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Students fear major tragedy
Rawalpindi, June 12: A large number of students living in privately managed hostels of the city are deeply concerned about the lack of security arrangements in their respective buildings, which they fear could result in an untoward incident, anytime.

Most of the boys' hotels in Rawalpindi are situated in Commercial Market, Saidpur Road, Saddar, Faizabad, Shamsabad, Double Road and 6th Road.

According to a survey conducted, around 70 to 80 students are living in each hostel, which has 40 to 50 rooms, but there is no security even the administration of the hostels has not felt it necessary to deploy a security guard to check the visitors.

Nawaz Khan, a student said, "I have come from Sargodha for doing my Masters. I am living in a hostel situated in Commercial Market. Like me there are around 60 students who are living in the same building, but there are no security measures adopted by our owner."

He said, "We have reminded the hostel owner many a time that he should deploy a security guard to check each and every person before entry into the building, but he takes no notice of the situation." He maintained that although police constables always remain in Commercial Market, but the boys' hostels security should also be beefed up.

Chaudhary Afzal, a student of M.A English and living in hostel on Saidpur Road said his parents always remain worried about him because of the current security situation. He said a large numbers of students are living in private hostels because of lack of space in university hostels. "Around 45 boys are living in my hostel and they are very concerned about security situation, as there is no security guard in our hostel," he said and added keeping in view the security situation they don't allow any unknown person to enter their hostel.

However, when raised the matter before a hostel owner, Muhamamd Jahangir, he said the students are right about voicing their concern over current security situation of the country.

"Security guards should be deployed in front of hostels," he said and added police could not be deployed in front of every hostel, because they are already doing their job. The News

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Private schools barred from holding summer camps
Rawalpindi: Education Department Rawalpindi on Thursday issued circular to the owners of private schools to ensure implementation on ban of holding summer camps during summer vocations.

The circular further prohibited private education institutes from collecting three-month fee in advance and directed them not to blackmail the parents of the students in issuance of school leaving certificate. In violation the registration of the institution will be cancelled while legal action will also be taken against the owner, the circular added.

While taking notice of the complaints lodged by parents of the students regarding summer camps and three months fee at once during summer vocations, Chief Minister (CM) Mian Shahbaz Sharif directed the Education Department to take concrete steps to remove the parents' apprehension. On this, Executive District Officer (EDO) Education Muhammad Ashraf Malik, following the instructions of Secretary Education Punjab, issued circular to the owners of private educational institutions to act upon the orders.

He said that in a bid to save parents from financial burden Punjab government has imposed ban on private schools holding summer camps and collecting three months fee of summer vocations at once.

He said that it had come to the notice of the government that some private schools owners were blackmailing the parents while issuing school leaving certificates.

"All the private schools owners are directed to cooperate with parent otherwise strict action will be taken against them" EDO Education warned.

Meanwhile, a large number of young job seekers Thursday visited the Pakistan Council Research of Water Resources (PCRWR) stall here at the job fair being held by the International Islamic University (IIU).

According to a press release , majority of the 940 submissions received on the stall were MBA, MSC, and M.Phil degree holders out of which 60 per cent were those from females.

The Council also distributed pamphlets and displayed posters prepared by its UNDP-funded project "Mass Awareness on Water Conservation and Development (MAWCD)" about better proper and safe use of drinking water to help avoid outbreak of water-borne diseases and wastage of water by the domestic users. The Nation

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