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Race Rabbit VS Turtle
June 20, 2008: I would like to highlight a news to our highly responsible displined official concerned to the prosperity of our nation , responsible for the growth of society/individuals. it has been mentioned in various books of laws that i have so far learnt that " there shall be rule of law" Equal treatment and Equal Protection of law. But if we put our concern to the policty makers specially in field of education it makes to feel that yes off course rules are framed, policies are made but not following the princiles of aformentioned. I am a highly educated person have recently done LL.M from Karachi , belonging to a back word area of Balochistan and a family of law income instead of it i did my best to prove that yes people from this class can also be scholars , regarding my aim evetually when i appread in the test/interviews for the post of Lecturer , I defeated candidates and got selected with condition that i am subject to the clearance of Higher Education Commission. the reason for this was that i was having a 3rd division (F.Sc) in academic career so far the there is positive sine from Higher education commission becuase there is a hock and cook behind it , The main policy of Higher education Comission is that a person who is applying for post of Lecturer must have to equiped with 1st division through out his career. I am having a Question to the Officials that " Is is possible for a person from lower class , having no political background and also during studies he has to face Economic, Social ,Political Problems how can mentain so called first division through out academic career. Higher education commission has been established in the year 2002 but look at the distribution of this Commission Every year Hundreds of students are sent on Scholarship abroad for higher education, who are they , from what class the belong and how these people could mentain first class ? the reason is simple becuase they are frim first class , they need facilities of first class, they mentained education of first class, where i am standing in this race even I won it , and i showed yes turtle is winging the race , results are not innoced becuase Rabits wants Rabits not Turtel? Accept my Apologies Shah Muhammad. B.Sc. LL.B. LL.M. A Clerk.

Shah Muhammad, Email: man_ofrule@yahoo.com

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Education Department Hyderabad
Respected readers, With profound respect and high reverence we all the Lab Assistants of Education Department States our grievances. That we all the Lab: Assistants working in Education Department for the last twenty years in the same scale(B-5 and B-7) and we are deprived from the benefit of selection grade as well as the post of Lab: Assistants has not been upgraded and further there is no chance of promotion in our Cadre i.e: Lab: Assistants, as the post of others cadres have been upgraded like the grade of clerical staff have been upgraded in the recent federal budget 2007-2008 and they will get monetary benefit for the same. In this connection, It is humbly requested to your kind honour that necessary orders, may kindly be issued for the selection grade of Lab: Assistants as well as the upgradation of post.

We hope that our genuine request will be considered sympathetically, We will pray for your long life and prosperity.

Yours Obediently Mr. Aslam Khan Mr. Ilayas Baig. Mr. Qualandar Bux. Mr. Abdul Samad. Muhammad Shafi. Mr. Fahim. Mr. Abdul Karim. Mr. Sharafat Mian Zuberi. Mr. Mulla Bux. Mr. Sikandar Ali. Mr. Razzaq. Mr. Hakim Ali. Mr. Bahdur Mallah. Mr. Syed Ali Asghar. Mr. Murrad Khan. Mr. Ali Raza. Mr. Ashiq Hussain. Mr. G.H.Shabbir Rao. Mr. Gul Muhammad.

SHARAFAT MIAN ZUBERI, Email: sharafatzuberi@yahoo.com, from Hyderabad

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A cry by hamdard public school Lahore teacher
I asked mr kamal pasha,director hamdard public school to increase my salary from 10500 to 30,000 i asked this after two years. i had been teaching economics busines studies and accounting earlier to all the students of o levels. mr pasha tried to talk here and there and finally asked me to consider him my brother and let him consult with another director,madam shaheen after a few days upon enquiry,pasha sb told me that he had relieved me of the teaching job i eas stunned and made him realise the promise he had made of first consulting and then informing me he again talked nonsense i have my son and two daughters.my son has been my student at the same school for some time too. mr pasha assured me at the appointment date that he would cut some part of salary and add the same each month and would pay me back upon leaving but now he has backed out. mr pasha promised to refumd at least rs 1000 regarding fee for my son sent to cambridge university for o level papers in may june 2008.that too he hasnot paid . i pursued him repeatedly to issue me my confirmation letter but mr pasha never gave it to me,though he had confirmed me as permanent staff member on the very first day of interview. i asked him to let me know of schools rules and regulations but he avoided all the time saying it is all verbal now at this time all schools have asked me to wait till september for selection,how would i support my family and my mother too who needs my help as well. how would i pay the fee of my son either i want the edo or else to attend to my complaint immediately or i would make it public through geo or some other means i wanna have what had been promised from kamal pasha. thanks

Saleem k piracha, Email: splitleo@yahoo.com, lahore

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