiarist, Dr Mian Aftab, former PU Applied Psychology Department director, in the website ( named PU teachers, PU Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, Prof Dr Najma Najam, Prof Dr Yasmeen Farooqi, Prof Dr Rukhsana Kausar and Prof Dr Shaukat Ali.

Mian Aftab said these teachers were involved in plagiarism. He said the website was meant to bring to light the 'work' of his fellow teachers.

In February, the former governor had 'forcibly' retired Dr Aftab on plagiarism charges.

In April, the former governor, had 'forcibly' retired more teachers including former PU Centre for High Energy Physics director Dr Fazle Aleem along with four other teachers of the same department Rashid Ahmad, Sohail Afzal Tahir, M Aslam Saeed and Maqsood Ahmad for plagiarism.

The former governor took the decision on the recommendations of a two-member inquiry committee. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) showed its concern about the plagiarism issue.

On February 22, Punjab University Academic Staff Association President Prof Dr Mumtaz Salik said that according to the PU Act, the governor had no right to suspend any teacher and the PUASA would protest against it.

The website is gaining popularity among educationists and PU students. On the other hand the PU administration has banned the website on campus.

Usman, a PU Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) student, said the PU administration had banned the website on campus.

PU Public Relations Officer Shabbir Sarwar said, "The plagiarists were removed from service after they were found guilty. These plagiarists are trying to harm the university's image."

Dr Mian Aftab said he had highlighted a few cases on the website. He said, "More cases will be put on the website in episodes. I request Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Governor Salmaan Taseer to take stern action and probe the matter in a fair way."

Dr Najma Najam said, "I do not want to comment on the website." Dr Yasmeen said the allegations against her were 'baseless'.

Punjab University Academic Staff Association President Dr Mumtaz Ahmed Salik said, "The PU administration victimised teachers in the name of plagiarism. Dr Aftab has come up with the website on which he has highlighted plagiarists including the PU VC." He said they would welcome the governor on his arrival at the PU. He said they had written a letter to the governor in line with the plagiarism issue. Daily Times

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"I want to comments on two things. 1) Every one should visit this web side to know a little bit about the present VC and his friends. 2) There was a three members committee constituted by Ex. Governor (Always eager to visit universities especially women universities or department) comprises of Safdar Javed Syed, senior member BOR, Dr. A R Shakoori (A retired professor from PU, who is getting in lacs from HEC on a contractual job, he is famous ********* of PU like present VC and his group) and Dr. Mubashar from Health University. This three member committee didn't write any report or recommendation (See the news here, dated 22-02-08). There was no such two members committee. Present VC has more the 25 years rivalry with Dr. FazaleAleem and he used his links, terms and powers to kick these guys. CHEP case is nothing but a political publicized scandal. "
Name: Shmamim
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan

" Here are few prominent forgerers who are considered "Forgery Masters" * Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran * Prof. Dr. Najma Najam * Prof. Dr. Yasmin Nilofer Farooqi * Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar * Prof. Dr. Shaukat Ali For the time being we will be giving information regarding malpractices, forgeries, curruptions of above metioned culprits. Later on we will add forgeries and curroptions of other members and associates of this mafia. Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran is the present Vice Chancellor University of the Punjab. From the day of his appointment as VC, University of the Punjab is in the clutches of his comrades Prof. Dr. Najma Najam, Prof. Dr. Mujahid Mansoori, Prof. Dr. Yasmin Nilofer Farooqi , Prof. Dr. Shaukat Ali etc. Dr. Mujahid Kamran is known as "Forger" and "Political Blackmailer" With the blessing of Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman (Chairman H.E.C), Dr. Sohail H. Naqvi (Executive Director H.E.C) and sheltered by Begd. (rtd) Ijaz Shah (Former I.B Head), present Vice Chancellor is bent upon ruining the peace of the University of the Punjab. His competency can be judged that he was dropped in M. Phill (Physics) programe at Quaid-a-Azam University, Islamabad in 1972. Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran is also involved in serious forgeries like tempering and producing fake documents to gain illegal benefits. He illegally promote his wife Prof. Dr. Najma Najam to Professor Meritorious despite of the fact that she is still in active service (Visit University of the Punjab website). Using political influence is a common negativity of this gang. There were some serious objections upon his selection raised by the chancellors office. "
Name: abdullah
City, Country: toronto, Canada

"From the ist day that man who is the VC now is involved in the politics....u can judge a person by the number of PHD students that he procduced for a Counrty. He has not done research from the last 18 years. and would probabaly not do if provided more 18 years. He a ***** that thinks in a political way. He has Blocked the website in PU so that students cant see his real ***** ****....I am dead sure he wud not be able to pass the GAT test or the GRE general test(USA) if he give the test and checked fairly. He was involved in the politics in his student life as well. that was the reason he did not pay attention to his studies and was ****** out of the Quaid-e-azam university. He worked in Saudi arabia and due to his nature of politics he was ****** out of that company as well and he used his links again to earn his bread and butter (which wud be provided to him by ******* LOBBY) and came back to PU. and he told the people that PU said they need a person like u....******.....and he promote his close fellows that help him to disturb the peacc of the university to chair person rank. Dr(** ****** **) Shaukat Ali was taken from High Energy to Physics Department and promoted to rank of professor from associate professor abd after that was awarded the chairman for his great support and work against the people contributing for the knowledge and Mankind. Dr Shaukat who is approved HEC supervisor for PHD has Never made a single supervision for the PHD student. u can judge his competance and ability. These guys are a real ****** for PUNJAB UNIVERSITY. we should observe black day on 14 AUGUST in PU as our father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam never want these people to be in the driving **** there*** this SUMMER...... for more details read the website. it is ban in punjab university. try to use the anonymous browsers as and,, to see the real faces of these ***** ******. no matter how much they try to forbid we will....Lets go Students after reading this website you will definitly say ***** Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran Prof. Dr. Najma Najam Prof. Dr. Yasmin Nilofer Farooqi Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar Prof. Dr. Shaukat Ali Prof. Dr. Mujahid Mansoori Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman"
Name: Nadeem
City, Country: Lahore, Pakistan



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