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UoP syndicate approves new criteria for promotions
Peshawar, June 27, 2008: The University of Peshawar syndicate has come up with a formula for promotion of the non-PhD teachers who did not fulfil the promotion criteria set by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The HEC has formulated rules making PhD degree necessary for promotion of university teachers, which is deemed a major hurdle in the promotion of those senior faculty members who are experienced but do not possess doctorate in various fields.

The syndicate in its meeting held here on Thursday came up with a solution and evolved a formula following the footsteps of the University of Punjab, said a source privy to the meeting.

"Under the formula, the faculty which does not have a PhD degree but a specified length of service would be given one-scale promotion without changing their designation," sources said.

The lecturers in BPS-18 with 10 years experience of service would be promoted to next grade, BPS-19, but will remain in the same designation. The Assistant Professors in BPS-19 with 17 years of service would be promoted to next grade, BPS-20 and Associate Professor working in BPS-20 would be promoted to BPS-21 under the new formula formulated by the syndicate meeting chaired by UoP Vice-chancellor Azmat Hayat Khan.

"The University of Peshawar has about 600 teachers. About 100 will join Islamia College University so hardly 18 senior teachers would benefit form the new formula for promotion," sources said.

A member of the syndicate said that University of Punjab had also decided to promote their senior non-PhD teachers who did not fulfil the promotion criteria of the HEC.

Teachers at all public sector universities were also upgraded one-step by former prime minister Shaukat Aziz in 2005 on Salam Teachers' Day.

Some senior administrative officers at UoP wanted upgradation which was followed by faculty members saying that they should also be given promotion despite the fact that they did not have PhD degree.

The syndicate had set a promotion criterion for administrative officers on its agenda for the meeting but it ended up with coming up a formula for the promotion of the non-PhD faculty too.

Administrative officer working in BPS-20 for five years, having 30 years of service, would be eligible for promotion to BPS-21. The syndicate approved cases of Controller Examination Iftikhar Hussain, Sherin Zada working as Registrar and Director Admissions and Director Finance Sanaullah.

Whereas, Mohammad Islam, director P&D could not be promoted as he did not fulfil the required number of years of experience for promotion, sources said.

Ajmal Khan, who was working as director VC Secretariat was also promoted to BPS-21, the syndicate member said. Dawn

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"the nwfp. college teachers are in high spirits these days. I want the web to inititiate a debate on the topic of their promotions in next grades, IS it feasible to promote these chaps who teach century-old courses to students, resulting in nothing but stagnation and status-quo ."
Name: sajjad
City, Country: NWFP.PAKISTAN


"Salam, i have scored 78 marks in the nts recruitment test for lecturer selection. .... please tell me the current status of the selection. either the staff has been selected or still the process is in progress.... please inform me..............."
Name: Muhammad Altaf Khan
City, Country: kohat.PAKISTAN

"will this is a great step but here it is worth mentioning that the experience should be in the same university or others universities experience can also be considered. and what about the superannuated(60+) faculty? "
Name: Umar Zeb
City, Country: Mardan, Pakistan

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Ajmal appointed ICU vice chancellor
Peshawar: Ajmal Khan Thursday appointed as vice-chancellor of the Islamia College University for a four-year term.

Ajmal Khan, serving as director, vice-chancellor secretariat of the University of Peshawar before the new assignment, got his early education from Presentation Convent College Murree and Burn Hall School.

He did his graduation from Edwardes College Peshawar and masters in economics and a degree in law from the UoP. After the completion of his education, Ajmal joined Edwardes College as a lecturer. In 1979, he was appointed as assistant registrar in Allama Iqbal Open University. In May 1980, he joined Gomal University D I Khan as deputy registrar.

In December 1981, he came back to Peshawar and joined University of Peshawar as deputy provost. He was elevated to the position of provost in 1988 where he served in the position for 12 years.

Ajmal was made registrar of the university in December 2000. In 2002 he was made principal Islamia College Peshawar and in the year 2005, he was appointed as vice chancellor Gomal University D I Khan.

The post of vice chancellor Islamia College Peshawar was advertised about a month ago. A total of 50 applicants applied, where the search committee for appointment of public sector universities called some nine applicants for a panel interview.

Some senior professors of the university as well as Islamia College Peshawar expressed their reservations over the appointment, saying the HEC violated the criteria. They said according to the criteria given in the advertisement, the applicant should be a PhD degree holder and a professor. However, Ajmal Khan rejected the notion that it was a criteria set by the HEC. "The condition of the PhD degree and professor was a mere guideline," he claimed. The News

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UoP Sports Week : Revival of societies instills new spirit in students
Peshawar: The Directorate of Student Societies, University of Peshawar (UoP) proved its worth by arranging different activities during this session like photographic exhibitions, walks for promotion of social work activities, and cultural exhibitions. At the end of the session, it celebrated a sports week.

The UoP was once regarded by critics as the greenest campus of the country, without any cultural life.

It was in the era of Former Vice Chancellor Dr Haroon Rashid that the student societies, which were almost paralysed, were re-organised. The administration also focused on extra-curricular activities along with curricular ones.

Dr Attaullah Swati, an expert in management of student affairs, was given the task of re-structuring these societies. "It was a very difficult task," says Attaullah, adding that he and his colleagues took the task as a challenge.

We established 13 different societies including Cultural and Dramatic Society, Blood Donor Society, Social Welfare and Awareness Society and Peshawar University Rifle Association, he went on to say.

"UoP is one of the best institutions of the country and has a lot of talent. We just polished this talent," the jubilant director said, adding: "We got reward the next year as over students got top three positions in different national level competitions."

"By the blessings of Almighty Allah, we were able in arranging more than 70 programmes under the umbrella of student societies," he said.

Dr Attaullah, who also teaches at the Institute of Education and Research of UoP, while lauding the efforts of the students said that they took keen interest in extra curricular activities.

"We got first positions in declamation and poetry contests arranged at national level," he added.

He said that students of the university recently took part in a quiz show arranged by an official TV channel and grasped second position. He said that they launched a successful membership campaign this year in order to attract more and more students.

It may be remembered that the basic idea behind the establishment of these societies was to involve students of the university in positive activities and to protect them from indulging in destructive ones.

Presently there are 5700 members of these societies. Each society has a cabinet, which generally carries out tasks with the participation of members.

UoP VC is the patron-in-chief of these societies.

Hammad Ali, a student of the Environmental Sciences department, said that these societies have brought a positive change in their lives. Daily Times

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