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Govt still unable to fill in secy higher education slot
Lahore, June 24: The higher education department is facing shortage of staff after bifurcation of the department. The post of secretary higher education has been lying vacant for most of time as the Punjab government has been unable to find any suitable officer for the said office.

Downward slide of the higher education department started in 2008-09 when the new government took over the province. During this period, from May 2008 till now, six secretaries have been showed the door while the seventh secretary at present is serving the department as an additional charge. The seven secretaries that assumed the office in the department include Arifa Saboohi, Javed Aslam (additional charge), Rai Ijaz Ali Zaigham, Muhammad Ayub Qazi (additional charge), Azhar Hussain Shamim, Umur Rasul (additional charge), Ahad Cheema (additional charge todate).

In the current fiscal year, Azhar Hussain Shamim was lucky to survive for nine months. During his tenure 78 on-going and 38 new schemes were initiated. Due to resource constraint, the development budget was revised downwards by P&D Department from Rs 9100 million to Rs 7333.3 million in 2008-09.

Inspite of repeated requests by the secretaries higher education, the additional chief secretary Punjab failed to fill in five vacant posts of section officers and nine assistants, source in the education department confided on Monday.

In June 2008, the education department was bifurcated into higher and school education departments without any logic and amendment in the Rules of Business 1974. One part of the department, the higher education department, was excluded from the devolution system and since 2006 it is being administered by the provincial government. The divisional and provincial offices lying dormant since 2002 had to be reactivated and faced budgetary and serious manpower constraints to handle the workload for the newly set-up higher education department, the sources said.

Unfortunately, the bifurcation favoured the school education department, as all the project management units (PMUs), staff and computer personnel shifted there. Only the deputy secretary (planning) - a school teacher - was posted in the higher education department and he single-handedly managed planning, implementation and monitoring functions for ADP of Rs 9,100 million with just two section officers (also school teachers) and one assistant.

The sources claimed that the 'low' utilisation of ADP development led to the transfer of the former secretary Azhar Hussain Shamim.

In 2000-01, the ADP of the education department was about Rs700 million that increased to Rs 4,500 million in 2006-07. Surprisingly, the P&D Department doubled it to Rs 9,100 million in 2008-09. The reason behind this giant increase was never shared with the department nor did the department ask about such funding. Two massive block allocations under Punjab education section reform projects (PERSP-ll) and accelerated programme for college education (APCE) worth Rs 2,500 million and Rs 3,000 million respectively were also included. The two block allocations had no schemes mentioned that had to be discovered through CM's directives or MNAs/MPAs requests. Such schemes were to be approved by the concerned quarters in record time to utilise the funds.

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"kindly tell me what is the postal adress of punjab education endowment fund lahore? "
Name: majid ali
Email: spsian_majid@yahoo.com
City, Country: swat pakistan

"we are 15 students studing in shalamar hospital collage of nursing belonging to swat our families are unable to support our exspenses so kindlly help us and give us ecnomically suport"
Name: umar zaib
Email: umar.tanha@yahoo.com
City, Country: swat pakistan

"i am a very poor student and the wayof our incomiming is totaly dismissed plz help me "
Name: Amjad khan
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"i need financial support to continue my studies i m studying mbbs in peshawar medical college"
Name: sayed ghafar shah
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"i m student of Bcs and i need i part time job to that give me finical suppote for my stuties."
Name: hasham khan
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"I am doing Bs Sociology (hons) from the University of Malakand NWFP,due to the current crises and displacement,we are financially going weaker day by day due to which i cannot mantain my studies so please sir in any regard help and support my studies..thanks hoping for a good feed back. "
Name: Iftikhar Ahmad
Email: mirror_iffi@yahoo.com
City, Country: swat, pakistan

"To establish myself as a dynamic professional, equipped with latest tools, techniques and knowledge that will facilitate me to handle emerging technologies. In particular I want to work in learning and demanding environment that will offer me an opportunity to exploit my current skills and to develop new ones. "
Name: Ashfaq
Email: ashfaq_mths@yahoo.com
City, Country: swat, pakistan

"i need a job to continue my eduction i have a lot of exp in the feild of IT."
Name: hussain
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"I belong shangla swat. I m a studying computer engineering in COMSATS abbottabad. please help me "
Name: zabeh ullah
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"im a student of Master of computer science.i m belong from swat nwfp.please kindly give me a chance for a job."
Name: Aqilkhan
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City, Country: mingora/swat

"I want to worke in any ngo in N.W.F.P project because i have done MBA Finance. "
Email: ashrafu4@yahoo.com
City, Country: pakistan

"I am a student of Food science and technology studying in NWFP Agricultural university peshawar.Due to the recent millitancy/operation in swat I find it very hard to continue my studies as my family can hardly support my educational fees and expenditure now.SO KINDLY HELP ME EITHER BY PROVIDING PART TIME JOB OR BY FINANCIAL AID PLEASE. " Name: ALI ASGHAR City, Country: SWAT, pakistan "
Name: Ali Asghar
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"I am doing mass communication, computer skills. Any n.g.o job for hard working 24 hour , cause we are so poor in our socitey."
Name: Habib akbar
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City, Country: Matta swat pakistan

"i am doing M.com from universty of peshawar and also work as admin finance assistant with an NGO namly SPARC in mardan division i am looking for for the same job in any NGO. i am found of hard work and and creativeness. "
Name: Abbas Ullah Durrani
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" i need financial help to continue my studies. "
Name: aitEzaz ali khan
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"i am a student of engineering at CIIT Abbottabad and want to continue my studies therefore I request you to provide me a part time job or financial Aid .plz "
Name: Fawad Ahmad
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City, Country:Batkhella Pakistan

"I am a student of final year (DAE . CIVIL TECHNOLOGY).Due to the recent millitancy/operation in swat I find it very hard to continue my studies as my family can hardly support my educational fees and expenditure now.SO KINDLY HELP ME EITHER BY PROVIDING PART TIME JOB OR BY FINANCIAL AID PLEASE."
Name: aftab alam
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"i am army nursing.i leave army job for some of my domestic problams.now i am looking a job in your orgnazition.i have 7 year experience.i worked in combain military hospital nowshera and combain military hospital chunian and 64 medical bataline and armed forces institute of cordiology rawalpandi."
Name: akbar hussian
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City, Country:mingora swat pakistan

"i have done my master degree in political science and i am still job less so i need a job acording to my teaching experienec and my education,i have done my duty with SPARC adn LFA as a teachar and as a care giver.ok your obediently"
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"i am student of DAE civil technology 2010.i want job for experience.PLEASE INFORM ME"
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"I am the student of 3rd year now I just want to admission in DIT near govt technical college parh swat.but i have no money for the admission.Pl z help me any one "
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"I am well educated young person and complited my Masters in Economice and Socialogy.Now i m working in INGO. I want to serve for the peoples of swat by the platform of any INGO."
Name: Nazeer Khan
Email: nazeer_irm@yahoo.com
City, Country:malakand, Pakistan

Name: syed noman shah
Email: s.nomanshah@yahoo.com

"I am doing MCS from kohat university of science and technology kohat.My family is unable to support me financially,I need scholorship or job to continue my study."
Name: Mushtaq Ahmad
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City, Country: Puran District shangla

"i am the student of govt college of technology panr mingora swat i am doing the diploma of mechanical enginering but my father cannot bear my expenses kindly help me"
Name: Murad Ali
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"i m Civil Engineer ( BSc ) Any Job for me..........?"
Name: Syed Salahuddin
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City, Country:Swat, Pakistan

"i have passed DAE in (M) and passed BA please give me a chanse cont."
Email: dir prince@yahoo.com

"i was done computer engineering (Bs(CE)) since one year ago.Due to the recent millitancy/operation and flood in swat I find it very hard to continue my studies.my family can hardly support my educational fees and expenditure now.SO KINDLY HELP ME EITHER BY PROVIDING PART TIME JOB OR BY FINANCIAL AID PLEASE."
Name: syed altaf raza bacha
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"i m the student of BBA Hons In islamia University of Bahawalpur. and unfortunatily belong to that area of country which has recentily affected by flood, flood has destroyed our homes, lands & crops. Being a poor student im not able to py my fee & dues. kindly give me concession on my fee and dues to take continue my study. i shall be very thankful to you. ihsan kareem ***********"
Name: ihsan kareem
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"salm may international islamic university may parta hu our mujeh financially bohat masail hai lehaza mairai sathy taawon farmalai shkria our swat sai taaluq hai."
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"i,m student of MD in and i need help,please help me"
Name: fawad iqbal
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"Salam to all: I have done BSCS bachelor of computer science from Aggricultural universty peshawar.so by kindly providing job in swat or support financial aid to continue my study. Thanks"
Name: Naveedullah
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"Hi Im MA English & seeking for a job as English teacher.Thanks"
Name: M Ashfaq
Email: Hdrashfaq@gmail.com
City, Country: Swat kpk

"I need financial help to continue my studies.I belongs to the poor family.so,I hope that you will help me definitely ph.no:"
City, Country:narasaraopet,INDIA

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100pc fee remission for Swat students
Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has approved a one-year assistance programme for the students of IDP families belonging to Malakand Division under which a monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 per student will be given for meeting their day-to-day expenses. These facilities will be available to all the IDP students studying in educational and vocational institutions in Punjab.

Moreover, the CM had set up a committee under the chairmanship of Provincial Minister for Education Mujtaba Shuja-ur-Rehman. Giving approval to the recommendations of the committee, Shahbaz Sharif has directed that the scope of this decision should be extended to the students studying in commerce colleges and vocational training centres being run by TEVTA.

The committee also reviewed the arrangements made with regard to the disbursement of scholarships and special criteria for these students. In the light of the recommendations of the committee, financial assistance would not be linked up with any scholarship programme but would be provided to all students coming from the IDP families of Malakand Division presently studying in educational institutions in the Punjab, as their families may not be able to pay their fee and living expenses. Similar instructions regarding hundred per cent fee remission have been issued to govt educational institutions and institutes like Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur.

This assistance programme of the Punjab govt will be for one year for the affectees and it will be withdrawn on the return of IDPs to their respective districts. The authorities at Punjab Education Endowment Fund will scrutinise all applications to be received under this assistance programme and will take necessary action accordingly. Meanwhile, the Punjab govt will also approach private educational institutions, like LUMS and LSC. The Nation

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"good but should be extented to iimc pindi also.saeedullah 4th year mbbs iimc pindi,idp swat. "
Name: saeedullah
Email: saad_abdali@yahoo.com
City, Country: rawalpindi, pakistan

"thanks for such a good support.as ibelongs to malakand division and studing in national textile university faisalabad so please send me how to get CM Shahbaz sharief and HEC fund."
Email: masaud86@hotmail.com
City, Country: malakand, pakistan

"I am student of Computer Science I have BS (Computer Science) Degree Now I want to continue my study but due to Money Problem I cant continue my study therefor kindly support me financially. I shall be very thankful to you. thanks "
Name: Liaqat Ali
Email: aman_eman@hotmail.com
City, Country: SWAT, pakistan

"i need financial support to continue my studies i m studying mbbs in xian china.I shall be very thankful."
Name: fazal sattar
Email: fskhan007@hotmail.com
City, Country: SWAT, pakistan

"I belong to the most affected area of swat we r badly suffered. I m a student of electrical engineering of UET peshawar bannu campus. please help me so that I can meat my educational expences ."
Name: amjad ali
Email: amjadsa72@yahoo.com
City, Country: SWAT, pakistan

"I am a student of final year (DAE . CIVIL TECHNOLOGY).Due to the recent millitancy/operation in swat I find it very hard to continue my studies as my family can hardly support my educational fees and expenditure now.SO KINDLY HELP ME EITHER BY PROVIDING PART TIME JOB OR BY FINANCIAL AID PLEASE. "
Email: sha_r20@hotmail.com
City, Country: SWAT, pakistan

"I am doctor of veterinary medicine and also B.A(sociology). plz any job for me or support me to get admission in master in public health anywhere. tnx..."
Name: samiullah
Email: petel_red@yahoo.com
City, Country:madyan swat pakistan

"I am sanaullah from swat currently studing at abdul wali khan uni mardan if you people me on financial it will be well for, i will be hope for your good."
Name: Sanaullah
Email: sanaswat9052@g mail.com
City, Country: SWAT, pakistan

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PU contribution to IDPs lauded
Lahore: Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday appreciated the Punjab University's efforts for the welfare of the internally displaced persons. According to a press release, the chief minister, in a letter to PU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, acknowledged the university's contribution of Rs 1,000,000 in the Chief Minister's Fund for the IDPS. Earlier, Punjab Governor and Punjab University Chancellor Salman Taseer also appreciated efforts made by the PU in the rehabilitation of the IDPs. It is pertinent to mention that PU Relief Camp, established at Shah Mansoor, Swabi, provided medical treatment to over 9,000 patients from May 27 to date. The News

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