Ahmedi students expulsion at Punjab Medical College (PMC)

Students expulsion by PMC to be challenged
Faisalabad, June 7, 2008: The Ahmedi community has decided to move court against the expulsion of 23 students from the Punjab Medical College (PMC). These students were shown the door on Thursday on charges of preaching their faith and causing unrest on the campus.

The PMC administration, on the recommendation of the Academic Council, rusticated the students and asked them to immediately leave the academia besides vacating hostels.

Sources said the trouble started when allegedly four unidentified Ahmedi students removed posters about a religious gathering from the campus walls. Principal Dr Asghar Ali Randhawa and the other people concerned were informed about the incident.

A group of students boycotted their classes on Thursday and staged a protest demonstration.

The management immediately called a meeting of the academic council to arrest the situation. The council decided to expel the 23 accused students. Subse-quently, the administration also called a meeting of the disciplinary committee which also endorsed the decision of the academic council.

Dr Munir Ahmad, president of Ahmedia Doctors Association, Chenabnagar, said the community condemned the decision. He said the students were not given a chance to plead their case. He said the community would move the court for justice and reinstatement of all students. Meanwhile, the PMC on Thursday announced one-month summer vacation and got vacated all hostels on Friday.

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"very good. i appriate this act from PMC. Naeem Bukhari (General Sect. ATi) PMC."
Name: Naeem Bukhari
Email: naeemati@gmail.com
City, Country: Faisalabad, Pakistan

"Highly unjust decision. Ahmadi Studend faced the harrassment of the Jamiat students, beaten up and at the end expelled. NO justice."
Name: nasir
Email: nadirdba@yahoo.com
City, Country: Pakistan

"An absolute tragedy. These stupid fundamentalist people torturing these poor Ahmedis who did nothing wrong. Then putting lies on their names. Allah will surely get them. Since when did Pakistan become so little tolerance? Happy Birthday QaidiAzam what will he have thought of all this?"
Name: Afzal Ali
Email: Afzalali@yahoo.com
City, Country: Peshawar, Pakistan

"As a british muslim I believe in equality and the chance to prove yourself against discrimination. I feel that the Ahmadis who have been expelled should be given a fair trial. However, I do not see the reason why their faith should be a reason for their expulsion. People should start to learn to live together in peace and harmony."
Name: Nida
City, Country: Birmingham

"It is a highly unreasonable decision. It indicates the level of helplessness of the authorities in front of any unreasonable demand of the mob."
Name: muzaffar ahmad chaudhary
Email: muzaffaruk@hotmail.com
City, Country: uk

"Uphold Medical Education for All in Pakistan, Despite Cries from Clerics I am writing to protest the expulsion last week of 23 medical students from Pakistan's Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, only because they belonged to a minority religious group the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In a letter issued from the College Principal naming the 15 girls and 8 boys, a vague reason cited for expulsion was 'religious dispute' and distribution of 'hate material.' Nothing could be farther from the facts. Firstly, Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and worldwide are outstanding, peaceful, law-abiding citizens, who adhere to their motto "Love for All, Hatred for None." Secondly, religious outcry and hate propaganda were in point of fact waged against the Ahmadi students by a *** ** ********* ******* called the 'Islami Jamiat e Talaba.' Ironically, in executing the expulsion, the Principal and Government-run medical college complied with demands from the clerics. I remind the honorable Principal that his college is a steward of the future of Pakistani medicine. This duty requires that he should rise above the cackle of the cleric and prevent religious bigotry from overrunning decisions made by the College. By denying innocent medical students the right to completing their education, solely based on their religious affiliation, Pakistan will continue to fall not only in the eyes of the global medical and scientific community but more importantly in the estimation of God. Thus for the sake of God, country, and the universal codes of medical practice that the college claims to uphold, I humbly request that Punjab Medical College rescind its decision to expel the Ahmadi students. Sohail Husain is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA ."
Name: Sohail Husain
Email: sohail.husain@yale.edu
City, Country: New Haven, USA

"Whereas, all citizens of the world are equal as signed by the Universal deceleration of Human Rights, it should be noted that Pakistan and its citizens have been unable to hold the deceleration of Human Rights. An educational facility such as a Medical School, should not be a place for any sort of religious demonstration, whether its Islam, or its "non-Islamic" sect. If you are training physicians, then you should not worry about their religious beliefs or to what they preach. In the eye of Medicine, a patient is taken independent of its beliefs and its values, even a criminal has a chance to live a cured and health life in the eyes of Medicine. It mind boggles me to see the Dean of medical schools taking actions of such drastic measures. Today in higher education expulsion is used for disiplinary measures, even if the Ahamdiyya students were preaching, the Dena should have approached it through a school behavioral science department to consul them on the fact that this not a place to preach their beliefs and values, as they are not associated with medicine. An expulsion, is not an answer. Events like these are testament to the lack of literacy, amongst the higher education professionals and those running Pakistan and its institutions. Its a testament of why Pakistan as a country have suffered in higher education and is un-recognizable amongst other countries for its high education system. Its a shame and a burden the people and those associated with Pakistan have to carry. Daniyal S, MD,FACS is Professor of Surgery and Pharmacology and Resident Advisor at University of Hawaii. He is also the Director of the Young Professionals for International Cooperations of the UN, Vice-President United Nations at HPU and Chairman for HPU Council of Countries."
Name: Daniyal S
Email: danielrhss@hotmail.com
City, Country: Honolulu, HI

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