UET to get approval for setup of Technology Park

Peshawar, June 04, 2008: NWFP UET Peshawar will get the approval and endorsement of provincial government to establish the Technology Park at Jalozai. The establishment of Technology Park will help introduce a vibrant environment that will support research and development by bringing together academics, industry and service providers. This was stated by the Provincial Minister for Science & Technology and IT Muhammad Ayub Ashari, while addressing at the National Symposium on Renewable Energy Resources, held in joint collaboration of UET Peshawar Directorate of Science and Technology and other line agencies. In a key note address, Dr. Hisham-El-Dissouky, foreign faculty at UET, Peshawar emphasized the need to develop alternate resources to oil. "It should be the highest priority of nation while looking into the increasing demand and scarce availability of conventional energy resources.

It is important that government should support academicians in research and finding ways to produce energy resources through wind energy and solar energy which can be used at a huge scale. He stressed that bio fuel can be used in existing diesel engines without any modification and can be blended at any ratio with petrol diesel. This bio diesel is an efficient resource to reduce annual import of foreign petrol supplies, will have optimum effects on environment such as air pollution, public health risks and hazardous gas emissions.

One of the recommendations put forward by Dr. Dessoukey was not to disturb the edible agriculture products for production purposes but bio diesel can be obtained through husk and inedible portions. He apprised the audience with international statistics, that Jatropho, a plant that grow in waste lands, grow in hot climates, and can produce optimum results in high quality bio diesel production in Pakistan. "Jatropho projects are running successfully in India, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia, while there is none in Pakistan besides having favorable environmental and economic conditions".

He also shared the research, being done at UET to extract edible oil (Rice bran oil), by the processing the rice husk. "Every 4478 ton" can give out a good amount high quality edible oil with 20% additional vitamin E, this needs further research at macro level, so that we could come up with practical and marketable suggestions, he said. It is popular cooking oil in major Asian countries including Japan and China. Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani, VC NWFP UET said there is no dearth of energy resources, but there is a lack of commitment among politicians in his address. If you don't take charge, some one else will take over", that is the reason, a few decades ago, West thought seriously how to bring together researchers and industrial needs at a common point where both give way-out to each other's problems".

Silicon Valley is one such example where Stanford University, created a wonderful concept to establish technology Park. He said technology parks have been established every where in the world. India alone has 500 technology parks and ICICI Technology Park is the largest in India. While lamenting about the government's attitude, he said, with the approval of former caretaker CM, Shams-ul-Mulk, UET had got the approval of a technology park at a 150 acre land, but with delaying techniques, this project is in limbo so far. While referring to Prof. Atta-ur-Rehman, Chairman Higher Education Commission's efforts, he said, he has appreciated the idea of establishing Technology Park in joint collaboration of GIK, on the condition the land would be allotted by provincial government.

HEC would be willing to donate funds, after we prepare PC-1, and assure them the allotment of land. He requested the provincial minister, to let not this issue become the victim of politics. He appreciated the efforts of Khalid Khan Director Directorate of Science and Technology for his efforts to bringing out this issue on surface. Prof. Azaam-ul-Asar, Chairman, Chairman Department of Electrical Engineering, and IEEE Peshawar Sub section also highlighted major focal areas including solar energy, wind energy hydro power that would be discussed in split sessions. F.P Report

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