Signs of landing in the wrong university

Signs that say you've landed in the wrong university
June 2008: • Even after completing your degree you still don't understand why you really did it?

You spend years slaving to achieve a degree and at the end of it all, you're still puzzled as to what the point was behind it all and why you did what you did.

• Midway you look back and can't think of anything worthwhile that you learned.

When you go over all that you have studied, you still can't think of a single thing, which you learned that you think might actually be useful.

• All of a sudden you realise that this is not at all what you had set out to do.

Out of the blue, you keep wondering how you ended up being where you are when you actually had a completely different plan in mind when you first set out.

• You hate all the teachers and all the teachers hate you.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to like the teachers nor do the teachers seem inclined to hate you any lesser.

• When you imagine spending your entire life doing what you're studying to get a degree for you shudder at the bleak vision in front of you.

Since university education is supposed to build the basis of your future career, it gives you a window peep to how your professional life would probably be like.

Every time you get a glimpse of it, you're griped by disillusionment.

• When someone starts criticising your university, you feel no need or urge to defend it. In fact you can't help but add in a few points.

Hearing criticism of your university makes you content that other people feel like you do, rather than being indignant at their accusations and insults.

• You can't wait to leave university.

Rather than enjoy your days as a university student, you can't wait to get out of it.

• You look at former graduates from your university and gag inwardly at the thought that you might turn into one of them.

Attending alumni dinners becomes a hard feat as seeing all the former graduates keeps reminding you of how you could turn out in the future if you aren't very careful.

• You start hating American college movies because it all seems just so good there!

All American college movies depict the same clichιd lifestyle of complete ease and contentment for everyone. You no longer want to watch them because it keeps reminding you of all the ways in which your university doesn't fulfill your requirements.

• You'd prefer to wash the dishes, do the laundry, cook dinner plus clean the whole house inside out rather than study for an upcoming quiz.

Doing any number of chores becomes preferable to doing anything that may even be remotely related to university.

But at the end of it, whether one hates it or loves it, cherishes it or regrets it, and no matter how much one fights it, the impact that the time spent in university has on one cannot be denied.

By Amena Jafri (Dawn)

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HEC organises workshop of editors of social science' journals
Lahore, June 10: A workshop of editors of social science journals in Punjab was held at the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Monday.

According to a press release issued by HEC on Monday, HEC Quality Assurance Adviser Prof Dr. Riaz Hussain Qureshi conducted the workshop.

The workshop was attended by editors of journals including The Historian, Journal of Research Society of Pakistan, Pakistan Journal of Statistics, Lahore Journal of Economics, Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, South Asian Studies, Bazyaft, Journal of Behavioural Sciences, Pakistan Economic and Social Review, Journal of Statistics, Journal of Research, Tahqiq Namah, Oriental College Magazine, The Iqbal Review and Iqbaliat.

Dr Qureshi briefed the editors about measures being taken by the commission for quality assurance of research journals. He urged the editors to work hard to meet the criteria and assured them that the HEC would provide financial assistance to all recognised journals. Daily Times

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